Monday, February 07, 2005


Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens speaking to the media after Super Bowl XXXIX.

"In this situation, other people like Brett Favre, they would have called him a warrior," Owens said. "For me, they said I was selfish. If I'm selfish, I'm selfish because I want to help my team win."

I take back the credit that I gave Owens last night. Owens has proven once again that he only cares about himself. Take the high road, Terrell. Let your play on the field speak for itself.

This is the difference between the Eagles and the New England Patriots. The Patriots players aren't worried about themselves, they are worried about the team. Then you have the Eagles, with Owens and Freddie Mitchell. Yes, the same Freddie Mitchell who had something for Rodney Harrison. One reception for 11 yards, that's all the former UCLA Bruin had for #37.

Screw you, Terrell. And son, you aren't a warrior. Not even close.

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