Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Since I don't have nearly the time as David does, here are my Stanley Cup Playoff picks, a shorter version:

First Round
1 Tampa Bay d. 8 New York Islanders in 4 (snooooooze)
2 Boston d. 7 Montreal in 5 (I like the Original Six series)
6 New Jersey d. 3 Philadelphia in 7 (Say goodnight, Bobby Clarke)
5 Ottawa d. 4 Toronto in 7 (best first round series, if not the best series in the entire postseason)

Second Round
Tampa Bay d. New Jersey in 6 (We don't need another NJ Cup title...Thunderdome!)
Ottawa d. Boston in 5 (Nice story up there in Boston, but the Senators are juiced)

Conference Finals
Ottawa d. Tampa Bay in 6 (The two 1992-1993 expansion cousins meet)

First Round
8 Nashville d. 1 Detroit in 7 (which will lead to the immediate firing of Dave Lewis)
2 San Jose d. 7 St. Louis in 5 (The Sharks, undisputedly the best comeback story of 2003-2004)
3 Vancouver d. 6 Calgary in 7 (Western Canada is going to go crazy)
5 Dallas d. 4 Colorado in 7 (The Avs are too inconsistent. Tony Granato will be fired after this series)

Second Round
San Jose d. Nashville in 5 (Nashville should be happy with upsetting the Wings)
Vancouver d. Dallas in 7 (Cloutier will step up)

Conference Finals
San Jose d. Vancouver in 7 (The Sharks are the most underrated 2 seed in the history of hockey. NOBODY is talking about them)

San Jose Sharks d. Ottawa Senators in 6 games
The Sharks fans can finally rejoice. This is a great reward for Sharks fans who've had to put up with the likes of Rob Gaudreau and Dale Craigwell. The Sharks have quietly put together a solid season and it will be worth it when the Stanley Cup is raised at center ice in the Shark Tank.

Conn Smythe MVP: Evgeni Nabokov, San Jose

Once the playoffs are over and done with, there will be a labor deal. I'm optimistic on that. The NHL knows damn well that they can't afford to miss any time next season. A deal will get done.

If there is no deal, I blame Gary Bettman. Why?

Because I can.

And I will.


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