Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Shaun Alexander is as miffed as most Seahawks fans are about the lack of urgency from the Seahawks concerning the vacancy in the front office.

"I don't want to say [the organization] is dragging its feet, because I really don't know all the inside stuff, everything that is going on," said Alexander after the concluding one of several radio interviews. "But the clock is ticking. As a player, a guy who thinks that we have a team capable of doing some damage if we can hold it together, you would love to see everybody come back again. But with the situation like it is, and with things unsettled as to who is calling the shots, you just don't know."

I would love to be Mr. Brightside here, but I think Alexander is as good as gone. Believe me, I was in the "Shaun Will Stay" camp for a long time. But it just seems like the writing is on the wall. More importantly, I've noticed the body language out of Alexander since the 'Hawks first round playoff exit. He was on the watered down "Best Damn Sports Show Period" on Fox Sports Net last week and it just seemed to me that he doesn't want to stay in Seattle. At this point, I can't blame him. Hopefully I'm wrong about this.

I just don't want my Alexander road replica jersey to be deemed worthless a month from now. It would be as worthless as a Carolina Panthers Patrick Jeffers replica jersey.

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