Thursday, February 03, 2005


Let's just get this post out of the way now, because it's very fresh in my mind. Oh, and I also have this little thing called "time" right now. Over the past 3 weeks, I haven't had "time" to do a whole hell of a lot. So there you go.

Super Bowl XXXIX, or for the ignorant readers out there, Super Bowl 39.

Jacksonville, Florida. Not Jacksonville, Arkansas or Jacksonville, Oregon. Did you know that the motto for Jacksonville, Oregon is "Always A Good Time"? Maybe somebody should have told the NFL this before they chose Jacksonville to host Super Bowl XXXIX.

By the way, I've been to Jacksonville, Oregon before, and trust me, it's not even fit for a NWAACC Tournament. Sorry, Jacksonvillians in the Beaver State. Yes, I just said "Jacksonvillians". Somehow, I don't think that term will appear in any Jacksonville-related chamber of commerce promotions, whether it be in Florida, Oregon, or Arkansas.

Enough about Jacksonville, because the NFL isn't going to pack it up and move the game to Tampa at this point of time.

What would my gameplan be for Super Bowl XXXIX between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Patriots Gameplan
---Pressure Donovan McNabb. Keep him in the pocket as much as possible.
---Be physical with the Eagles' receivers. Terrell Owens isn't fully healthy, Todd Pinkston is still Todd Pinkston, and Freddie Mitchell isn't nearly as great as his hype.
---Get ahead early. Do that, and run Corey Dillon to death.

The Eagles Gameplan
---Force Tom Brady to commit turnovers. The Eagles secondary can make plays.
---Do not fall behind the Patriots. They can't play catch-up with a team like the Patriots, because the Eagles receivers aren't going to get it done. Hell, Jeff Thomason, who was signed by the Eagles to take Chad Lewis' place on the roster, has been working in construction for the entire season up until now.
---Hold onto the football. The Patriots are notorious for forcing turnovers and not allowing teams to get back into the game. The Eagles can ill afford to cough up the football.

So those are my gameplans for both the Patriots and Eagles.

I don't believe that Terrell Owens will play the entire game on Sunday. Sure, it's a valiant effort for him to come back and play. But at the same time, he's not nearly the same player he was before he got hurt. Spare me all of this "an 85 percent T.O. is better than a 100 percent receiver" b.s.

I like Tom Brady's chances at earning a 3rd Super Bowl MVP award. You know what I love about Brady? The man seldomly commits mistakes. He also wins. Oh, how I would love to have Matt Hasselbeck exhibit some of those same qualities.

I've been a believer in the Patriots since October 17, when they beat the Seahawks. Rocky had that eye of the tiger. Tom Petty had that ability to write great rock songs. The Patriots have that fire to win football games.

Who will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night?

New England 38, Philadelphia 13

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady, New England (Yes, it's the safe pick. I know.)

As long as Paul McCartney doesn't take off his shirt on Sunday, I think we'll be fine. Oh, and anybody care to wager on how many Wings songs (or at least parts of) he will perform? Over/under is at 3.

The Super Bowl, America's greatest one-day spectacle. Maybe one day, my team will be playing in the damn game. Next year, hopefully.

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