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This will be updated further and continuously as I get time to do so, but this post will be linked on the sidebar as an archive-with-blips post. I've had some fun gandering through everything we've posted here at Sports and B's, and I hope you do too.

17-23 Aug: first few rants, Mariners freefalling against Boston and Toronto, Puget Sound Tomahawks move to B-town, West Sound Orcas in playoffs
24-30 Aug: Mariners lose division lead, Trent Dilfer plays in Seahawks Stadium for first time since son's death, Isiah Thomas canned in Indiana, Kobe Bryant's accuser misses first day of class at Univ of N Colorado, Huskies/Buckeyes, ripping of Oregon's "bright" uniforms
31 Aug-6 Sep: Jimmy Newell post-Lydell Ross trampling, Shawn Springs injured, Mariners sweep Orioles, first we-want-Miguel Tejada-in-Seattle post, Gil Meche sent to Tacoma (technicality), Chris Terry suspended, Walter Jones arrives in camp, attack of Doug Waechter/Jorge Sosa/Eric DuBose, Jeremy's NFL predictions
7-13 Sep: props for the KING-5 HS Sports Blitz, Seahawks win opener, David realizes the Mariner offense sucks with two outs and runners on, KJR postgame notes on night of Palmeiro bomb off Benitez, power outage at the Safe, Vin Baker reveals alcoholism, Mike Cameron left out of "You Gotta Love These Fans" commercials, Angels in Seattle
14-20 Sep: Randy Winn grand slam against Angels, attack of Kevin Gregg, Richie Sexson to Seattle bandwagon gains steam, Seattle teams' fates on same days, David goes delirious thanks to the Mariners, Todd Linden walks off, Mariners lose three of four to Texas, Pat Gillick hates Moneyball, Seahawks lift blackout, Luke Ridnour to miss training camp, Mariners gain ground on a day they played for first time in 38 days, Dave Myers bashing
21-27 Sep: David hates Charter Ellensburg, Seahawks 3-0 as Mariners wilt, the root beer barrels/Bit-O-Honey post, Dave Niehaus says "Rondell White," bottom line of 90 wins and 3M fans reached, post-break streak analysis, Edgar v. Gillick, Mariners miss playoffs officially, fake Jeff Cirillo-for-Pat Burrell trade
28 Sep-4 Oct: More Sexson campaign, Mariners sweep A's meaninglessly, KJR after-season Mariner roundtable notes, Lamar Johnson axed, Jeremy's MLB postseason predictions, Gillick out as GM, Nick Collison sprains shoulder, Lincoln says Mariners "close" to two deadline deals, Ryan Cole's shining moment, Kariya/Selanne in Colorado, pathetic Seahawk defense at Lambeau
5-11 Oct: A's choke again, Dombrowski GM rumors, Jeremy's NHL predictions, Huskies lose again
12-18 Oct: Seahawks beat 49ers, Bartman strikes, ESPN jumps gun on Port as Mariner GM
19-25 Oct: Seahawks over Bears, Jeremy remembers 10/21/01, Marlins win it all
26 Oct-1 Nov: Seahawks trap game in Cincy, Bertuzzi signed, Grady Little fired, Cashman Mariner GM rumors, The Wave, Rod Roddy tribute, Softy v. Bellotti, NBA season starts, Ron Murray makes mark, Molitor hired as hitting coach, MLB opening day chat transcript
2-8 Nov: Seahawks beat Steelers, MLB trading deadline chat transcript, Falcons halftime show, Manning v Naughright, Edgar returns, Padres help fire victims, Jeremy's Mariner offseason plan, Mariner GM finalists named, Bavasi hired, Guardado speculation, "soldier" Winslow
9-15 Nov: list of Bavasi Angel moves, Seahawks lose to Redskins, South not going to state, lamenting over Jason Schmidt non-Mariner, Alex-to-Boston rumors start, David posts hair-brained MLB trade ideas, Ibanez pessimism starts, Jeremy wants Carlos Lee, David wants Geoff Jenkins, more railing on Jimmy Newell, Jeremy calls BS on two Jim Street articles
16-22 Nov: gutter-minded Arlati, Seahawks over Lions, four Raiders positive for THG, Alex wins MVP, blogosphere v politics, Kazuo Matsui rumors heat up, Ibanez signed, David hates Ted Lilly, Jeremy's case for Tejada, Miggy Hot Stove formally named, 1 Aug chat transcript, outdoor hockey, Apple Cup (Huskies)
23-29 Nov: refs forget to wind clock for Seahawks/Ravens, Schilling to Boston?, Sasaki to JPN?, Bloomquist tears up AZ Fall League, MLB online gametracker controversy, Miah Davis and Pacific nearly beat Duke, Schilling to Boston official, David rant about baseball camp/Aaron Sele
30 Nov-6 Dec: Lincoln quotes on Sheffield, Locke Dec 2002 article brought up, Sexson off the market, Zach Randolph DUI, Jeremy cautiously assesses Ugueto winter ball numbers, MLB free-agent arb deadline, Tejada offer made, Hasegawa counter-offers
7-13 Dec: Ichiro extension talks, Shig re-signs, Seahawks lose at Minnesota, Borders offered arb, David says Winn in CF is a zoo, M's sched comes out w/brutal Sept div road trip, Colon an Angel, Guardado a Mariner, Brown to Yanks, CIR Vlad hoax, winter meetings/Tejada sweepstakes, Colbrunn for Crack rumors, Bowden suggests Tejada to Mariners (David devil's advocate theory), Cameron to Mets
14-20 Dec: Engram tripped by back judge in STL, $15M/yr figure appears in Ichiro rumors, Tejada signs in Baltimore, first 88-74 Mariner prediction, David Mariner doomsday scenario, Cruz Jr to Tampa Bay, Colbrunn for Crack official, David v Ichiro getting $10M/yr, Simpson for Buglovsky, Reg Sanders to STL, Omar to SEA rumors, KJR transcript from 16th of Sept, Jeremy's bowl predictions, Jeremy calls BS on "Edgar letter," Omar fails physical, Spiezio signs with M's, ER/IP, Bavasi on vacation, Rizzs call, Ichiro signs, Jose Valentin-for-Garcia rumors, no Alex-for-Manny, no Cirillo-for-Cedeno, MLB non-tender day
21-27 Dec: Seahawks beat Cardinals, Rangers sign Brian Jordan, Seahawks beat SF
28 Dec-3 Jan: Seahawks make playoffs, M's Aurilia rumors, Jeremy's Best/Worst of 2003 post, our 2004 Mariner lineup, Sonics' high point of season (beat Lakers)

4-10 Jan: Mr Bigamist Goes to Korea, Seahawks/Packers playoffs, rank of Seahawk loss in Simmons' Levels of Losing, Cirillo trade official, Benard rumors, Turnbow nailed for 'roids, two-month Bavasi assessment, Aurilia in/Guillen out, Bavasi "inventory" quote, Cirillo v Joyce of The Sun, Little Unit nearly cut loose, Vlad to Anaheim near-official
11-17 Jan: David argues Cruz over Ibanez, Kendall rumors start, Sonics want new arena, Clemens an Astro, the "good run" Bavasi quote post, Sledge tests positive for 'roids, Mariners banking on recapturing the mixture, Mike Myers rumors start, Ben Davis avoids arb, Maels Rodriguez rumors, Myers signs
18-24 Jan: Eagles lose to Panthers, Sasaki goes back to JPN, Maels can't break 90 on the gun, Detroit Sports Net Pudge-to-Seattle rumors, Beene stupid on Pudge, USSM/B's trade rumors, Raf Soriano-to-TOR rumors, DET Free Press reports Pudge to DET, Urbina says he'll hold out
25-31 Jan: Locke interviews Spiro on Pudge, Alex named Ranger captain, Aaron Boone plays basketball, David and Jeremy take over the DJ booth at the Safe, Spiro doubts AP report of Pudge to DET, David's Top 13 Mariner Wins of 2003, Jeremy's Super Bowl prediction
1-7 Feb: Super Bowl aftermath, Spiro nowhere to be found, Looper messes with Beane's head, Mariners are #67, Burks back to Boston, mean v median salary, Jeremy after Mariner official blames Kazu for the Mariners not getting Tejada
8-14 Feb: Villone signs, Mondesi BS rumors, Villone nickname post, Mulholland and Owens sign, Seahawks #4 at SportsLine, Presley to Missoula, Jeremy Retrosheet hijinks, Knight boys hoops in playoffs, Marvin Williams named McD's All-American, Alex almost to NYY, Jeremy raises hell at Logoserver.com
15-21 Feb: Alex official to NY, link to SoSH mess board following Alex trade, the John 3:16 guy, railing on P-I blog commenters, Brady comments v the B's, Jeter the Captain/Alex as Tennille, Canucks beat Avs 1-0, DSN "sold," Barnett rails Hnida, BOS v SEA fan suffering, Naslund out with concussion, VAN pasted by MIN, Jeremy tees off on Melvin, spring training starts
22-28 Feb: Armstrong "no idea" Hicks would pay that much $ to NYY for Alex, "The Charge of the Mariners," R Soriano out four weeks, Ben Davis not in doghouse yet, David suggests Mariner Blogosphere Television, D Sedin 4 goals against DET, KJR Callers Hall of Fame, Jeremy's answer to the Bartman ball being detonated, Suckass Factor posts, Snelling v hamate, Aaron Boone speculation, David tees off on Bloomquist
29 Feb-6 Mar: Canucks beat STL, A Moreno is the man, Puddles at the NFL combine, Tejada first choice SEA, Benji Olson > Bloomquist, Randle/Eaton gone, Jeremy cites "front-office source" after Geoff Jenkins MIL signing, Springs a Redskin, VAN ties at COL, Wistrom to Seahawks, Melvin v cellphones, DET over VAN
7-13 Mar: not-so-random CD posts, David builds up cartography project, the Sherrill diet, Sheffield scare, the Bertuzzi incident, David gives up on VAN div title hopes, Canuck deadline moves, Melvin v Davis, D Jackson re-signs with Seahawks, Pet Shop Boys reference, E Wash makes NCAA tourney, Melvin v Mabry, Miah Davis and Pacific make NCAA tourney
14-20 Mar: B-towners Miah Davis and Curtis Allen in NCAA tourney, S Kitsap boys hoops lose state title game, Melvin likes Villone in B game, Rosenthal rumor for Griffey, B's v Mariner 2004 promos, the new Light Bat, Melvin v Bloomquist/Dobbs, Aurilia suffers RCIUO, Jeremy's Final Four picks, DAL blanks VAN, David's Melvin/Davis theory, Pacific advances, Jeremy's tournament posts, VAN loses to CHI at home (rock bottom?), Tara Kirk nets world record and American record
21-27 Mar: more Jeremy tourney posts, Aaron Boone at M's camp, Softy rails on Gonzaga, David on FSNNW "Before the Bigs"/Ibanez in LF/Winn in CF/Melvin hating Cameron, Nationwide Arena stat girl, Bobby Taylor signs with Seahawks, David on Freddy tipping pitches/diabetic shock, David tells stories, Canucks roll starts v LA, Big Hurt tags up on Winn, David watches way too much CBC, VAN over DAL in OT
28 Mar-3 Apr: Santiago > Bloomquist, brass loves anomalies/small sample sizes, VAN tattoos PHX, Yankees lose, Eric Owens gone, Ference pulls a Bertuzzi, Andriesen antagonizes internet critics with headline, Marvin Williams in All-American Game, VAN grabs NW Div lead back, Spiezio on DL, Jeremy's 2004 MLB predictions, VAN over SJ, LeBron promo fake, DePodesta works Bavasi (J Cabrera), Canucks win NW Div title
4-10 Apr: ANA/SEA SEA/OAK series, Milton Bradley to LA, Opening Day, Spiezio DL'd, NHL playoff predictions, Moyer/Pineiro crap, Freddy good/Myers decision bad, why Aurilia was booed, David v Bloomquist (again), Games 1 and 2 of CGY/VAN series, Winn blows game, Mariners Hudson's bitch
11-17 Apr: SEA/OAK SEA/ANA TEX/SEA series, Mariners get first win (1-5), Edgar 1200th RBI, Canucks/Flames games 3-5, Raible for Davis, Mariners get Park'd, Jann Arden butchers "O Canada"
18-24 Apr: TEX/SEA OAK/SEA SEA/TEX series, Canucks/Flames games 6/7 (combined 4OT), HNIC theme posted, Joe Thornton sucks, M's balk-off, Jeremy's NHL awards, Pat Tillman RIP, Towel gains steam, Freddy gets screwed in Texas
25 Apr-1 May: Mariners' Oz names, IcebreakerX's Towel logo, Kevin Jarvis bombed out of MLB job in Texas, Jeremy/David v bad songs, Locke v Ichiro, rainout in Baltimore, TEX/SEA SEA/BAL and SEA/DET series, stat counter blows up, Melvin argues/tossed, Either/Or born
2-8 May: DET/SEA SEA/MIN NYY/SEA series, Harold Reynolds assaults OBP, riffing, Lisa Guerrero out on MNF, Brian Burke out as Canuck GM, Rich Aurilia hitting .216, Pineiro has a bad start, Dave Nonis hired as Canuck GM, Spider-Man 2 Weekend, Edgar 299 HR
9-15 May: NYY/SEA SEA/MIN SEA/NYY series, Mussina rolls, Mariners blow 6-0 lead against Yankees, Kevin Jarvis to COL, Disembodied Voice named, Mondesi weirdness, Raf Soriano DL'd, Seattle: tortured sports town, Jolbert falls for 3rd-to-1st move, third five-game losing streak of year
16-22 May: SEA/NYY BAL/SEA DET/SEA series, Spiezio hits 2nd, Either/Or pretty much dead, glowing puck/first-down line, Randy Johnson perfect, Mariners near .333 at quarter pole, Mariner Optimist protests, Nate Robertson schools, Aurilia/Olerud locked in video room
23-29 May: DET/SEA SEA/CLE SEA/BOS series, Kirks/Adrians at Santa Clara, Simmons sympathy for Seattle fans, Stanley Cup Finals underway, Meche gets battered, Pedro still owns Mariners, Mariners hacktastic against Hudson,
30 May-5 Jun: SEA/BOS TOR/SEA CHW/SEA series, Schilling nearly perfect against SEA, Beaver Fever, Canucks land 10 in World Cup, Qwest gets naming rights, the "take me fishing" commercials, Wheelhouse first on hiatus
6-12 Jun: CHW/SEA HOU/SEA MTL/SEA series, Lightning win Cup, five-man rotation streak ends, Clemens 5 BB, Photobucket walks in, Mariners scoreless for 29 straight innings, Arizona gets McCracken back
13-19 Jun: MTL/SEA SEA/MIL SEA/PIT series, David leaves for 6-wk geology camp, Carl Everett punches camera, man wrestles ball from boy, Ralph Wiley passes, Guillen rakes for DET, Pistons over Lakers in Finals, Red Sox take Rockies' Jarvis to the woodshed
20-26 Jun: SEA/PIT SEA/TEX SD/SEA series, Junior's 500th HR, Rangers take West lead, Tara Kirk named National Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year, fun with Real GM, Mariners win four straight, Devil Rays 12-game win streak snapped, the Bloomquist shirt, Jeremy/Simmons on NBA Draft, Bocachica falls down
27 Jun-3 Jul: SD/SEA TEX/SEA SEA/STL series, Garcia traded, Jolbert bats third, Unit 4000th K, Blackley MLB debut/win, Jeremy's 2004 MLB All-Stars, Coach K to LA rumors
4-10 Jul: SEA/STL SEA/TOR SEA/CHW series, Jeter fallout from dive into stands, Kirks and Justin Adrian swim in Olympic Trials, Tara qualifies for Athens, Aurilia designated for assignment,
11-17 Jul: SEA/CHW ASG CLE/SEA games/series, Dana Kirk qualifies for Athens, Tejada takes HR Derby, Olerud designated for assignment
18-24 Jul: CLE/SEA BOS/SEA OAK/SEA ANA/SEA series, Bucky raking, David returns from geology camp, Eckersley and Molitor in the Hall, Ricky Williams retires
25-31 Jul: ANA/SEA SEA/OAK SEA/ANA series, Pineiro great, Sonics steal Fortson, Mariner arms walk 14, David pleads for playing time, Seahawk hype, Dotel owns Bloomquist, Meche/Sweeney rumors, Phoenix signs Brett Hull, Jeremy goes Anna Benson-crazy, M's snap 15-gm road losing streak, Dave Hansen traded back to SD, the Nomar trade, Lopez MLB debut, Blackley still getting shelled
1-7 Aug: SEA/ANA SEA/BAL SEA/TB series, Seahawk training camp starts, Blackley sent down, Villone crap, Larry Walker trade, the obstruction game, Melvin tossed during lineup card exchange
8-14 Aug: SEA/TB MIN/SEA NYY/SEA series, Tosca axed, Mariners 70th loss, Moyer barraged by singles, Edgar announces retirement, Guardado torn rotator cuff, Franklin still not great, Olympics begin, Villone thwumped, Jeremy examines Madden Curse, Olerud in Seattle as Yankee
15-21 Aug: NYY/SEA SEA/KC DET/SEA series, M's over Yankees despite Bloomquist suckitude, Kirks swim in Athens (Tara 5th in final, Dana 9th in semifinal, Tara gets relay silver medal), Leone season-ending beanball, Sports and B's one year old, Franklin drops to 3-12, David posts Oregon pictures, Mariners/Tigers score 10 apiece in a game
22-28 Aug: SEA/DET TB/SEA KC/SEA series, Bloomquist manages to homer, Chad Brown injured, Edgar 33rd on all-time doubles list, Kazmir/Madritsch, David's color scheme tangent, Chad Eaton to Dallas, Jeremy's bowl predictions, Marion Jones does jack in Athens, Mariner recap template implemented, Ichiro's 200th hit, Mariners homer six times in a game
29 Aug-4 Sep: KC/SEA SEA/TOR SEA/CHW series, Baek 1st ML win, Tara Kirk on Letterman Top Ten, early World Cup of Hockey play, Mariners win five straight (Optimist comes back), Baek crappy 1st ML start
5-11 Sep: SEA/CHW CLE/SEA BOS/SEA series, Felix Diaz schools M's, World Cup of Hockey elimination play, Newell smoked again, Jimy Williams on Mariner payroll, Sabathia schools M's, Dobbs/Reed debut, Bucky gone for year, Jeremy NFL previews, Madritsch mows down Boston, Finland beats USA in World Cup of Hockey, mythical CZE/CAN WCH game, Moyer winless in three months
12-18 Sep: BOS/SEA ANA/SEA OAK/SEA series, Seahawks beat Saints, Baek still lackluster, the Oakland chair-throwing, Canada wins WCH2004, another great Madritsch start, Franklin's best start of year, the Bret Boone errors game, Bonds hits 700th HR, Hudson manhandles M's
19-25 Sep: OAK/SEA SEA/ANA SEA/TEX series, Seahawks beat Bucs, David goes to North Dakota
26 Sep-2 Oct: SEA/TEX SEA/OAK TEX/SEA series, Jeremy Reed raking, Pedro's friend, Madritsch throws 133 pitches, Franklin avoids 17th loss, Ichiro's record 257th hit, Edgar Martinez Day, Anaheim steals AL West title from Oakland
3-9 Oct: final Mariner game, Edgar into the sunset, Melvin canned, Tara Kirk scores bronze at FINA short course worlds, Storm in WNBA Finals
10-16 Oct: Rams over Seahawks, Tara Kirk gets two more medals (silver and bronze) at FINA short course worlds, Ken Caminiti passes, Storm are WNBA champs, Patriots on SI cover, Boles on Mariner payroll, Mariner managerial search, Mariner recap archive
17-23 Oct: Patriots over Seahawks (buck SI jinx), Koren Robinson drug suspension rumors percolate, Wistrom out 4-6 weeks (knee fracture), Engram ankle sprain, Rice to Seattle, BOS/NYY ALCS goes seven, Hargrove hired as Mariner manager, Red Sox overcome 3-0 series deficit, Cardinals beat Astros in 7, Anthony Simmons out 2-4 weeks (bone spurs, shoulder), Chad Brown almost back
24-30 Oct: Seahawks lose in Arizona, the Ashlee Simpson incident, Red Sox win Series, Marvin Williams S&B's HOF entry, Jeremy says curses = excuses, Sosa bitches
31 Oct-6 Nov: Seahawks over Carolina, NBA season starts, Clippers smoke Sonics, Sonics smoke Hawks

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