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Welcome to Wednesday. Will your Wednesday be wacky? Wonderful? Witty? Weird?

[Add ~7:18a -- Now that I think about it, and now that I look back on this post nearly two hours later, the Sonic game post is more suitable to be called "flip off" than this one, since I don't actually reference Ron Murray in this one. Oh well, I'm leaving it.]

For my random note today, I picked up Season 2 of SeaLab 2021 on DVD yesterday and I guess I ended up watching 12 of the 13 episodes in their entirety. Please note that the episodes top out around 11 minutes in length. The one I didn't watch all the way through was the one where they actually made a serious cartoon where there the only funny was the fact that it was made, and not any of the dialogue in it. The first time I saw that episode, I thought it was the pilot. Nope. They tried to pull an Andy Kaufman, and tons of people hated the creators for making that one episode. Still, it's got the Bizarro episode, the "uh-oh" episode, and the one where the power goes out and it's all dialogue. What I love about this show is that it's incredibly inane, the dialogue is hilarious, and I find myself laughing even if it borders on the annoying.

Aaaaaaaaand back to sports.

Umm...yeah, so FanFest was kinda cold, huh?

Maybe there could be a president of football operations and a president for business operations? That's how it's evidently shaping up. Also, add the name of Tom Lewand of the Detroit Lions to the list that was posted yesterday.

Also, Seahawks' college scouting director Scot McCloughan is fleeing to share GM duties with new 49er coach Mike Nolan.

As of right now, the Seahawks are without a president, a vice president of football operations, and a director of college scouting.

The Marvin Williams Watch
The Tar Heels host NC State tomorrow (4p, ESPN) and travel to Tallahassee to face Florida State on Sunday (11a, FSNNW)

At the halfway point in the Husky season, Bob Condotta has his midseason awards, as well as his conference-wide midseason awards. The Huskies lead the Pac-10 in rebounding differential. Wow. Seriously.

The Huskies host USC tomorrow (7p, NOT televised) and UCLA on Saturday (2p, FSNNW)

The Zags host Saint Mary's on Thursday (5:30p, Seattle FSNNW, Q6 NBC Spokane) and Santa Clara on Saturday (3p, KONG 6/16 Seattle, Q6 NBC Spokane)

For my admittedly shorter take on last night's game, scroll down a post or click here if you're currently seeing only one post on the entire page.

Rashard Lewis had Ray Allen and Nate McMillan on his cell phone right after the San Antonio game, both saying that Rashard needed to step up his game while the caller is absent. His point production was way up from the night before, partly because Matt Barnes was guarding him instead of Peja Stojakovic or Bruce Bowen. To give you even more of David Locke's words from last night, Locke says that at times, Rashard's defense has degraded from okay down to "piss-poor." For the record, Locke did spell that out and get clearance before he actually said that. He's the opposite of one who regularly (near-)curses on the air.

Dwane Casey is now 3-1 as a stand-in head coach of the Sonics. He's not trying to shake things up or anything, but just keep everything afloat until Nate gets back, which should be for practice on Sunday.

Ray Allen wants something close to the maximum deal from the Sonics, this we know, or have heard a lot of indicative rumors. David Locke has news for Allen, that Ray should take the offer that the Sonics have on the table right now. Why? Because Ray is 30 years old. Kirilenko, Gasol, Richardson, and McGrady all got huge deals last year, but they're all under 26 years of age. Locke says that Allen should be getting Steve Nash/Rasheed Wallace money in the range of 5 years and $53-60M. You know what'd be sick about this? If Locke was a puppet for management in this whole thing. It's total conspiracy theory thinking, but I guess it's the Dale Gribble in me.

Saturday vs. Charlotte (7p, FSNNW)
Tuesday vs. New Orleans (7p, FSNNW)

Incredibly, one of the WHL's better road teams this year and last had to snap an 11-game winless streak on Sunday. Now, the Everett Silvertips are looking to right the ship a bit before heading into the playoffs. Says Mike Wuchterl, "[m]y dad was a rugged D-man."

Grand Rapids beat Manitoba 5-1. It was a good old-fashioned stomping for the almost-Canucks. Alex Auld allowed the game-winner, which was the second Grand Rapids goal. The problem was that was the second goal he allowed, and those two goals came on five shots. He was pulled, but it was over. Auld was coming off an 18-save shutout against the same team a night before. He stopped 3 of his 5 shots, and Wade Flaherty stopped 9 of the remaining 12. The Moose lost despite very badly outshooting the Griffins 36-17. Incredible.

Puget Sound beat Queen City 2-1. Puget Sound goalie Travis Cottom may have stolen this game. The Tomahawks were up 1-0 after the first period despite usually being trapped in their own end trying to keep the Cutthroats from scoring. Queen City had a glut of chances in that first period, and Cottom made some incredible saves. Mike Truex scored the game-winner on a power play in the second period, but it was Cottom who was truly the game-winner in this one.

Tonight: Spokane at Seattle, Vancouver at Red Deer, Queen City at Puget Sound
Friday: Portland at Seattle, Everett at Spokane, Vancouver at Swift Current, San Antonio at Manitoba, Puget Sound at Spokane
Saturday: Seattle at Everett, Vancouver at Lethbridge, San Antonio at Manitoba, Puget Sound at Spokane

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everybody.

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