Saturday, December 11, 2004


Celtics 98, SuperSonics 84
Yup, I was yelling at the television tonight. I am officially wrapped up in the Sonics.

You can't let Boston go on an 8-0 run late in the fourth quarter.

You can't leave Luke Ridnour out on the floor in the 4th quarter when he's shot 1-for-8 and Gary Payton has schooled him all night.

You can't get annihilated on the defensive glass all night.

You can't miss key free throws in the fourth quarter.

But most of all, it was a CRAPPY shooting night for the Sonics. Unbelievably crappy. The peek will bear that out.

I wish the Sonics would have beat the Celtics, because Danny Ainge has done everything in his power to run that team into the ground. Unfortunately, they match up really well with the Sonics. That leaves us with what we saw tonight.

starters: Rashard Lewis 19 pts/6 reb/5 stl (7-16 FG), Ray Allen 16 pts/5 reb/6 ast (5-23 FG, 0-10 3pt), Luke Ridnour 2 pts/3 reb/3 ast (1-11 FG), Reggie Evans 2 pts/10 reb
bench: Vlad Radmanovic 13 pts/4 reb (5-11 FG), Antonio Daniels 11 pts (3-10 FG), Danny Fortson 16 pts/11 reb (4-7 FG, 8-13 free throws)
team: shot 28-for-86 from the field (32.6%), 5-for-26 from downtown (19.2%), and 23-for-33 (69.7%) from the line; outrebounded Boston 44-40, were outrebounded 35-29 on defensive glass

We'll see how the Sonics bounce back on Tuesday against the Lakers. Yikes.

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I know there's a lot of people out there that care about hockey much less than I do, but...

Here's a couple of nuggets from Adam Kispert's C1 waste of space in this morning's Bremerton Sun, a piece which they haven't posted online because they probably knew I'd link to it...

...hockey is an excruciatingly boring sport to watch on TV.

Kispert follows this up with a juvenile comparison to a CSPAN congressional vote, and spends three paragraphs on how the World Series of Poker beat out playoff hockey ratings.

But if you're going to call it boring, don't just say it's boring. Say you don't like the defensive styles, say that the one game you saw was the Devils against the Wild, say that there's certain aspects of other sports that you like better. At that point, it just seemed like a fairly baseless argument to me.

But the one thing that separates poker from hockey on TV is that you can actually see what's going on in poker. To me, watching hockey is simply an exercise in trying to find the puck while a bunch of guys...slap it from one end of the rink to another.

I know I've watched hockey on more than one occasion, and I saw some of the glowing-puck era Fox telecasts and compared that to CBC telecasts, and guess what? It's not that freakin' hard to see the puck! The black disc may be a bit small, but it's not too hard to see people hacking at it, people running at it or people smashing the player handling it into the boards, etc.

Kispert then says the only time he knows where the puck is is after a goal is scored, and the red light goes off, but he never saw the puck go into the net. He's not even trying. I'm convinced.

Hockey's inability to translate well to TV has always held it back...and because of that, it will never be able to compete with football, baseball or basketball.

No, the NHL is having trouble competing right now because Gary Bettman is evil and because their marketing is doing a terrible job. I told Jeremy the other day that every NHL team needs a Tod Leiweke (now on the Seahawks' payroll). There's no reason the Minnesota Wild, an expansion team, should have done that well that quickly in the Twin Cities, years after the North Stars moved south to Dallas. But thanks to an effort spearheaded by Leiweke, the Wild sold out every game in their first three seasons, and the fans even got rabid enough to grow an intense hatred for the Canucks.

Kispert then says soccer will bypass hockey if the lockout lengthens and the NHL will go extinct in the United States. He likes the lack of hockey because it takes up less space in the paper, etc.

For one thing, I'm under the belief that any amount of corporate money put behind soccer will never, in this country, put it ahead of hockey. All I've heard about Major League Soccer is that it's where washed-up European players go to play out the end of their careers, and as I saw with Landon Donovan in the last week or so, it can be used as a minor league for the Europeans as well. But let's be honest here...the future of Major League Soccer right now is on the shoulders of Freddy Adu, a 15-year-old. I don't doubt his ability, but should it really come to that? A 15-year-old?

Another thing. Soccer bypassing hockey? Earlier in the article, Kispert said hockey was boring; has he tried watching soccer? I even tried to like watching soccer during World Cup play, but I just can't. For me, there's way too much open field and not enough scoring chances (maybe the Continental Indoor Soccer League would have suited me; the Seattle SeaDogs did win a championship, after all). I'm sure the fact that I never played organized soccer doesn't help me, so I can't see different plays materialize, but I just can't watch soccer.

Also, I played baseball for 11 years and have watched it for longer, so it doesn't even register with me half the time that some people think baseball is boring. I can see why, though. The ball really isn't in play that much of the time during the 2.5 to 3 hours that a game is being played. Pitcher throws ball, batter either hits/swings at/lets ball go by, and the play will be over within five seconds before time is out again. Someone could be bored stiff by the down time. I'm not blind to this. There are people out there that can't appreciate or get wrapped up in the mental game that is baseball.

I knew a soccer fan that hated American football because they run one play, that play ends, and they take at least 35-45 seconds to run the next one. Again, it's the down-time argument. In soccer, the balls goes out of bounds, they throw it right back in and the clock keeps moving. In hockey, there are no timeouts for substitutions, and making a bad line change can lead to a goal on the other end of the ice.

And what about basketball over the last 5-7 years? Has anyone enjoyed the onslaught of 73-70 games? There's a chance Kispert might have liked these highly defensive games, but I can tell you that the Sonics' ineptitude and the fact that college games were scoring higher than the NBA were two reasons I didn't watch the NBA with any regularity since 1999-2000, when the Sonics reached the playoffs with Paul Westphal at the helm.

Finally, Kispert slips in a reference to the Puget Sound Tomahawks, because when you watch one of their games in person, "you can actually see where the puck is about half the time." Yeah, that's a ringing endorsement. More like backhanded.

So to translate Adam Kispert's article in three words: he hates hockey.

Why do I miss hockey right now? Well, it's because the Canucks were part of my routine last basketball season, and the Sonics sucked. I'll be honest, I'm covering the Sonics more right now not just because the Sonics are good, but because they have a cable deal this year so I can see every game (KONG didn't reach Ellensburg; if FSNNW had a package one year earlier, I would have covered the Sonics a lot more), and because there's no Canucks.

Another thing: the Seahawks are crap. For me, the Canucks last year filled the hole of the Sonics being inept. This year, I don't have the Canucks as the team that would fill by void of sadness with at least a chance of happiness.

This post may seem off the cuff, but it got a reaction from me as I ate my cereal this morning. Hence, that was my reaction.

[Edit ~4:41p -- I'd originally said in the last paragraph that this "article" may seem off the cuff, but I don't really write articles, and I hope that didn't get misconstrued for me referring to Kispert's article being off the cuff.]

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The winter meetings are underway, the Seahawks have more injuries, Gary Payton is back in Seattle again, and there's some news about a long-standing streak in the hockey world.

As for the post title, I guess it applies in a few ways to the rest of the post. Green and discussions involving lots of green are occurring in the winter meetings. The Sonics wear it. The London Knights, though not one of the teams I usually cover, have green in their logo. Seahawk fans green with envy at teams that actually live up to expectations.

See, it works.

Jump in...

We've got Andriesen and Stone covering the winter meetings. Larry Stone cites a source as saying the rumor of a Seattle offer to Adrian Beltre for seven years is false. Andriesen says the Mariners made an offer and that they're in competition with the Detroit and LA, who have put up seven-year offers. Everyone is ticked off at the Diamondbacks, if the articles are any indication. Does anyone fully realize that these players are signing to play for Bob freakin' Melvin? Would Randy Johnson really subject himself to that? One thing that hit me about the Andriesen article was the part where he said that the Mariners' fallback at third if Beltre goes somewhere else (Glaus is off the board) is Corey Koskie, who "looks as though he's headed to Toronto." That made me think...what if the Mariners in their free-agent hunting don't only miss out on their Plan A, but their Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D, etc., as well? I'm not thinking doomsday or anything here, but I could totally see the Mariners getting none of Carlos Delgado, Richie Sexson, and Corey Koskie. Would I be surprised if they nabbed one out of that trio? Maybe mildly. But I won't be surprised if they get none.

The Seahawks aren't having any fun. Clare points out that all of Mike Holmgren's press conference soul-baring happened before the loss to the Cowboys. And Hamlin is yelling at Lucas, and Okeafor is scuffling with Wayne Hunter? Yes, it's all smiles in Kirkland!

More good news for people that like bad news. Chris Terry will have shoulder surgery and he's done for the year. Also, Darrell Jackson is in Florida with his father who is battling cancer and may or may not play. Jerry Rice practiced, and Tracy White and Chad Brown are gametime decisions. And oh man, the Times article reminds me that not only do the Vikings have Randy Moss, they also have the guy that Anthony Wright torched the Seahawks with in the Baltimore game last year, Marcus Robinson. Vikings, 44-12.

Let's get the obligatory Gary Payton articles out of the way. Of course, the Sonics will probably shake off the distraction and worry more about beating the team that crushed them on the east coast swing thanks to Ricky Davis going nuts.

Yes, tonight it'll be the point guard of Sonic past against the point guard of Sonic future. We all knew that Ray Allen, Kevin Ollie, and Ron Murray came over for Gary Payton and Desmond Mason in that trade. But a draft pick came over in that trade as well, and that ended up being Luke Ridnour. Luke is gaining more and more confidence as the season has gone on, and he's made some nifty driving layups as well as this rainbow shot that he seems like he's perfecting, sort of like a floater.

Tonight vs. Boston
Tuesday vs. Lakers
Friday vs. Phoenix

The London Knights and the Guelph Storm ended their game last night in a scoreless tie, giving the Knights the new Canadian Hockey League record 30-game unbeaten streak, with a record of 28-0-2-0.

Also, there's rumors of Todd Bertuzzi playing in Vancouver in a charity game, the Brad May and Friends Challenge, according to the CBC article. You can read more about the game (and the list of players slated to be there) at the bottom of the Vancouver Giants page. The game will raise money for Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

Everett and Portland skated to a 2-2 overtime tie. Kevin Tipper of the Winter Hawks and Mitch Love of the Silvertips both scored fluky goals (the latter to tie) for their teams' second goals. Kyle Bailey of Portland and Karel Hromas of Everett scored the teams' first goals. A Portland goal was disallowed in the first period after a rookie referee judged that Brian Woolger had intentionally kicked Braydon Coburn's shot into the net, which replays did not show. Still, a four-minute Portland power play (Tyler Dietrich for spearing) turned into a bunch of shorthanded chances for Everett. As a note, Everett was third on both the power play and the penalty kill coming into the game. Portland managed to kill off all five of Everett's power plays, including one in overtime. I'd give the shot totals and saves, but the boxscore at the WHL website has the goalies only giving up one goal each and having played two periods. In any event, Michael Wall took the net for Everett, and Dustin Butler was in net for the 12th straight game.

Vancouver beat Kamloops, 6-1. The recap isn't up yet at the Vancouver site, so I'm winging it from the boxscore. The Giants frew first blood with a goal by Shaun Vey with 6:23 to go in the opening frame. After Kamloops tied the game on the power play just past the midway point of the second period, the Giants scored the next five goals to put away the game. Vancouver scored twice in the second period with goals by Chad Scharff and Max Gordichuk, and scored three times in the third period on a goal by Triston Grant followed by two power-play goals by Gilbert Brule and Conlan Seder. Vancouver outshot Kamloops 39-32. Marek Schwarz stopped all 16 he faced in the first period before leaving (I don't know why he left), and Adam Jennings stopped 15 of the 16 shots he faced in the final two periods. Vancouver had no minus players. Vey and Brule had a goal and an assist each, while JD Watt, Adam Courchaine, and Seder all had two assists. Seder was the only plus-three on the night, and Watt, Vey, Paul Albers, and Scharff were all plus-2. (Later update: Schwarz tweaked his back)

Manitoba beat Edmonton, 3-2. The Moose jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first period, then Edmonton followed up with a goal each in the second and third periods to tie the game. Nathan Smith netted the winner with 2:24 to go in the third. Tim Smith and Ryan Kesler got the first-period goals for the Moose. Manitoba was outshot 40-30, and Alex Auld stopped 38 in net for the Moose. Johnathon Aitken also added an assist and was the only plus-2 in the game.

Tonight: Portland at Kelowna, Seattle at Regina, Everett at Spokane, Kamloops at Vancouver
Sunday: Seattle at Brandon, Portland at Kamloops, Manitoba at Edmonton

Enjoy your Saturday, all. Once again, stay dry if you're in the Northwest.

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Friday, December 10, 2004


This is an archive of all the game-related posts I did for the Seattle SuperSonics' 2004-2005 season. For a more proper sendoff to the season, as well as a couple of lines on some of the more important games in the schedule, go here.

I'll warn that some of the first few game posts were pretty short, as I had originally placed them with the daily article-sweep posts I was doing for most of the fall and winter. Once the posts started getting longer, I pulled out the bits from the first few games and gave them their own pages. Watching the evolution of the Sonics into a fun team is a lot more fun than watching how my posts evolved, especially that awkward phase where I kept the game notes in the posts themselves.

Anyway, here be the links, and I hope everyone out there enjoyed the season.

Wed 3: L 114-84 at LAC (0-1, .000)
Fri 5: W 106-85 vs. ATL (1-1, .500)
Sun 7: W 113-94 vs. SA (2-1, .667)
Tue 9: W 108-88 at DEN (3-1, .750)
Wed 10: W 108-78 vs. SAC (4-1, .800)
Fri 12: W 88-87 vs. TOR (5-1, .833)
Sun 14: W 118-113 vs. MEM (6-1, .857)
Tue 16: W 103-95 at PHI (7-1, .875)
Wed 17: W 79-68 at NJ (8-1, .889)
Fri 19: W 101-94 at TOR (9-1, .900)
Sun 21: L 102-83 at BOS (9-2, .818)
Tue 23: W 103-92 at MIN (10-2, .833)
Wed 24: W 93-82 at MEM (11-2, .846)
Fri 26: W 92-79 vs. NJ (12-2, .857)
Sun 28: W 103-95 vs. IND (13-2, .867)
Tue 30: L 100-94 at POR (13-3, .813)
MONTH of November: 13-3, .813

Wed 1: W 129-119 (OT) vs. UTA (14-3, .824)
Sat 4: W 99-89 vs. POR (15-3, .833)
Wed 8: W 102-96 at SA (16-3, .842)
Thu 9: W 107-102 at DAL (17-3, .850)
Sat 11: L 98-84 vs. BOS (17-4, .810)
Tue 14: W 108-93 vs. LAK (18-4, .818)
Fri 17: L 112-110 vs. PHX (18-5, .783)
Wed 22: W 98-83 vs. DEN (19-5, .792)
Mon 27: W 98-88 at UTA (20-5, .800)
Tue 28: L 114-107 vs. PHI (20-6, .769)
Thu 30: W 94-79 at ATL (21-6, .778)
Fri 31: W 103-97 at CHA (22-6, .786)
MONTH of December: 9-3, .750

Mon 3: W 98-96 at MIA (23-6, .793)
Wed 5: L 105-87 at ORL (23-7, .767)
Thu 6: L 107-96 at WSH (23-8, .742)
Sun 9: W 108-98 vs. MIA (24-8, .750)
Tue 11: W 104-99 vs. LAC (25-8, .758)
Wed 12: L 103-92 at LAC (25-9, .735)
Fri 14: W 103-84 vs. GS (26-9, .743)
Sun 16: W 105-97 vs. CLE (27-9, .750)
Tue 18: L 116-110 (OT) vs. DEN (27-10, .730)
Fri 21: L 112-107 vs. MIN (27-11, .711)
Sun 23: W 122-105 vs. UTA (28-11, .718)
Tue 25: W 104-93 at LAK (29-11, .725)
Wed 26: L 109-100 at UTA (29-12, .707)
Fri 28: W 88-85 at GS (30-12, .714)
Mon 31: L 103-84 vs. SA (30-13, .698)
MONTH of January: 8-7, .533

Tue 1: W 106-101 at SAC (31-13, .705)
Sat 5: W 113-99 vs. CHA (32-13, .711)
Tue 8: W 108-91 vs. NO (33-13, .717)
Thu 10: W 115-107 vs. SAC (34-13, .723)
Fri 11: W 113-105 at PHX (35-13, .729)
Sun 13: L 95-92 vs. DAL (35-14, .714)
Wed 16: L 117-110 vs. GS (35-15, .700)
Tue 22: W 87-85 at HOU (36-15, .706)
Wed 23: W 103-85 at NO (37-15, .712)
Fri 25: W 98-88 vs. MIN (38-15, .717)
Sun 27: L 99-73 at MIL (38-16, .704)
MONTH of February: 8-3, .727

Tue 1: W 101-93 at IND (39-16, .709)
Wed 2: W 103-86 at CLE (40-16, .714)
Fri 4: W 95-87 vs. DET (41-16, .719)
Sun 6: L 110-99 vs. PHX (41-17, .707)
Tue 8: L 97-95 vs. HOU (41-18, .695)
Fri 11: L 100-97 vs. CHI (41-19, .683)
Sun 13: W 90-80 at NY (42-19, .689)
Tue 15: W 99-93 at CHI (43-19, .694)
Wed 16: L 102-95 at DET (43-20, .683)
Fri 18: W 98-90 vs. ORL (44-20, .688)
Sun 20: W 102-100 at LAK (45-20, .692)
Tue 22: W 92-84 vs. MIL (46-20, .697)
Thu 24: W 96-91 at POR (47-20, .701)
Fri 25: W 109-101 (OT) vs. NY (48-20, .706)
Sun 27: L 95-94 vs. WSH (48-21, .696)
Tue 29: W 102-99 at MEM (49-21, .700)
Wed 30: L 89-76 at SA (49-22, .690)
MONTH of March: 11-6, .647

Fri 1: W 89-87 vs. POR (50-22, .694)
Sun 3: L 101-92 at GS (50-23, .685)
Tue 5: L 122-101 at SAC (50-24, .676)
Fri 8: L 117-94 vs. LAK (50-25, .667)
Sat 9: L 121-105 at DEN (50-26, .658)
Mon 11: L 90-78 vs. HOU (50-27, .649)
Wed 13: L 95-90 vs. DAL (50-28, .641)
Fri 15: W 97-72 vs. NO (51-28, .646)
Sun 17: W 109-94 at MIN (52-28, .650)
Tue 19: L 101-96 at DAL (52-29, .642)
Wed 20: L 106-78 at HOU (52-30, .634)
MONTH of April: 3-8, .273

***first round: 3rd-seed Seattle SuperSonics vs. 6th-seed Sacramento Kings
Sat 23: W 87-82 vs. SAC (1-0, 1.000)
Tue 26: W 105-93 vs. SAC (2-0, 1.000)
Fri 29: L 116-104 at SAC (2-1, .667)
MONTH of April with playoffs: 5-9, .357

Sun 1: W 115-102 at SAC (3-1, .750)
Tue 3: W 122-118 vs. SAC (4-1, .800)

***Conference semifinals: 3rd-seed Seattle SuperSonics vs. 2nd-seed San Antonio Spurs
Sun 8: L 103-81 at SA (0-1, .000)
Tue 10: L 108-91 at SA (0-2, .000)
Thu 12: W 92-91 vs. SA (1-2, .333)
Sun 15: W 101-89 vs. SA (2-2, .500)
Tue 17: L 103-90 at SA (2-3, .400)
Thu 19: L 98-96 vs. SA (2-4, .333)
MONTH of May: 6-5, .545

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12/10/04 Seattle Times
There was confirmation yesterday from a baseball source that the club has made an offer, reportedly significant, to third baseman Adrian Beltre, one of the jewels of the free-agent marketplace.

That includes pitcher Carl Pavano, whose agent, Scott Shapiro, yesterday rated the M's as "legitimate contenders, without question" to land the 18-game winner.



Unlike most fans right now, I'm not going to fall for this. I'm better than that. I remember the last couple of seasons when the Mariners have failed to improve themselves. All of this is just talk. Talk, talk, and more talk.

I'll believe when I see it. You should too.

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Sure, I was 11-5 last week.

But let's just say that I'm still a little steamed over Monday night.

With that being said, here are my Week 14 picks.


Seattle at Minnesota
(That's right, I'm picking the Vikings. Maybe this will help the Seahawks win. But maybe not. If it has taken 9 weeks for the Seahawks to recover from the Rams game Oct. 10, then how long will it take for them to recover from this past Monday?)

Oakland at Atlanta
(Are the Falcons the most disrespected playoff team in football? They may just be.)

New York Giants at Baltimore
(No way will the Ravens fall apart 3 weeks in a row)

Cleveland at Buffalo
(The Bills could finish 10-6 and miss the playoffs. Vexing.)

New Orleans at Dallas (FOX, televised in Arkansas)
(The Saints are way too inconsistent and the Cowboys have Julius Jones. He's going to be a damn good running back in this league, no doubt about it.)

Indianapolis at Houston (CBS, televised in Arkansas)

Chicago at Jacksonville
(The Jaguars will be a contender in 2005)

Cincinnati at New England
(Can Carson Palmer have another big game?)


Miami at Denver
(The Broncos are the most disappointing team in the AFC)

New York Jets at Pittsburgh

Detroit at Green Bay (FOX, televised in Arkansas)
(Brett Favre losing to the Lions? At Lambeau? In December?)

San Francisco at Arizona

St. Louis at Carolina
(LOCK OF THE WEEK. If only the Seahawks had half the character of the Panthers.)

Tampa Bay at San Diego
(The Chargers are 9-3. Let me say that again. The Chargers are 9-3.)


Philadelphia at Washington
(Expect to see a few hideous touchdown dances)


Kansas City at Tennessee
(BLAYLOCK! VOLEK! IT'S THE NFL ON CBS! Oh, wrong network.)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Enjoy the games.

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It's roughly two months before pitchers and catchers report, and the rumor mill has kicked up to full tilt in Marinerland. Also, the Seahawks are probably still hung over from the Week 4 home loss to the Rams (if they're not, then they're still sunk by the Dallas loss on Monday), the Sonics swept the Texas two-step, and there was no hockey last night.

So bust out those slickers and galoshes, not because this post is wet, but because it'll be wet outside. This is official no-tailgating weather.

My goodness, it's Friday. As I've said, the days for me are just blurring together.


Larry Stone is leading me to believe that the Mariners have made one hell of a pitch to Carl Pavano, Carlos Delgado, and...Adrian Beltre. After all, Pavano didn't make the trip to Anaheim and cut Carlpalooza short by one stop. Surely there had to be a reason for that, right? I'm sure the Mariners probably want him all the more now that Jon Lieber and Jaret Wright are off the table. Not much wordage is paid to Richie Sexson in the article, other than that he is high on the Mets' list.

Yes, the insane Troy Glaus deal has left mouths agape just before the winter meetings in Anaheim. Glaus is due $12.75M in the final year of his deal at the age of 32. Did Jeff Moorad really agree to this? I thought he was on the other side now? The most bone-jarring phrase from the article? "...the Angels appear to be the most likely destination for the Big Unit." Is anyone out there prepared for the Mariners to get shut out four times next year by Randy Johnson?

The fate of the Seahawks next Sunday at Minnesota may rest on which version of Randy Moss they end up facing. They probably won't get a 100% healthy Moss, but will they get a mostly up-to-speed Moss or a limping nonfactor Moss? Then again, it might not even matter. Nate Burleson will be very healthy and all Daunte Culpepper will have to do is throw it deep. Memories of Anthony Wright lighting up the Seattle secondary in Baltimore last year come to mind ...

The slant shows us Mike Tice's reaction to Ken Lucas getting his paws on a lot of footballs, the Seattle Seahawks Misery Hat, and Tracy White returned to practice yesterday and will play on Sunday. Chad Brown practiced as well, but it will probably be a couple weeks before his return. Lastly, Darrell Jackson and Jerry Rice did not practice yesterday.

What's happened to the defense? Greg Bishop asked current Charger Randall Godfrey about it, and he says Ray Rhodes isn't the problem. Unfortunately, there's no answer given as to why Godfrey didn't wrap up Ahman Green in the backfield on 4th down of last year's playoff game in Green Bay, but that's beside the point. But damn, they've had a ton of injuries. On the other hand, whose fault is it that the defense has no depth?

For my take on the game, scroll down or click here.

Rashard did it. His three-pointer and baseline slam late sealed the deal on this win for the Sonics. He scored 13 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter, with nine of his points coming in the last five minutes. The win stopped the Sonics' five-game losing streak against Dallas.

Wanna buy the Sonics? According to Forbes, you should have $205M stashed away. The Lakers are worth $510M. The Knicks are total crap and they're worth $494M.

Saturday vs. Boston
Tuesday vs. Lakers
Next Friday vs. Phoenix

No games occurred last night, so I'm filtering out the top scorers on the teams I've been tracking in the respective junior hockey leagues I've been tracking.
(rank_player, team, games, goals-assists-points)

Western Hockey League
5 Gilbert Brule, Vancouver Giants, 30, 17-21-38
14 Adam Courchaine, Vancouver Giants, 31, 14-17-31
16 Aaron Gagnon, Seattle Thunderbirds, 27, 18-12-30
21 Dan Da Silva, Portland Winter Hawks, 30, 14-14-28
24 Brian Woolger, Portland Winter Hawks, 29, 9-18-27
30 Chris Durand, Seattle Thunderbirds, 22, 11-13-24
32 Torrie Wheat, Everett Silvertips, 30, 11-13-24
34 Darrell May, Portland Winter Hawks, 29, 10-14-24
39 Andrej Meszaros, Vancouver Giants, 30, 7-17-24
45 Tyler Metcalfe, Seattle Thunderbirds, 27, 8-15-23
57 Mitch Bartley, Vancouver Giants, 30, 7-15-22

American Hockey League
6-t Peter Sarno, Manitoba Moose, 24, 5-23-28
15 Jason King, Manitoba Moose, 24, 16-8-24
19 Lee Goren, Manitoba Moose, 23, 14-9-23
42-t Ryan Kesler, Manitoba Moose, 24, 8-10-18

Northern Pacific Hockey League
1 Mike Truex, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 19-48-67
4 Carl Horten, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 19-26-45
10 Kyle Stoumbaugh, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 19-13-32
12 Jeff Alexander, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 14-16-30
14 Corey Coxon, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 10-19-29
15 Chase Ambuter, Puget Sound Tomahawks, 16, 15-12-27

Tonight: Vancouver at Kamloops, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Edmonton
Saturday: Portland at Kelowna, Seattle at Regina, Everett at Spokane, Kamloops at Vancouver
Sunday: Seattle at Brandon, Portland at Kamloops, Manitoba at Edmonton

Stay dry and classy in the Northwest today.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004


This is the second time I've done this, but here's my quick reaction on the Sonics/Mavericks game that took place earlier tonight. This post will become part of the daily post which will hit you in the morning. However, I think one of these days I might rip out the parts that deal with the games themselves, make them into their own posts, and make an archive out of it. But until then, I'll go the amalgam route.

SuperSonics 107, Mavericks 102
The Sonics did blow a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter, but still won on the back end of a back-to-back. I think the Sonics and their fans will gladly take that. Of course, one of these days the Sonics are going to blow a big lead and it's going to come back and bite them. But it wasn't tonight.

The key play was the three by Rashard that put the Sonics up 104-100 in the waning minutes. Rashard dribbled into a double-team on the left side and kicked out to Ridnour, who dribbled to the same spot that Rashard did, and went into a double-team himself. Ridnour kicked out to Lewis, and he was wide open for the three.

Another nice play was when Rashard went baseline and posterized Jerry Stackhouse, and I've already seen it once in the SportsCenter highlight reel.

I don't know where else to put this thought, so I'll put it here: it seems that the Sonics were doing a good job of jumping the passing lanes while on defense, leading to possessions going the other way, or tipping the ball out of bounds and forcing Dallas to set up another play. This also happened a few times in transition, killing the Dallas momentum and any chance for an easy bucket.

Also, the foul call on Ridnour after Nowitzki right over his back for the rebound and tumbled to the floor...that was bullcrap. If there was a foul there, it's on Nowitzki. What was weird was seeing Nowitzki defending Ridnour, which happened a lot during the game.

starters: Rashard Lewis 25 pts/9 reb (9-21 FG, 5-6 free throws), Ray Allen 22 pts/5 reb/4 ast (9-19 FG), Luke Ridnour 10 pts/7 ast/3 reb, Reggie Evans 7 pts/9 reb (5-10 free throws)
bench: Vlad Radmanovic 18 pts/4 reb (5-7 3pt), Antonio Daniels 9 pts/5 ast, Danny Fortson 7 pts/8 reb (5-6 free throws)
Jerome James watch: 7 pts/5 reb/1 blk
team: shot 10-for-23 from downtown, only shot 21-for-30 (70%) from the free-throw line, whopped Dallas on the offensive glass 17-8 and 47-35 overall, bench was outscored 38-36

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Pantera/Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell, dead at 38

Needless to say, I'm floored.

Dimebag Darrell was one of the best guitarists in all of rock music. He was the main reason why I listened to Pantera. More recently, I've started to really take a liking to Damageplan, Darrell's new band. What really shocks me about this whole deal is that Phil Anselmo is still alive. Who knew?

Pantera Listening Area (unofficial site; full-length audio links of Pantera songs)

Pantera at All Music Guide

Damageplan at All Music Guide

RIP, Darrell.

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It was a fairly busy Wednesday night, thanks to a game for the Sonics, some winter meetings buzz for the Mariners, the usual Seahawk stuff (lately), and a few hockey games.

Dave Andriesen says that the top-tier free agents are taking it a bit slow right now, hence the relative dead time in Marinerland.

However, it's more and more likely that the big money the Mariners spend is going to be on offense, thanks to the signings of Jaret Wright and Jon Lieber yesterday. While I know the big money will go for bats, I just cringe at the way Bill Bavasi says it: "...if we can add top offensive punch, and if that eats up a lot (of their available resources), we'll probably try to figure out the pitching later." I know they're pressed, but man, what a one-sided approach. Of course, if Travis Blackley and Clint Nageotte come around and win 20 games each next year, Bill Bavasi will look like a genius for not spending on pitching. Since that's not going to happen, I guess I have to just nail him for his wording of things. He probably could have said something profound and/or cryptic which would have gotten off the same meaning, though it would take a while to think about it. "Free agents after we are." Keep in mind, this is the same guy has used the line "he can pick it up and throw it."

Now, I didn't track Husky football with any regularity last fall, and I don't even really dig Husky football at all. This coaching search is fun to keep track of, though. The latest names to come up today are Mike Tice and Jim Mora, Jr. Tom O'Brien of Boston College also has his name in the latter article, but it'd be hilarious to see Diddly-Poo Lite walking the sidelines at Montlake.

It turns out the fan base has finally turned in a detectable way against Mike Holmgren, as if the second loss this year to Saint Louis wasn't enough (it sure was for me). The season appears to be eating at him too, though he vows to "keep coaching the same way," a remark which can be taken in any number of directions. It seems to me that the last couple of times I've seen Holmgren do a press conference, he seems like he's grasping for straws while trying to answer some of the questions.

Steve Kelley seconds the notion that this season is taking a lot out of Holmgren. But Kelley sort of lays out a case for and a case against Holmgren. How much of it really is his fault? How much of it is the players? How much of it is bad luck? Will it even matter because Bob Whitsitt will probably run him out of town anyway?

Not long after the Monday night loss, I saw the ESPN NFL Live crew talking about the game. I think Trey Wingo said it best: "How long does it take you to get over a loss that happened in Week 5?" Coming up on nine weeks later...

As for the roster, Terreal Bierria has a sore back, but Michael Boulware would have gotten the start on Sunday at strong safety anyway. Rookie Craig Terrill has been signed off the practice squad and will play on Sunday in Minnesota, partly because Rocky Bernard and Marcus Tubbs are out. Jerry Rice had a right thigh twinge, and Darrell Jackson was ill. Tracy White could practice today, though. Also, Chad Brown practiced yesterday for the first time after having his knee scoped 2 1/2 weeks ago.

John Levesque says Mike Holmgren might be regretting his role in the implementation of the replay rules, wherein a coach can't challenge a call in the final two minutes of each half. Also, apparently a guy named Bobby Skelton is the guy who saw all of the replay angles and thought that Keyshawn Johnson did make a catch in the end zone, apparently ignoring Keyshawn's arm hitting the ground, or thinking he as pushed out or something. Still, Ken Lucas was flagged on the play for illegal contact, so Dallas would have had a new set of downs from the 29-yard line. It probably would have just delayed the inevitable. As much as I hate that lack of replay call, I can't blame it all on that. One replay didn't make the difference when it came to the Seahawks not being able to stop the run.

For my take on the game, scroll to the post below this one or click here.

Beat articles for the game are here. I don't think they bring you too much of what I didn't already say above on my own (boxscore and play-by-play influenced) accord. Ron Murray and Vitaly Potapenko could be activated for Saturday's game against Boston, which surely doesnt bode well for Damien Wilkins and Mateen Cleaves. Nate either will go with straight numbers, or keep enjoying better living through chemistry.

Tonight at Dallas
Saturday vs. Boston
Tuesday vs. Lakers

The London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League have tied an all-time record for starting the season with a 29-game unbeaten streak thanks to their 5-3 win last night over the Kitchener Rangers. The Knights will try to break the record Friday at home against the Guelph Storm.

Kamloops beat Seattle, 3-2. I listened to part of this on KKNW 1150-AM (as can anyone in the Seattle area), and it was late-night pucks because the game started at 9pm. Apparently the T-Birds boarded their bus at 11am yesterday morning, and two semis jackknifed up in BC somewhere (I'm guessing it's snowing like a mother up there), and the bus got held up. As a result, they started two hours late. As I listened to the end of the game, play-by-play man Thom Beuning thought the T-Birds ran out of gas, and that they played like they'd been on a bus for nine or ten hours. Other than the lunch break, they were. The Thunderbirds never led in this game. They had answered both the Rockets' first and second goals, but not the third. The first goal was answered with just 51 seconds remaining in the first period by Ryan Gibbons. The second was answered by Chris Durand on a power play. Durand recorded the only two point night for Seattle and was a plus-1. Bryan Bridges stopped 14 for the T-Birds, who outshot the Rockets 23-17.

Kelowna beat Vancouver, 4-3. JD Watt took a very untimely tripping penalty with 56 seconds to go in regulation to set up the coup de grace on Vancouver blowing their two-goal lead in the third period and somehow losing to the Rockets. The Giants took their three-goal lead thanks to one goal in every period -- Mitch Bartley scored at 7:44 of the first period on a power play, Kyle Lamb scored just past the midway point in the second period, and Matt Robinson put the Giants up 3-1 with 15:27 to go in the game before it all went to hell. The Rockets tied the game on goals 13 seconds apart, and the game stood tied with 6:51 to go before the final goal just before the final horn. Kelowna outshot the Giants 31-21, and Adam Jennings stopped 27 in net for Vancouver. A note along the way is to avoid the doors in the boards in front of the benches of you're ever at the Rockets' rink because they can fly off the hinges. A player was checked into a door, and exactly that latter situation took place, causing a stoppage in play.

Everett beat Spokane, 4-1. The Silvertips jumped out to a 2-0 lead thanks to Ivan Baranka's point shot on the power play and Tyler Dietrich with time ticking down in the first period. Randy King tallied in the second period for Everett to net a 3-0 lead, and Torrie Wheat put the Chiefs down 4-0 before Chad Klassen eventually ruined the shutout in the third period. Spokane outshot Everett 25-18, and Mike Wall stopped 24 for the Silvertips. Zach Hamill had two assists, and Alex Leavitt was plus-2 with an assist.

Friday: Vancouver at Kamloops, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Edmonton
Saturday: Portland at Kelowna, Seattle at Regina, Everett at Spokane, Kamloops at Vancouver
Sunday: Seattle at Brandon, Portland at Kamloops, Manitoba at Edmonton

You've got one more day until Friday, everyone. Surely that enthuses you, no? Enjoy your day.

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SuperSonics 102, Spurs 96
Kevin Calabro said on many an occasion that this was a good/fantastic game. I know it was a good road win and everything, but I found the fact that the Sonics came two points away from completely blowing a 20-point lead quite infuriating. Still, the fact that this team of Sonics kept their cool and eventually put the clamps down on the San Antonio comeback -- in an arena where the Spurs had won 21 straight, no less -- is yet another testament to this team's resilience.

I caught the very end of the first quarter on TV and saw the rest of the game. The Sonics played a near-flawless first half of basketball. They put 60 points up on the Spurs, on the road, in the first half. That's amazing considering the Spurs typically don't let opposing teams score 90 points over the course of an entire game.

Then the Spurs ratcheted up the defense once they got out of the locker room at half. It was furious. The Sonics suddenly were turning the ball over left and right, which probably was the main thing that irritated me.

What kept the Sonics in the game? Well, they were held without a field goal for the longest time in the third quarter (8:54 to 0:33, 8:22 without a FG according to game log). They only hit three baskets in the third quarter, for a total of seven points. They scored nine points in that quarter at the free-throw line. That's what didn't work.

What did work toward the end of the third quarter was Luke Ridnour being able to find Danny Fortson down low, who would put the ball up and get hacked, sending him to the line. Fortson was perfect in 10 attempts from the line, where he scored a majority of his 14 points.

What worked in the fourth quarter? The Spurs finally made a couple of turnovers here and there, some forced and some unforced. Ray Allen made the clutch three from the left side after the Spurs had drawn to within two points, and he banked another three from straight away off the glass and in. If two clutch shots wasn't enough, Antonio Daniels' three with 1:11 left in the game was the dagger that sealed the game. It was pretty much a foul-fest after that, and the Sonics are going to win a foul-fest nine times out of ten thanks to their free-throw shooting skills.

As I'd suggested 24 hours earlier, last night was a good night for Ray Allen to find his jumper again.

starters: Ray Allen 29 pts/4 reb/3 ast (9-19 FG, 5-9 3pt, 6-6 free throws), Rashard Lewis 16 pts/5 reb/2 stl/2 blk
bench: Antonio Daniels 14 pts/4 ast/3 reb/2 stl, Danny Fortson 14 pts/6 reb (10-10 free throws), Nick Collison 8 pts/3 reb, Vlad Radmanovic 5 pts/7 reb
team: shot 47.1% from field compared to Spurs' 41.2%, outrebounded Spurs 38-37, bench outscored Spurs 41-19

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Here's a bit of a sneak peek at what I think will be showing up on the Thursday post...

-- What, if anything, happened on Carlpalooza's stop in Seattle, and some other implications regarding today's free-agent signings

-- More injuries in Seahawkville, with people getting signed off the practice squad, and a new starter being named

-- The Sonics nearly blowing a 20-point lead in San Antonio

-- The London Knights in Canada try to match a record unbeaten streak in Canadian junior hockey

-- The Vancouver Giants do the Sonics one better, and blow a two-goal lead in the third period; I listened to this happen with my own ears

That and more, coming in the Thursday post.

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I came home from a short voyage to Silverdale to Best Buy and Kitsap Sports, just hanging out over there. Some customer at Kitsap Sports was trying to get a bat for a youngster, and he wanted a Little League bat that was 34 inches long, which is absurd. I was in the bat section at the time, and the Kitsap Sports employee was trying to assist him, and they didn't have any bats over 34 inches and there sure as hell weren't any Little League bats that were that long. I eventually piped up and asked him how tall the kid was. Turns out the kid is 11 years old and no taller than me (5'7"). I told the guy I never swung more than a 33-inch bat. Eventually he called out and found out the kid was 5'1". I think they settled on 31 inches as I got out of the store.

I went to Fred Meyer and chatted with a fellow Central geology major, who is working in the produce department there all the while trying to find other geology jobs (sounds familiar). I whittled down about an hour of his shift.

So I get home, eat dinner, and sit down with the Sonics on the television. My mother asks me if I'd heard of Elisa Hahn. I figured my mom knew someone who knew Elisa or something; she'd had this conversation with me about Anna Velazquez of KIRO, who apparently has some Kitsap links.

But then my mom told me about this...

I couldn't believe it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to my favorite on-scene reporter in the Seattle market, KING 5's Elisa Hahn, who friend Grant, Jeremy, and I got to see outside the skeleton of the Kingdome en route to the ferry after FanFest 2000.

I still can't believe it.

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The new name for the Modesto Single-A club?

The Modesto Nuts.

I can see it now.

"Hey fans, get on your feet and let's go Nuts!"

"The Nuts cracked under pressure."

This is too easy. God bless the minor leagues.

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Why am I not previewing all 28 bowl games?

Because most of these lower-echelon bowl games are dreadful this year. But knowing me, I'll probably watch those lower-echelon bowl games. Marshall vs Cincinnati in the Fort Worth Bowl? Miami, OH vs Iowa State in the Independence Bowl? I know the casinos near Shreveport are really fired up about that matchup.

So with that, I'll give you guys my take on the 10 bowl games that I give a damn about. In other words, the 10 bowl games that I must watch.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

(From 10 to 1)

10. FIESTA BOWL --- Pittsburgh vs Utah (Jan. 1, ABC 5:30 Pacific)
---The Utah Utes are 11-0 for the first time in school history. It is important for the Utes to win the Fiesta Bowl, since they are considered to be a mid-major. Utah quarterback Alex Smith is a playmaker. He's one of the main reasons why the Utes are playing on New Year's Day. There's a reason why Florida hired head coach Urban Meyer. What Meyer has done at Bowling Green and now at Utah is simply incredible. I don't see Meyer looking ahead to 2005, as the Utes should take care of Pittsburgh easily.

9. MPC COMPUTERS BOWL --- Virginia vs Fresno State (Dec. 27, ESPN 11 a.m. Pacific)
---Pat Hill's Fresno State Bulldogs will take on anybody, anytime, and anywhere. Over the past couple of seasons, Fresno State has defeated Oregon State, Washington, Kansas State, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Can the Bulldogs beat Virginia? They may very well do so. But Virginia is thinking of the MPC Computers Bowl as a springboard for the 2005 season. Al Groh's Cavaliers have a lot of talent. And it begins with junior running back Wali Lundy, who led the ACC in touchdowns with 16. The Cavaliers started off 5-0, but finished the regular season at 8-3. If you want to look at a possible darkhorse for the national championship next season, look no further than Virginia.

8. ROSE BOWL --- Michigan vs Texas (Jan. 1, ABC 2 p.m.)
---Yes, I'm mad as hell that Texas is in Pasadena. If this game were being played in any other stadium than the Rose Bowl, I would consider this a Top 5 matchup. But nevertheless, the Rose Bowl will be the first that Michigan and Texas will play each other. That's mindboggling to me. Two of the more historic programs in all of college football and they have never played each other. But enough about history. Two players to watch will be Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards and Texas running back Cedric Benson. Edwards and Benson have matured greatly over their careers and look to be Top 10 picks in the NFL Draft this upcoming April.

7. GMAC BOWL --- Memphis vs Bowling Green (Dec. 22, ESPN2 5 p.m.)
---This is the best of the "mid-major matchups". Last year, it was Boise State-TCU in the Fort Worth Bowl. This year, it's Memphis vs Bowling Green in the GMAC Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Both teams are 8-3. Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams is only a junior, but is the best running back that nobody has heard of. The Wynne, Ark. native led all of Conference USA with 1828 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns. If he were to leave Memphis after this season, he's a first round pick in my opinion.

6. SUGAR BOWL --- Auburn vs Virginia Tech (Jan. 3, ABC 5 p.m.)---Did Auburn get screwed out of the Orange Bowl? Who knows. But all I know is that the Tigers better get over their "snub" soon, because Virginia Tech will come to play. The Hokies are a good team that in their own right could have been in the Orange Bowl this season. They played USC very tough back on August 28 and lost to North Carolina State when they missed a field goal at the end. Beware of Beamer Ball, Auburn fans. Special teams are going to be very crucial in this game.

5. CAPITAL ONE BOWL --- Iowa vs LSU (Jan. 1, ABC 10 a.m.)
---Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and LSU's Nick Saban may be two of the best coaches in the country. This is going to be one hell of a game, pitting the Big Ten vs the SEC. LSU is 9-2, coming off of a 2003 season that saw them beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Iowa is the least respected big-time program of the past 5 years. All they have done the last 3 seasons is win. The Capital One Bowl will be a great way to kick off 2005.

4. PEACH BOWL --- Florida vs Miami (Dec. 31, ESPN 4:30 p.m.)
---The Peach Bowl representatives in Atlanta have to be happy with this matchup. Atlanta may not be a great professional sports town, but it is a great college football town. Sure, Florida and Miami have been down this year. But it's still Florida-Miami. Ron Zook will not coach the Gators in Atlanta on New Year's Eve, since he took the Illinois job. Defensive coordinator Charlie Strong will coach the Gators instead. This game will come down to the quarterbacks, Florida's Chris Leak and Miami's Brock Berlin. It's hard to tell who's the senior here, Leak or Berlin. Berlin is the senior, while Leak is only a sophomore. But if you've watched both of these teams, you would believe that Berlin is a sophomore. The more poised Leak will thrive in Gainesville once Urban Meyer comes to town. The Peach Bowl will be a great way to end 2004.

3. LIBERTY BOWL --- Louisville vs Boise State (Dec. 31, ESPN 12:30 p.m.)
---I'd love to spend New Year's Eve in Memphis. Hell, I'm less than 200 miles away. But to get back on topic, somewhat, this may be the best Liberty Bowl ever. At the start of the season, who thought that we would have a Louisville-Boise State matchup? Well, that is the case because the Mountain West champ, Utah, is in the Fiesta Bowl. So the Liberty Bowl committee took the liberty, pardon the pun, to invite Boise State. You want offense? The Liberty Bowl will have it. This game could get up into the 50s. Louisville joins the Big East next season, so this will be their final trip to Memphis for a while.

2. HOLIDAY BOWL --- California vs Texas Tech (Dec. 30, ESPN 5 p.m.)
---The #4 team in America gets to play in the Holiday Bowl. Simply unbelievable. But believe me, there are worse places to play a bowl game than San Diego. That being said, the Cal Bears are on a mission. Usually I don't like to count a team out, but I'm not giving the Texas Tech Red Raiders a chance in hell to win this game. Aaron Rodgers should throw for at least 450 yards against the pitiful Texas Tech defense. I heard today that Mike Leach is a candidate for the Washington job. Don't do it, Huskies. He's all offense and no defense.

1. ORANGE BOWL --- USC vs Oklahoma (Jan. 4, ABC 5 p.m.)
---With all due respect to Auburn, you couldn't ask for a better national championship matchup. USC and Oklahoma are the two most talented teams in the country. USC's Reggie Bush and Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson have been the two best players in college football this season. If I had a vote for the Heisman Trophy, I'd give it to Bush, with Peterson coming in second. Both USC and Oklahoma deserve to be in Miami on January 4. One thing's for sure, we will not have a split national champion like we saw last year.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Is a playoff system needed? Probably.

For the time being, enjoy the bowl games. Sure, over half of the Division 1-A teams are in a bowl game this season. But for me, I enjoy seeing teams like Wyoming going to a bowl game. The Las Vegas Bowl will be the first bowl game for Wyoming since 1993. Hopefully the good folks from Wyoming will travel down to Las Vegas and have a good time while supporting their Cowboys.

So there you go, the 10 bowl games that I give a damn about.

As always, the comments box is open. Discuss.

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Well, it's Wednesday. The Mariners made a couple of moves involving familiar names, the Seahawks are still sifting through the wreckage, the Sonics have their biggest test of the year so far coming tonight, and there's a big long hockey streak that could be matched tonight.

Here we go...

Somewhat in alignment with the title here, I wish I could bring us news of a no-arb diet, but I can't because the Mariners have an unhealthy fascination for a certain overrated lefthanded pitcher.

Know your role. Dan Wilson is on the 2005 team with a one-year deal for $1.75M. He knows Miguel Olivo has more upside and more talent. In the end, if Olivo just hangs out with Wilson throughout spring training, and if Olivo can eventually become even half as good as Wilson is in terms of blocking baseballs and calling a game, then Olivo's arm and occasional offensive pop can probably make up for the rest.

Also, Ron Villone was offered arbitration. Boo. Hey, didn't Colorado just cut Denny Neagle for soliciting a hooker? Bring us a sandwich pick!!

And yeah, Carlpalooza is underway. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Seahawks can't stop the run anymore. Of course, Anthony Simmons and Chad Brown are out. But even Marcus Tubbs (high ankle sprain, out three weeks), Ced Woodard (bruised knee), and Rashad Moore (torn rotator cuff) are banged up. As Clare Farnsworth says in the article, and as I heard countless times with Dick Fain and Ray Roberts on the KJR postgame, Julius Jones got into the end zone three times with the same damn draw play. What makes this whole ineptitude toward stopping the run such a great thing? Well, it turns out Daunte Culpepper, Curtis Martin, Michael Vick, and even Emmitt Smith at his age all have running capabilities.

My goodness, does anyone realize that Emmitt Smith is 321 yards away from a 1000-yard season with four games left? His last 1000-yard season was 2001, his last of the streak of 11 straight seasons with 1000 ground yards. Emmitt also stands at 8 touchdowns with four games left. He last had double digits in touchdowns in 1999, with 11.

You know, it's a shame that Matt Hasselbeck picked Monday's game to have his best game of the season. Yes, all 414 yards of it, down the drain.

Meet Nate Burleson. Of O'Dea. I'm predicting about 120 yards of receiving with a touchdown on Sunday. How about you?

Your eyes weren't kidding you. The Safeco Field staff did indeed put one extra L in Michele Tafoya's first name on the basepaths as the blimp flew over the first time.

They haven't trailed since the Gonzaga game. Last night, they put a 98-69 hurtin' on the Aztecs, who are coached by ex-Michigan coach Steve Fisher. Nate Robinson had 24, Tre Simmons 23, and Bobby Jones 10 with nine boards. Fisher compared Robinson to Jalen Rose.

The Sonics are on the road tonight to face the Spurs, which means it'd be a really good time for Ray Allen to find his jumper again.

Here's a bunch of stuff you probably didn't know about Danny Fortson. To say his life was tough growing up is probably the understatement of the century. I guess his a big facet of his game kind of echoes the upswing of his life up to this point: rebound, putback, score.

Back to on-the-court happenings, Reggie Evans and Danny Fortson have anchored the front line this year, and with smashing results so far. A special note is that Fortson is sort of short for a rebounder, but Scot Pollard has a great assessment of why Fortson gets the amount of rebounds that he does. Also, Vlad Radmanovic called this year's training camp "the best training camp ever" since it was Fortson (and not him) that was matched up against Evans on the court.

I actually remembered to watch Making the Cut on the CBC last night. Jeff Brown got cut. Ouch. Next Tuesday, they're having the final episode, a two-hour finale where the GMs of the six Canadian teams will pick one player each out of the final 18 players who made the last cut at the training facility in Vernon, BC. The Rambling Hockey Fangirl will be part of the live viewing audience.

Tonight, the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League will be trying to match a 26-year-old record in the Canadian Hockey League (a combo of the Western, Ontario, and Quebec Major Junior hockey leagues). They will try to extend their start to 28-0-1, a 29-game unbeaten streak whose length would equal that of the 1978-79 Brandon Wheat Kings, who started out 25-0-4 that year. The Knights will try to match the mark on the road against the Kitchener Rangers. If they match, they can break the record at home against the Guelph Storm on Friday, a game televised in Canada on Rogers Sportsnet (not sure if that would show in BC).

Portland shut out Swift Current, 4-0. In their two previous games, Swift Current shut out Everett and was shut out by Seattle. Last night, in his 11th straight start, Dustin Butler stopped all 17 shots he faced to hand the Broncos their second shutout loss in a row. The Winter Hawks got the first goal in the first period when Braydon Coburn's shot from the point went off Dan Da Silva's skate and in (by the way, Coburn has been named to the selection camp for Team Canada's 2005 team in the World Junior Championships). Swift Current goalie Kyle Moir stood on his head in the scoreless second period as his team was outshot 22-4 in the period. In related news, Brandon Dubinsky dropped the gloves with former Everett Silvertip Barry Horman, whose slash nearly severed the finger of the former on the eve of Halloween. The Winter Hawks scored goal number two on their first shot in the third period on a Dubinsky goal. Darrell May and Da Silva (this time on a rebound) added the final two goals as Portland broke the game open in the third. As you might guess by the shot totals I'm about to reveal, much of this game was played in the Swift Current zone. Portland outshot the Broncos 53-17.

I linked to the Team Canada selection camp roster for the World Junior Championships, and I'd be remiss if I didn't link to Team USA's roster. The difference? Canada has a ton of WHL guys, and the USA has mostly college players.

Tonight: Seattle at Kamloops, Vancouver at Kelowna, Spokane at Everett
Friday: Vancouver at Kamloops, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Edmonton
Saturday: Portland at Kelowna, Seattle at Regina, Everett at Spokane, Kamloops at Vancouver
Sunday: Seattle at Brandon, Portland at Kamloops, Manitoba at Edmonton

Is anyone else glad that there's finally some movements with the Mariners? I know I am. My level of anticipation is slowly growing as we inch closer to the first day of Camp Hargrove at the sun-baked complex in Peoria. Just over two months...

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Welcome to the new address, BREMERTONIANS.blogspot.com.

We will soon be getting our 100000th hit, and for that, we thank each and every one of the readers that has stopped by since our inception just short of a year and a half ago.

And to all new readers, surf around on the site. It's fun. I look back at some of those predictions we had for the 2004 Mariners and man...we knew they wouldn't be as good, but we (as well as a lot of other people) were waaaayyy off.

But as far as I know, the transfer has gone off without a hitch, and I've made sure everything on the sidebar (most notably our specialty posts) now refer to the new addresses rather than the old ones. Also, I went into the template and adjusted the address on the Sportsblogs.com RSS feed, which I probably should contact them about.

If there's any one reason for it all, though, I can imagine one of our readers sitting there trying to type out our URL, if he/she hasn't hit us from another blog..."let's see here, I know it's 'brem'...then I think it's 'sport'...dammit, what was the last word? I know it was three words...WHY DON'T THEY MAKE IT EASIER?"


After all, it's in our name.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Hey, all. I'm using post to tell you two things...

-- Our next post should take place at BREMERTONIANS.blogspot.com

-- I just saw Paul Silvi on the late KING-5 News tell everyone that the Mariners offered salary arbitration to Ron Villone right before the deadline.

Join us at our new home, won't you? Yeah, I know it'll mostly be the same.

We'll also be celebrating our 100000th hit not long after we go to the new address. Thanks to you all.

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One year, $1.75M

SEATTLE (AP) -- The Mariners agreed Tuesday to a $1.75 million, one-year contract with catcher Dan Wilson, bringing back a fan favorite who represents a link to the team's historic 1995 breakthrough.


Fan favorite? No, just a favorite of the ladies, young and old. I don't know of any male Mariners fan who worships Dan Wilson.

Believe me, I actually like the Mariners bringing back Wilson for another season. If anything, Miguel Olivo can learn a thing or two this spring from Wilson, who has been one of the best defensive catchers in baseball for the past decade. That's the only reason why I like Wilson being back in Seattle. And Jamie Moyer is happy as well.


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There are two interesting links related to the game of hockey that caught my eye.

First, current Detroit Red Wing Brendan Shanahan has organized a two-day summit that began today in Toronto to discuss the game of hockey. No lockout talk whatsoever, just talk about how to make the game of hockey better.

"I just thought it would be interesting to sit in a room together and discuss the game of hockey - just the game of hockey," Shanahan said over the phone Monday. "I felt that when we do come back (from the lockout), we really need to get our focus back on the game of hockey.

"Regardless of what side you're on (in the labour talks), nobody is bigger than the game of hockey and I just wanted to put the focus back on the game."

Granted, Shanahan may be a member of the Red Wings, a team David and I really don't care for. But he's OK in my book. It's nice to see at least one current player that gives a damn about the game.

And for the second link, bring out Scott Hall, because it's survey time! The NHL is in charge of this survey, conducted by two Harvard University students.

I really like question #34.

Describe in a few words what would help bring you closer (better engage you) to the NHL (and to the sport of hockey) as a fan.

My short-form answer? The NHL must improve their marketing plan.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Speaking of focus groups, does anyone remember the short-lived ESPN show a couple of years ago "Focus Group"? Granted, ESPN doesn't give a damn about the NHL (they cancelled "NHL 2 Night" for christ's sake!), but I think there should be a "Focus Group"-style show with players, executives, and fans of the NHL. I really believe that this type of show would work.

Invite the CBC's Ron MacLean and Don Cherry to be part of the show, along with ESPN's Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. Players such as Shanahan and Jeremy Roenick would be great player representatives. And invite executives, past and present, as well.

As far as the fans go, open up a website where the fans can chime in on the NHL and the fans who bring legitimate thoughts to the table will be invited to a "Focus Group"-style show.

So there you go, I just thought of one legitimate way to at least improve the National Hockey League. The game of hockey is an afterthought in most American communities right now. When the NHL comes back, they have to market themselves better.

It's the damn truth.

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By the way, Julius Jones just ran through my front yard for 8 yards.

---"Ken Hamlin, Fraysay High School" Fraysay High School is located in Memphis. However, Hamlin went to college at Arkansas. There are some Razorbacks fans that are pissed off about the slight, but oh well. I thought it was hysterical. But wait, there's more...

---"Itula Mili, Laie Elementary School"


I don't care who you are, that's funny as hell. I'm shocked that it's taken over 2 years for an NFL player to name his elementary school in the player intros. Way to go, Itula.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

By the way, I went to 5 different elementary schools while I was growing up. Two each in Washington and California and 1 in Oregon.

Such is the life of being a Navy kid.

And such is the life of being a Seattle sports fan the day after the Seahawks crap the bed on "Monday Night Football".

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Thanks to last night's events, the Sonics' season is officially upon us as well as the Mariners' offseason moves, which may be picking up soon.

I wish I had a water cooler here at the house with the conic cups just so I could go to it, maybe wait for someone else to come to it, and then not talk about last night's game. It should be left unspoken.

But hey, if you've been a Seattle sports fan for any prolonged length of time, last night was just another night.

Enough about all this though, and on with the post...

Tonight is the arbitration deadline for potential free agents to get offers from their teams. I hope Carl Pavano enjoys the free meal and tour of Seattle. And then leaves. I don't think I can stress enough how much I don't want Carl Pavano in a Mariner uniform. I really can't. Same with Jaret Wright. John Hickey in his article also says that Dan Wilson and Ron Villone will be offered arbitration, and both have contract offers on the table from the team. Also, Moyer's quote in the Hickey article is hilariously hush-hush.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Denny Neagle, solicitor. We're not talking telemarketing either.

There's everything and nothing to say about what happened to the Seahawks last night. Just this once, I'm going to choose the nothing route, because this team has just sapped my emotions and all of the anticipation I had built up since last January, and especially last April.

If you want to see my reactions, just scroll down a ways to the game post or click on it here.

As for what the print media is saying, I'll just list key phrases or sentences from each writer...
Farnsworth: "[T]he Seahawks drowned in their own mistakes and ineptitude."
Bruscas: "Shaun Alexander was outshined in prime time -- by a rookie running back for the Cowboys who was starting only his third game."
Yanity/Bruscas: "Urban said he could not call for a fair catch on the ball because it actually bounced off the ground before bounding into the air and looping down." (That's to debunk what Michaels and Madden were saying immediately after the kick)
Romero: "Seattle dominated the opening quarter by making good things happen in their biggest problem areas going into the game."
Romero: "For failure to pay (child support) for six months, (Chris) Warren was placed on the DSHS Most Wanted Web site in May at the request of the mother of his two daughters."
Bishop: "Scalpers outside Qwest Field said that tickets were going for less than face value, a sign of the Seahawks' season more than anything."
Kelley: "This was inexcusable."
Carpenter: "They never built a defense here, and now they're paying the price."

The Huskies face San Diego State at home tonight and are hoping that Mike Jensen will start to have his shot and his bum ankle come around.

The agreement between Wally Walker and Nate McMillan to not talk contract extension until after the season appears to be holding despite the incredible 15-3 start.

Am I expecting the Sonics to beat the Spurs in San Antonio tomorrow night? No. It should be a heck of a matchup though, with two 15-3 teams squaring off. The article brings up how the Sonics used the three-headed combo of Evans/Fortson/James to drive Tim Duncan crazy, but what isn't mentioned in the article is that those three guys aren't just giving you defense, they're giving you 18 total fouls to use on Tim Duncan, who is a horrible free-throw shooter. Also mentioned in the article is the phrase "Texas two-step," which used to be daunting to me as a youngster when the Sonics were good a decade ago and had to face David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon on back-to-back nights. The humanity.

Tomorrow at San Antonio
Thursday at Dallas

No games on Monday night, so it's standings...

Western Hockey League
BC DIVISION (rank_team, games, record[pts], streak, last 10)
1 Kootenay Ice, 31, 19-9-3-0[41], W2, 7-2-1
2 Kelowna Rockets, 31, 17-7-7-0[41], W1, 4-1-5
3 Vancouver Giants, 30, 16-11-1-2[35], T1, 6-3-1
4 Prince George Cougars, 32, 13-15-3-1[30], L1, 4-5-1
5 Kamloops Blazers, 30, 10-16-2-2[24], L2, 3-6-1

1 Seattle Thunderbirds, 26, 19-7-0-0[38], W2, 7-3-0
2 Everett Silvertips, 29, 16-8-3-2[37], L1, 7-2-1
3 Portland Winter Hawks, 29, 13-12-1-3[30], L2, 3-6-1
4 Tri-City Americans, 28, 10-12-4-2[26], L1, 3-6-1
5 Spokane Chiefs, 29, 10-14-4-1[25], W2, 3-4-3

American Hockey League
NORTH DIVISION (rank_team, games, record[pts])
1 Manitoba Moose, 24, 15-7-0-2[32]
2 Edmonton Road Runners, 23, 13-5-2-3[31]
3 Rochester Americans, 23, 13-6-3-1[30]
4 Saint John's Maple Leafs, 23, 14-8-0-1[29]
5 Syracuse Crunch, 23, 10-8-2-3[25]
6 Cleveland Barons, 22, 9-10-1-2[21]
7 Hamilton Bulldogs, 24, 8-11-4-1[21]

Northern Pacific Hockey League
WEST DIVISION (rank_team, games, record[pts])
1 Puget Sound Tomahawks, 24, 22-2-0[44]
2 Portland Pioneers, 21, 19-2-0[38]
3 Tri-City Titans, 24, 8-16-0[16]
4 River City Jaguars, 23, 3-20-0[6]

Tonight: Swift Current at Portland
Wednesday: Seattle at Kamloops, Vancouver at Kelowna, Spokane at Everett
Friday: Vancouver at Kamloops, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Edmonton
Saturday: Portland at Kelowna, Seattle at Regina, Everett at Spokane, Kamloops at Vancouver
Sunday: Seattle at Brandon, Portland at Kamloops, Manitoba at Edmonton

My plan is to just get through today. The Sonics play tomorrow, so I guess that's there to give us a little hope, who knows.

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Monday, December 06, 2004


Six years ago on December 6, 1998, the Seahawks lost to the Jets on a Vinny Testaverde "touchdown". The Seahawks would finish 8-8, leading to the firing of Dennis Erickson.

Six years later on December 6, 2004, the Seahawks lead the Dallas Cowboys 39-29 with 2:53 left in the game. But the Cowboys come back to win 43-39. Guess who was at quarterback for the Cowboys?

Vinny Testaverde

And just like 6 years ago, Testaverde may indirectly cause the Seahawks to fire another head coach. This time, it would be Mike Holmgren.

There are no curses. There are no excuses. The Seattle Seahawks are a mediocre football team at best. It didn't have to be this way, but it is what it is.

There's nothing left to be said about this.

Good night.

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Once again, this should be updated as the game goes on, barring any Blogger faults, which did occur last week...

One thing that always got me about the ABC telecasts before kickoff is that huge fake CGI big screen that they superimpose on the field. Kinda cool, but hilarious at the same time.

>> 1st Dallas possession (DAL 22)
14:51 Jones left side for 2 (DAL 24)
14:12 Jones up middle for 2 (DAL 26, 3rd/5)
13:33 Jones dumpoff left side bobbles and drops

>> 1st Seattle possession (DAL 45, 25 return by Maurice Morris)
13:12 Jackson catch right side for 9
12:39 handoff right side Strong for first down (DAL 36)
12:03 Engram catch right to DAL 28 (8 yd)
11:24 Alexander through middle for 1 (3rd/1)
***10:42 Rice in right side of end zone, but with flags...DALLAS PASS INTERFERENCE declined, THAT'S A START (SEA 7-0)

Let's admit it. We all would have grilled Mike Holmgren if the Seahawks would have blown it on that 3rd-and-1. But it turns out Jerry Rice can catch the ball, and he was able to get himself open in the end zone. I like. And hey, at least Shaun Alexander was actually on the field in a 3rd-and-short situation.

>> 2nd Dallas possession (DAL 24)
10:28 Julius Jones outside left BUSTS OFF a big one...53 freakin' yards as the defense responds. Nice job, guys.
9:42 Keyshawn Johnson nearly catches it in the end zone right side, but Marcus Trufant makes a good play
9:36 Jones left side to SEA 21 (3rd/8)
8:54 Jones over the middle drops the ball
***8:49 Cundiff from 39 (SEA 7-3)

Letting Julius Jones bust one off on the first play of the series...not good. But at least they stopped the bleeding after that. I guess.

>> 2nd Seattle possession (SEA 21)
8:41 incomplete to the right side, under pressure...Ellis punks Chris Terry
8:37 Alexander outside right for 1 (3rd/9...yay!!)
8:03 Rice down the left sideline catches the pass with his fingertips for 17 yards (SEA 39, 1st down)
7:38 Alexander right side for nowhere, a loss of 1
6:56 Hasselbeck picked down left sideline, but it's a free play on a Dallas offside flag (2nd/6)
6:52 Glover sacks Hasselbeck for a loss of 6...so much for that offside penalty. Chris Gray gets punked (3rd/12)
6:15 Mili right side to the DAL 45 for 18 yards and a first down...that's a nice third-down conversion
5:31 Alexander through middle for 2
4:57 Alexander through middle for 6 (3rd/2)
4:12 Jackson catches, stops, and runs down the right sideline for a first-and-goal (DAL 3)
***3:47 Jackson wide open in the middle of the end zone after his cover man Newman falls down (SEA 14-3)

Three third-down conversions on the same drive?! What team are we watching here? Are these really the Seahawks??

>> 3rd Dallas possession (DAL 31...first big return of the day for 26 yards)
3:36 Witten right side catch for 6
3:04 Jones handoff middle for 3 (3rd/1)
2:20 Jones pitchback outside left...very close to a first down...NOPE! That was reeeeaaaalllly close.

Three and out?! Huh?! There's one way to tell if this team is snapping out of it, and that's if the offense doesn't go three-and-out right here.

>> 3rd Seattle possession (SEA 29)
1:27 Alexander for a loss after dancing around in the backfield again
0:42 Alexander dumpoff left side for 8 (3rd/3)
0:00 Hasselbeck sacked by Glover, his second of the game...I'm sorry, but that's a stupid sack to take

Well, at least the score is okay after one quarter. The defense has looked okay except for the big run by Julius Jones. The air game for the Seahawks hasn't looked too bad. Not a single drop yet (knock on wood), but Shaun can't get anywhere at all.

I've got the stats pulled up...Matt Hasselbeck was 8-for-9 in the first quarter for two touchdowns and 124 yards. Shaun Alexander has six carries and eight yards. Not exactly what we expected on either end.

>> 4th Dallas possession (DAL 41...that's good field position for the second series in a row for Dallas)
14:45 Johnson catch right side for 11 and a first down (SEA 47)
14:15 pass over middle tipped by Rashad Moore, Isiah Kacyvenski nearly picks, but drops it
14:06 Witten on a screen to the DAL 39 (3rd/2)
13:28 Dallas timeout
13:24 Jones up the middle for the first down
12:48 Testaverde rolls right, but nearly runs out of bounds before throwing away
12:44 Morgan catch left side, run out of bounds for 6 (3rd/4)
12:17 pass to Copper through his hands, wants a flag. Too bad.
***12:12 Cundiff from 49 good...off the left upright and in (SEA 14-6)

Well, the defense hasn't had any horrific gaffes yet. I'd partially attribute these three Dallas points to Hasselbeck taking that sack on third down on the last drive.

>> 4th Seattle possession (SEA 21)
12:02 Mili right side catch for 11 and a first down
11:31 Alexander cuts in, bounces outside right for 10 and a first down
10:53 Alexander outside left for about 5, nearly fumbles
###10:12 pass to Urban on right side by DAL 36, but stripped, Scott runs back for 26

>> 5th Dallas possession (SEA 39)
10:05 Jones through left side for 4
9:26 Jones through middle for first down (8 yd, SEA 27)
8:46 Testaverde off of Larry Allen's back, flags on Dallas for illegally touching the pass (5 yd)
8:42 Jones right side for 1
8:03 Barnes catch underneath over middle for 6...flags on Lucas for illegal hands to the face and an automatic first down (SEA 26)
7:35 Jones stood up on left side (1 yd)
6:52 Witten over the middle for first-and-goal (16-yd pass, SEA 9)
***6:08 Copper in the back of the end zone for a touchdown, with flags...defensive holding on Hamlin declined (SEA 14-12...two-point try no good)

Well, that sucks. That really really sucks (the touchdown, not the missed two-point try). I could bash on the defense here, and the Lucas penalty for the first down was a killer, but Jerheme Urban's fumble set this whole thing up and gave Dallas some prime field position. If Urban hangs onto that ball, it's a hell of a catch, and the Seahawks probably score on that drive. But hey, these are the Seahawks, are they not? One thing's for sure: they have to score a touchdown before halftime. They just do.

>> 5th Seattle possession (SEA 18)
5:56 Jackson right sideline first-down catch for 12...plowed after the catch
5:39 Alexander through middle for 4
5:03 quick pass left side Jackson for 17 to the DAL 48, a first down
4:26 Alexander left side for 2
3:47 Alexander dumpoff bobbles, ball nearly falls into Dallas hands (3rd/8)
3:41 Hasselbeck through middle for 7, two footballs short of the chains
3:11 Seattle timeout
###3:07 Hasselbeck fumbles snap, recovers. It's a wash

TWO TURNOVERS, everybody. Not good. Worse yet, Dallas has great field position to take the lead going into the half. What sucks about that is that the Seahawk offense hasn't really been doing that crappily. The defense was doing okay until the last drive, when they'd gotten barely any rest, but Jerheme Urban thought they needed more work. Other than the two turnovers, the Seahawks have played too well to be behind going into the locker room. Yet they've let this team hang around.

>> 6th Dallas possession (DAL 41)
3:02 Jones outside right for 4
2:26 Jones through to midfield, just short of the chains (5-yd)
1:57 Jones through the middle to the 47 for a first down
1:50 Jones through the right side for 19 damn yards, Flozell Adams down
1:38 Jones dumpoff right side in the backfield for no gain
1:03 pass to Barnes right side forced out by Trufant (3rd/10)
0:56 Witten catch over the middle for 22 damn yards and a first down
0:45 Testaverde fumbles, falls on it real quick
0:35 spike
***0:32 Jones untouched through the middle for a touchdown (DAL 19-14)

Message to the Seahawks for the second half: STOP JULIUS JONES, for goodness' sake. But the pass play to Witten was the backbreaker on that drive. Exactly the thing I've feared has happened. The Seahawks let the Cowboys have a chance to take the lead going into the locker room, and I'll be damned if the Cowboys didn't take it.

>> 6th Seattle possession (SEA 28)
0:19 Jackson catch on the right side downfield for a first down, 15 yards to the SEA 43
0:13 Hasselbeck throws out of bounds, flags on a Chris Terry hold. Nice job!
0:05 Rice on the right side for 7

Crowd boos. The Seahawks were more deserving of it last week, but still...THEY JUST ALLOWED 16 UNANSWERED POINTS! That SUCKS!!

I have the halftime stats in front of me. Matt Hasselbeck is 14-for-16 for 204 yards and two touchdowns. Jerry Rice has caught three passes for 51 yards and a score, and Darrell Jackson has caught six for 90 yards and a score. The missing link? Shaun Alexander has 10 carries for 27 yards. Meanwhile, Julius Jones has ran the ball 16 times for 119 yards for Dallas, a vomit-inducing average of 7.4 yards per carry. Sick and wrong.

Let me note that the two Seattle turnovers were HORRIBLY inopportune. Urban killed a drive, and Hasselbeck fumbled the snap on 4th-and-1, so who knows how that play could have turned out. At least the Seahawks get the ball first in the second half.

On another note, I'm watching a football game. I don't want to hear about Tiger Woods right now.

>> 7th Seattle possession (SEA 21)
14:48 Alexander right side for 9
###14:17 Alexander FREAKIN' FUMBLES and Dat Nguyen recovers

>> 7th Dallas possession (SEA 21)
14:12 Keyshawn right side for 10 yards and a first down
***13:45 Jones through the middle for a touchdown (DAL 26-14)

There goes the season.


>> 8th Seattle possession (SEA 26)
13:36 pass over the middle to Jackson broken up
13:31 Alexander outside right to the 30
12:48 Hasselbeck hurried, pass downfield incomplete

Three-and-freakin'-out. Did I mention the season is over?

>> 8th Dallas possession (SEA 44...great field position once again)
12:36 Keyshawn down the right side catches it and further proves the game is over...39 yards and a first down at the SEA 18...RED-FLAGGED by Mike Holmgren. Of course they're not going to get the call. It's SEATTLE we're dealing with here.
12:09 Jones through the right side for one
11:32 Jones through the middle and left untouched to the end zone for a touchdown...but CALLED BACK FOR HOLDING on Morgan
11:26 Jones right side stopped at the 21 (3rd/14)
10:46 Testaverde sacked by Okeafor for big loss
***Cundiff from 47 (DAL 29-14)

Make that TWENTY-F#&$ING-SIX UNANSWERED MOTHERF*$&ING POINTS. Did I mention the season is gone?

Better uses of my time right now: signing Christmas cards.

>> 9th Seattle possession (SEA 20)
10:05 dumpoff pass over middle dropped by Alexander
10:01 Rice right side for a first down to the 30
9:25 Jackson right side about a foot short of the chains
8:42 pass over middle to Alexander to the 48 and a first down
8:11 Alexander to the middle for no gain, proving that he's a complete nonfactor tonight
7:33 Hasselbeck audibles at line, nearly sacked, dumps off to Alexander who goes to midfield
6:52 delay of game. Good God.
6:20 Hasselbeck scrambles, nearly sacked, hits Stevens left side...FLAGS FOR ILLEGAL CONTACT ON DALLAS and a first down (DAL 29)
6:01 Hasselbeck runs forward, slides just short of chains
5:24 Strong through the middle for a first down
4:46 dead ball, flags for OFFSIDE ON DALLAS (SEA 14)
4:24 Rice over the middle to the DAL 7 for a first down
3:46 Jackson ovethrown in back of end zone
3:40 Alexander outside left to the 4
3:04 pass to Engram broken up over middle
***2:54 Brown from 21 (DAL 29-17)

I liked the way the Seahawks moved the ball down the field, though they were definitely aided by penalties. But one thing is missing: they needed seven right there.

>> 9th Dallas possession (DAL 30, flags pulled back)
2:53 Jones through the middle for 3
2:09 ball downfield thrown behind Morgan incomplete
2:04 Keyshawn first down left side
1:19 Witten for 9 yards over the middle
0:42 Jones through the middle for a first down (SEA 45)

You know, why should any Seattle team get any national respect? They go into the national spotlight and they hardly ever come through. Tonight, the Seahawks have laid an egg.

And you know what? Since this game is all but over, and the Cowboys are most likely about to score, I'll go ahead and say it...


There, I said it.

Yet I'm somewhat of a sadist toward myself since I'm going to keep the log going through the rest of the game.

14:54 Jones outside left for 7
14:13 Koutouvides drops Jones in the backfield for a loss of 4 (3rd/7)
13:32 pass to Copper right side incomplete, FLAGS ON TRUFANT FOR PASS INTERFERENCE, first down
13:26 Testaverde runs out of bounds right
12:59 Jones stopped in the backfield (3rd/14)
12:19 Dallas timeout
###12:12 Bierria picks Testaverde right side

Can they get more than 12 points in 12 minutes? They've got to make sure of two things. They not only have to not drop passes, they have to not fumble as well. Tough task for these guys.

But hey, what do I care? I've already written them off. Prove me wrong, Seahawks.

>> 10th Seattle possession (SEA 28)
12:06 Rice down the right sideline for a first down (SEA 42)
11:35 Stevens WIDE OPEN down the left sideline to the SEA 25 (Mili was hurt earlier on a kickoff)
11:02 pass overthrows Jackson down left sideline in the end zone, but flags on DALLAS FOR PASS INTERFERENCE...first down (DAL 8)
10:56 Alexander keeps the legs moving, gets to the DAL 1
10:20 Alexander through the middle, but no score (3rd/G)
9:35 Hasselbeck runs everywhere in the backfield, but throws away
***9:30 Alexander toss outside left finally finds the end zone (DAL 29-24)

Man, did they freaking need that. They still need a defensive stop and a touchdown. Maybe it could happen. Prove me wrong, Seahawks.

>> 10th Dallas possession (DAL 32...good field position again)
9:19 Morgan on left sideline at chains just underthrown...ball off hands
9:13 Wistrom SACKS Testaverde...BIG play, loss of 10...NO CRAZY THIRD-DOWN CONVERSIONS, PLEASE...Henson in for one play due to injury timeout
8:49 Jones up the middle four yards short of the chains...that was close

>> 11th Seattle possession (SEA 28, HEART ATTACK...That was almost a Leon Lett play)
8:05 Hasselbeck to nobody left side
7:59 Alexander left side to the 33, runs out of bounds (3rd/5)
7:33 quick pass Jackson right for a first down (SEA 42)
6:53 pitchback Morris outside right to SEA 48
6:14 HOW THE HELL DID RICE CATCH THAT? Engram and Rice converge in same area. Pass right side Rice catches in red zone...DAL 20...33-yd
5:34 Rice overthrown down left sideline in end zone
***5:29 JERHEME URBAN, you are at least temporarily forgiven. Hasselbeck hits Urban down the left sideline for a touchdown (SEA 32-29...pass Jackson right for 2-pt conversion GOOD)

Well, they caught up. I hope this holds up.

>> 11th Dallas possession (DAL 22)
5:21 Lucas breaks up pass left side...flags on Lucas for PASS INTERFERENCE...it's bullcrap (DAL 32)
5:16 Jones outside right for no gain
4:33 Keyshawn runs before he catches the ball, and drops it (3rd/10)...HOW DOES IT FEEL, DALLAS?
###4:23 HAMLIN PICKS Testaverde left side...runs back to DAL 41

>> 12th Seattle possession (DAL 41)
4:19 Alexander right side to DAL 40
3:34 Jackson quick pass right after Hasselbeck audibles, 5 yards (3rd/4)
2:53 pass right Engram just short of chains (1-yd short, 4th/1)

It appears that Mike Holmgren and Shaun Alexander have indeed met. Brilliant call.

Toss the ball back to Shaun on 4th-and-1 and have him run around the left side of the line? BRILLIANT!

>> 12th Dallas possession (DAL 35, good field position...but they've got a ways to go to score 10 points)
2:35 Copper catch right side for 9
2:11 Keyshawn catch left to the SEA 45 for a first down
1:54 Jones pass left side to the SEA 39 for a first down, runs out of bounds
***1:45 Keyshawn catch in the end zone, TOUCHDOWN...Bierria gets schooled on the jump ball (SEA 39-36)

Bierria got burned. HANDS TEAM!

>> 13th Dallas possession (DAL 44...WITTEN RECOVERS ON-SIDE KICK)
1:40 pass left to Jones overthrown and incomplete
1:34 Jones up the middle to the SEA 48
1:14 Copper? left side SEA 35
1:07 Jones left side for 2
0:51 pass broken up left side, nearly picked by Lucas...damn (3rd/8)
0:43 Jones left side for a first down to the SEA 18...EVEN I FREAKIN' KNEW THAT WAS COMING
0:37 pass left side batted down by Wistrom
***0:32 Jones through the middle TOUCHDOWN (DAL 43-39)


>> 13th Seattle possession (SEA 25)
0:18 Rice over the middle, but it takes forever for the ball to get spotted
0:07 spike
0:00 incomplete in the end zone

It's over.

Mike Holmgren will not be coaching in Seattle next year.

Playoffs??!!? Whaddaya mean, playoffs?!?!?!!

I have nothing more to say about this game.

Neither will Ray Rhodes, who as usual will not be facing the questions that so deserve to be answered.

I'll let Sean Salisbury do the talking: "This is typical Seattle Seahawks."

Thank you, goodnight.

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