Tuesday, February 08, 2005


SuperSonics 108, Hornets 91

Okay, I'm still not all the way back yet, so I don't feel like I can quite take all the time that I'd usually take when doing one of these. When I'm well, I plan to go back through and shore up the piece for this game.

That said, the Hornets hung with the Sonics past halftime until both teams realized which team on the court was the better team.

Some boxscore tidbits...

-- Danny Fortson and Ron Murray were quite productive in limited minutes

-- Rashard Lewis had an off night, far from All-Star calibre

-- Ray Allen had a great night, an All-Star calibre one, even

-- No starter played over 38 minutes, and Luke Ridnour played the 38 minutes

-- Reggie Evans grabbed another 14 boards. Ho hum

-- Eight points from Jerome James? Yikes

-- Four of the five shots that Vladimir Radmanovic made were from beyond the arc

-- The Sonics didn't shoot too well from the free-throw line

-- Robert Swift scored!

-- Jim Watson interviewed Mrs. Dickau

Though I'm keeping it short here tonight, I couldn't dare cheat anyone or myself out of the Jinkies question. I asked Jinkies what he thought of Dan Dickau's wife. His reply: "NO I did not steal and kill your parakeet. I think you accuse me just because I am now famous. How dare your face!"

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