Monday, October 08, 2007


AP photo -- Elaine Thompson

An undrafted free agent.

Fifteen seasons in a Seahawk uniform.

The embodiment of stability for the Seahawks.

Mack Strong, the ultimate team player, retired on Monday due to a herniated disc that pinched the spinal cord a bit.

With this, Leonard Weaver gets the starting fullback job, but it's a sudden end to a great career. An entire generation of Seahawk fans have seen only number 38 as the lead blocker for their team.

Happy trails, Mack Strong.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007


peeled from a Seahawks.com wallpaper

Seattle SEAHAWKS at Pittsburgh STEELERS, 10a (Fox)

Obviously, if something closer to the defense that showed up last Sunday in San Francisco is present in this game, the Seahawks win. If something closer to what shows up in Arizona is what appears for Seattle today, then that's bad. Good for the Seahawks today is that Casey Hampton and Troy Polamalu are out.

Hopefully it's a win and the Seahawks are 4-1. That'd be great.

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