Saturday, October 30, 2004



SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) -- Sammy Sosa was humiliated by being dropped to sixth in the Chicago Cubs lineup, and claims he was mistreated by the club.

When he struggled down the stretch of the season, Cubs manager Dusty Baker lowered the slugger in the batting order -- much to Sosa's dismay.

"I'm not a sixth batter,'' Sosa told Hoy newspaper in Santo Domingo on Saturday upon returning to his native Dominican Republic. ``I'm a cleanup hitter or third because I've earned that right with almost 600 career home runs."

---Humiliated? I wish Sammy Sosa would ask the Cubs fans about humiliation. I'm sure the Cubs fans can tell him a thing or two about humiliation. Or how about Sosa's own countrymen, who would give anything to play in the big leagues.

Sosa arrived late to the finale at Wrigley Field and then left the game early without playing. The Cubs fined him $87,500 -- one day's salary -- because of his actions.

"I know I screwed up and I can assure you that I've asked for forgiveness," Sosa told the newspaper. "But I also need to say that I felt poorly treated.

"So many things happened that I was in shock. I needed to rest that day because I wasn't going to be able to give it my best."

---What a load of crap.

After October 3, Sosa would have a 4-plus month vacation from baseball. You mean to tell me he couldn't suck it up to play just one game, that one game being on the final day of the season? So what if the Cubs had been eliminated from playoff contention the day before. Sosa owed it to the fans to play on the final day of the season. If I were a Cubs fan, I know damn well I wouldn't buy another Sosa souvenir. He's a primadonna, plain and simple.

The former All-Star has hit 574 home runs during 16 major league seasons, and Sosa says he plans to play into his 40s.

"I'm going to play at least another five or six seasons, hitting 35 home runs a year," he said. "That would allow me to finish my career with 700 home runs."

--Notice that Sosa didn't say anything about wanting to win a World Series. That would involve being a team player, something Sosa has never been. This is why people rooted for Mark McGwire in 1998, not Sosa.

The Chicago Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908 for a reason. They have had players like Sosa who don't care about winning. Winning isn't very very good to Sosa. Is baseball still very very good to Sosa? Yeah, as long as he isn't "humiliated".

Shut the f**k up, Sammy.

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Can the Mariners get a little person to hang out with them next season?

Here he is (again), Nelson de la Rosa, Pedro Martinez' little friend:

Oh, and don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight.

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There's a pretty good load of news for everything but the Mariners today, with a decent load of material from the Seahawks and Sonics, as well as a full slate of minor-league pucks.

Dive in...

Oh boy, it's more Bob Finnigan speculation. Tossing out Mariner payroll numbers surely to be debunked in quick and succinct fashion by a few spaces in the blogosphere, Finnigan also suggests that the Yankees' elimination from the ALCS will tick off Steinbrenner to the point where he sets the price too high for teams such as the Mariners. Yes, it's puppet Finnigan once again, making excuses already for when the Mariners fail to pick up key free-agents. What's new? And good gracious, did Jaret Wright's name have to be in that article? Sheesh.

All in all, it's a typical Finnigan speculation article, with built-in outs for when the Mariners fail to bring in these upper-level free agents. And I really wish Carlos Delgado and his 110 games a year would get off these lists. I didn't check Delgado's career stats to see if 110 games a year was accurate, as an homage to Finnigan.

[Late addition ~7:53a -- All you Mariner fans that wanted Mike Lowell (including Dacid Locke), cross him off your wish list to the tune of the remaining $25.5M on his contract being guaranteed over the next three years. The stadium issue is now out of the picture for Lowell.]

Chad Brown was a man of silence in his first full week of practice. This team needs him right now. Bad. Tom Brady and Josh McCown had all week to throw the past two weeks, and any help on the defense is absolutely welcome.

As Jeremy mentioned, Tom Rouen has been placed on injured reserve, rendering his season over. Donnie Jones, signed for the past two weeks off the practice squad, is now your Seahawk punter. Between him and Josh Brown, they've really got a young corps when it comes to booting balls. It's not all bad for Tom Rouen, though (as some may know), because he still gets to wake up every morning next to four-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Amy Van Dyken.

Danny O'Neil highlights the play that led to the Sonics' game-winning shot against the TrailBlazers last night, a play that involved Luke Ridnour and Antonio Daniels passing to an open Ray Allen for the game-sealing three. Ridnour went 5-for-8 from the floor and scored 14 on the night. In a scary note around Halloween, the Sonics' starting five for the opener could be Allen, Ridnour, Vlad Radmanovic, Reggie Evans, and Vitaly Potapenko. Strap in for a long season, folks. At least there won't be any expectations, like with this year's Mariners.

In other news, Danny Fortson is suing Jerry Colangelo and Peter Vecsey for defamation. Just read the article, because I don't even want to touch it right now.

Portland beat Kamloops, 3-0. In a game I'd failed to mention schedulewise on my last few posts, Blake Grenier became the first Winter Hawks goalie to ever toss a shutout in his first game on home ice, as he kept all 31 shots out of the net en route to a Portland victory. It was also Grenier's 100th career WHL game (10th shutout), which, though a feat, more than likely means he's been in the minors for too long even though he's 20. Portland scored twice on the power play (Brian Woolger, Brandon Dubinsky), and Cody McLeod put the game on ice (even more than before) with an empty netter. The Winter Hawks are now 2 points back of second-place Everett in the WHL US Division.

Vancouver beat Brandon, 2-1. In a game that I was able to listen to part of online, the Giants snapped their four-game losing streak against the Wheat Kings. The radio crew on Mojo Radio 790 remarked on many an occasion about how this game was just as good as a playoff game, and in the Vancouver website recap, the word "up-tempo" is used, along with "entertaining." Chad Scharff and Mitch Bartley (whose pass was "flummoxed" to him by Gilbert Brule) scored the two first-period goals for the G-Men, who then held on for the final two periods for the win at old Pacific Coliseum. The Giants also played well with the lead, outshooting the Wheaties 15-4 in the third period. The Giants piled up 34 shots in the game, and Marek Schwarz stopped all but one of Brandon's 23 shots.

Seattle beat Spokane, 4-2. The Thunderbirds are officially red-hot. They've now reeled off five straight wins, solidifying their lead in the WHL US Division with a record of 10-3-0-0. They trailed 2-1 after two periods of play, but Scott Jackson had the equalizer on the power play, and Seattle got the gamer thanks to a wraparound via Aaron Gagnon's 7th goal of the year. The Seattle PK unit was able to kill 1:13 worth of a Spokane two-man advantage with under three minutes remaining, and Gagnon put the game away for good with an empty netter with two seconds left on the clock. Bryan Bridges made 22 saves for Seattle.

Tri-City beat Everett, 3-2 in overtime. Tri-City spoiled an otherwise perfect night for the teams I've been tracking. Karel Hromas of the 'Tips scored the first goal of the game after both teams were scoreless after 20 minutes of play. Tyler Dietrich scored the other goal for Everett. The Americans were aided by Dylan Stanley's two goals, one of which was the gamer. Mike Wall kept 33 of 36 shots out of the net for the Silvertips.

Manitoba beat Rochester, 3-2 in overtime. The Moose pulled this one out despite being outshot 40-30. They scored one goal each in the 2nd period, 3rd period, and overtime. Nolan Baumgartner potted the winner, with Peter Sarno and Jason King getting the other two goals. The sides had 33 penalty minutes apiece.

Puget Sound beat River City, 6-5 in overtime. The Tomahawks set the Jaguars back home with a 2-10 record at the end of the night, but not before River City had a 3-1 lead after 20. The T-Hawks got a 5-4 lead during regulation, but the team from Beaverton managed to tie it and send the game into overtime, where Puyallup's own Kyle "Simba" Stombaugh (surname spelled one of two ways) netted himself the game-winner. The win runs the Tomahawks already insane record to 13-2 with another showdown at River City tonight. Two more weekends' worth of games at Tri-City follow before the team returns home to Bremerton to face these same Jaguars on the 19th and 20th of November.

Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

Everyone out there have a happy and safe Saturday and weekend.

[Edit ~7:53a -- Added the Mike Lowell part.]

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Friday, October 29, 2004


Since the Red Sox have now broken their so-called curse, ESPN's Page 2 has decided to make a list of teams that are currently "cursed". In my words, the list is full of teams that haven't done enough to win a championship.

Thanks to the P-I's Talkin' Hawks blog for the link to the ESPN column.

Of course, all 3 Seattle professional sports franchises (no, the Storm don't count in this instance) are profiled.

16. Seattle Seahawks
Curse of Brian Bosworth
The Boz was so embarrassed and crushed after Bo Jackson destroyed him on a memorable night game, that he cursed the Hawks -- and they haven't won a playoff game since 1984.

Why the Seahawks haven't won a championship?

---Ken Behring.
---Ken Behring.
---A lot of talented players, but not a playoff win to show for that talent.

But mainly, the Seahawks' inability to not win a championship can be blamed on Ken Behring. Behring ruined this franchise in the early 1990s and Paul Allen is just now cleaning up the mess that Behring left.

26. Seattle Mariners
Curse of Bernie Brewer
See, curses can be funny; after learning Seattle had placed a curse on Milwaukee, the Brewers' mascot placed a curse on Seattle (with help from Bud Selig, who must've forced that Varitek/Lowe trade for Heathcliff Slocumb in 1997).

Why the Mariners haven't won the World Series?

---Inept administration (Argyros. Woodward. Lincoln.)
---Aaron Sele (0-4 postseason record as a Mariner)

The Mariners have never been blessed with a great front office, top to bottom. While the current ownership has to be praised for saving this team, they have not done enough to bring a championship to Seattle. Al Martin? Doug Creek? Jose Offerman? Rey Sanchez? Ugh.

The Derek Lowe/Jason Varitek for Heathcliff Slocumb deal in 1997 still pisses me off to this day. Still does. Let's move on.

Oh, and I just wanted to blame Aaron Sele. Why not?

30. Seattle Sonics
Curse of Paul Westphal
This curse has struck in three forms: first, the '79 title team was torn apart when Dennis Johnson was traded for Westphal; then Westphal's Suns beat Seattle in the '93 conference finals; then Westphal coached the Sonics into oblivion.

Why the Sonics haven't won a championship since 1979?

---The Sonics haven't had a decent big man since Jack Sikma.
---In 1996, when they reached the NBA Finals, they had to go up against the 72-10 Chicago Bulls. Not so fun times.
---Wally Walker

Quick, name a decent big man the Sonics have had on their roster since Sikma left town? Wait, you can't.

The 1995-1996 Sonics were 64-18. That was a damn good team. But unfortunately, they really didn't have a chance against the 72-10 Chicago Bulls. The franchise would never be the same, since Shawn Kemp would get alienated by the fact that the Sonics overpaid for Jim McIllvaine. Kemp was dealt to Cleveland in 1997 and gained a ton of weight. What a sad story. Again, let's move on.

Wally Walker is still working for the Sonics. And get this, he's the damn CEO now. Can it get any worse for Sonics fans? Sure it can. The 2004-2005 season hasn't tipped off yet.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Obviously, the curse piece at ESPN.com is in jest. I don't believe they're being too serious. But if you've read Sports and Bremertonians long enough, you know damn well that I wasn't going to leave this subject on the table.

I don't believe in curses. A curse is basically an excuse. Teams aren't cursed. They just don't do enough to win.

I just need the Mariners and/or Seahawks to win a championship in the next couple of years. I fear the day when the nation starts to become Mariners or Seahawks fans just because they haven't won a championship. I don't want my teams to be a West Coast version of the Chicago Cubs or Boston Red Sox.

Quite frankly, I just want to be in the Red Sox fans' position tomorrow afternoon. And you know damn well I'd fly up to Seattle to be part of a victory celebration. I'd fly away on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be?

Believe it or not, it's just me.

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Even though I blew my "Lock of the Week" on the Seahawks, I think I had a pretty good Week 7. I was 9-5, 3 games better than Week 6. Hooray for me.

And I couldn't have done it without Miami and Kansas City.

ALRIGHT MIAMI AND TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY! (Cue Howard David and Mitch Holthus, respectively)

So here they are, my Week 8 picks.


Arizona at Buffalo
(The Cardinals have lost 16 straight games on the road)

Green Bay at Washington
(If the Redskins lose in the game before Election Day, the incumbent loses)

Detroit at Dallas (FOX, televised in Arkansas)
(Don't stop.....believing!!! The Lions are possible wild-card material.)

Jacksonville at Houston
(UPSET OF THE WEEK. The Texans are competitive. At least give them that much.)

Cincinnati at Tennessee
(Short week for the Bengals. Chris Brown should run for 130 yards and 2 TDs.)

Indianapolis at Kansas City (CBS, televised in Arkansas)
(Will the Chiefs force the Colts to punt?)

New York Giants at Minnesota
(Thanks for playing, New York Football Giants)

Baltimore at Philadelphia
(LOCK OF THE WEEK. Matt Stover will outduel David Akers.)


Carolina at Seattle
(Just win, 'Hawks. If Brad Hoover runs for 100 yards, I'm going to vomit.)

Atlanta at Denver
(The Alex Gibbs Classic)

New England at Pittsburgh (CBS, televised in Arkansas)
(Pittsburgh hasn't seen a rookie like Ben Roethlisberger since Mario Lemieux)

Oakland at San Diego
(Again, the Raider Nation chants "TUI! TUI! TUI!")


San Francisco at Chicago
(What the hell was the NFL smoking here by putting this game on SNF?)


Miami at New York Jets

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Can I just get a Seahawks victory this weekend?

I could care less if I go 1-13 this week, as long as that 1 win would be from the Seahawks. If the 'Hawks lose to Carolina, then it may be time to worry.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Oh, and in Seahawks news, punter Tom Rouen is out for the season with an injured right hamstring. Donnie Jones, it's your turn. Let's go.

Enjoy the games this weekend.

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I'm well-rested.

And obviously, wide awake. Or would it be wiiiiiiiiide awwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaake?

But I'm not sleeping.

Oh no.

---Hooray for guys who always showed up in my baseball cards! As David mentioned, Ron Hassey is the new Mariners bench coach. You can't lose with a name like Ron Hassey. But you'll never see me refer to him as "Hass". Only Matt Hasselbeck can be referred to as "Hass".

---Kansas is on top of the preseason ESPN/USA Today College Basketball coaches' poll. And since this is a Bremerton-related site, North Carolina is 3rd in the poll. Wake Forest is 2nd, Georgia Tech 4th, and Illinois rounds out the Top 5 at well, 5th. Washington is ranked 24th, while Gonzaga is not ranked.

---If there is any hockey to be played in the 2004-2005 season, let's hope that Pat Burns returns to the New Jersey Devils' bench. Burns has colon cancer and just underwent chemotherapy treatments this week. He says he's making good progress, but is not out of the woods yet. Burns is one of the best coaches in hockey and I'm hoping he beats this.

---The Red Sox will have their victory parade tomorrow in Boston. The parade will stretch from Fenway Park to City Hall. Let's just say that it's going to be wicked large. (Yeah, my New England accent sucks. So does my Southern accent, which is basically a whole lot of nothing. I'm from the West Coast. West Coast residents don't have an accent.)

---Not only will the Red Sox have a parade, they will take the World Series trophy to the 6 New England states. For those who still don't know their states, that's Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. If the Mariners were to win the World Series, you could say that they would take the trophy to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. Maybe British Columbia, who knows.

---In not-so-surprising news, the new format for "Cold Pizza" sucks. I'm only watching it so I can see Thea Andrews for all of 5 minutes. Again, for the 456th time, ESPN needs to give Thea her own exercise show. Basically, just make new episodes of "Bodyshaping" but with Thea. I know for a fact that this show would get much higher ratings than "Cold Pizza".

---Yeah, I know it's not really a "new" format. But this is the first time in weeks that I've been up this early on a Friday. Usually I'm sleeping at this time. I don't have class on Fridays, so I got that going for me.

---It's Halloween weekend. I got your costume right here, folks. What am I, you ask?

Poor college student. I wear that costume 365 days a year (366 this year)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

OK, all I need this weekend is candy and a Seahawks victory.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Well, there are more things that I need. But candy and a Seahawks victory are realistic. No, I won't steal any little kids' candy. Ha.

Later, everybody. Yeah. Lame ending, I know. But it works.

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There's a couple of national articles that I feel I have to link here before I go local. The first is the much-anticipated reaction of Bill Simmons upon having the Boston Red Sox win the World Series. The other is that Steve Stone has walked as radio analyst for the Chicago Cubs after 20 years in their booth.

And now, a not-exactly-heaping bowl of the usual...

I'd like to thank Mike Hargrove for making me remember the days of my youth. Why? I hadn't seen Ron Hassey's name since I was busting open packs of baseball cards as a youngster. The man I remember as a catcher for the Oakland A's is now the Mariners' bench coach. Dave Andriesen put his name on his article, while the Times ran the wire piece. Also, Ron Villone filed for free agency.

Yes, it's an interesting question -- how do you cut down on the playbook and without giving the vibe that Matt Hasselbeck is too dumb to handle all of the plays? Clare Farnsworth examines this question. Trent Dilfer adds that when he was in Baltimore, they cut down the number of pass plays from 90 down to 70. The media passed off Dilfer's success by saying he could handle the 70 plays, but not the 90. Of course, that team went on to win the Super Bowl. Granted, their defense was leaps and bounds beyond the Seahawk defense of right now.

Shaun Alexander at the very least is saying all the right things when it comes to his drop in the number of carries over the last two games (and end of the Saint Louis game). An interesting stat from the article is that the Seahawks are 17-5 since 2001 when Shaun gets 25 touches (runs or receptions). Free Shaun! It's his contract year, after all, so give him the ball. And yes, Shaun, I don't care about you smelling the end zone. There's 60 yards between the end zones that aren't in the red zone. Just run.

The final preseason game is tonight against Portland. The team's out of shape and the top three scorers have missed significant time during the preseason.

The Ray Allen contract extension talks haven't seemed to pick up lately. The article reminds me that the NBA's collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of the season. Of course, I don't think the NBA players' union is anywhere close to as strong as the unions in baseball and hockey. Hence, the NBA will more than likely be playing as scheduled next year. Tacked onto the end of the article are that the Sonics have cut Galen Young and former Michigan State star Mateen Cleaves. Happy trails. Maybe you can catch a spot in the NBA Developmental League or something.

And who could forget Mike Kahn's NBA Northwest Division preview? The verdict: they're crap. Last place.

Oh my goodness, the Thunderbirds got a writeup in the Times, and it's not a game wrap, either. The T-Birds are 9-3-0-0 right now and are killing penalties at a 95.5% rate of success. Of course, that's a combination of the skaters defending well and blocking shots as well as goalie Bryan Bridges being solid in net. But as well as the PK unit is, it isn't one of those things where they put their skill guys on the ice for prolonged periods of time when they're shorthanded. But those same skill players do have fresh legs when they get back to even strength. It's a nice luxury to have, I'm sure.

Here's your hockey weekend...
Friday: Seattle at Spokane, Vancouver at Brandon, Everett at Tri-City, Manitoba at Rochester, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

You know, every Friday, it's inevitable that I eventually think of the movie Friday, where Chris Tucker (Smokey) tells Ice Cube that it's Friday, and "you ain't got s$*# to do!" That's kind of what I felt like Thursday night, knowing that there were no games played in any of the sports by teams I've been covering, not even with minor-league hockey. But I got something out of it, at least.

Enjoy your Friday, o esteemed Sports and Bremertonians readers!

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Thursday, October 28, 2004


First I'd like to remind everyone that due to Wednesday night's events, Chris and Pete have changed the name of their space in the blogosphere from At Least the Red Sox Have 1918 to I Wanna See The World Series!

Okay, so the Red Sox won their first World Series in 86 years and stuff, so there's not really much other stuff that's going to be on the sports pages in Seattle, especially on the front pages. That said, I've kind of had to stretch for some of the material for tonight. Without further adieu, here be the roundup...

For the 28th year in a row, the Mariners did not get to the World Series, let alone win it.

There's not too much new going on in Seahawk land, so we're relegated to sifting through...

Notebook articles.

Not much other than that Matt Hasselbeck has a sore right heel but will more than likely play Sunday, and Chad Brown will come back from injury as well.

Ron Murray might be close to coming back. This would give the Sonics back their #3 scorer, in coach Nate McMillan's opinion. The Sonics hope to have all three of Murray, Rashard Lewis, and Ray Allen available to play in the opener. Even if they do play, I'd be inclined to say they'd still have to work out the kinks.

Lauren Jackson's having a reconstructive right ankle operation which will keep her out for three months and the entire season for her Aussie team, the Canberra Capitals.

I've actually got a couple of NHL headlines here, but it's nothing groundbreaking, really.

NHL executive VP Bill Daly and NHLPA senior director Ted Saskin met the other day and talked...about the World Cup. No labor negotiations were going on in that chat, and the two sides haven't talked since September 9th.

What does hockey deity Guy Lafleur think? Says Flower: "If I would be the owners ... if there's no hockey after Christmas or they're losing the entire year, I would file for bankruptcy and start all over again." I saw the Blue Line segment on NW Cable News' Northwest Sports Tonight, and Paul Silvi said Lafleur wanted six teams to be contracted, though the CBC article does not put a number on the amount of teams Lafleur thought should be contracted.

Scott Gomez is suiting up for his hometown Alaska Aces of the East Coast Hockey League. Yes, the ECHL has west coast teams. Some of you may be racking your brain thinking that the Alaska Aces seem familiar. They were a team in the now-defunct West Coast Hockey League along with the also now-defunct Tacoma Sabercats. Basically, Tacoma and another team or two folded, and I think the ECHL made themselves a western division and swallowed up the rest of the leftover WCHL teams.

In the only game of the night around here...

Everett whooped on Kamloops, 6-0. If there's one reason to click on that link, it's to see Mark Kress' hair. It kills me. Anyway, Zach Hamill scored twice, and Michael Wall (still the best goalie name in a while) stopped all 22 shots he faced. As with all shutouts at Everett home games, all fans went home with free batteries, "as part of the Pacific Power Batteries Lights Out promotion."

Upcoming for the weekend in hockey...
Friday: Seattle at Spokane, Vancouver at Brandon, Everett at Tri-City, Manitoba at Rochester, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

Have yourselves a merry Thursday, and to all you Red Sox fans out there, please be safe. I'm not saying you have to be productive, just be safe.

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photo from TheFinalScore.tv

photo by Ellen Ozier -- Reuters

Behold the greatest player to ever don a Bremerton basketball uniform. Marvin Williams was already a highly-touted player coming out of 8th grade, as there was debate even then about whether he was going to go to Seattle to attend the private O'Dea High School in Seattle or if he was going to stay in Bremerton and eventually wear the blue and gold (yellow). He chose to stay in B-town to, as he once said, put Bremerton on the map. That's exactly what he did.

Basketball came easy to the humble Bremertonian, who held a job during his high school years at a local Red Apple supermarket. There's a few Google caches below from the now-defunct version of the Sun website that are stat reports from around the Narrows League where Marvin is averaging well above 20 points and 10 rebounds a game, and the runners-up in the categories aren't even close.

Needless to say, given the state of most Bremerton athletics, a talent like Marvin was instantly recognized as a hope for the school, and since the whole thing got big enough, the hope of a city. Unfortunately for all involved, Marvin wasn't exactly blessed with the best supporting casts in Bremerton basketball history on the court. Hence, another state title run would remain something that would elude Bremerton High School as it has since 1999.

From personal experience, I was fortunate enough to catch a game at the ol' gym last winter, and it was Central Kitsap at Bremerton. Marvin threw down quite the dunk in the early going, but the team played sloppy, whether it was bad passes, losing the dribble, getting the ball stolen, forced shots; it was brutal to watch. If you triple-team Marvin and he's the only one who can score, that's asking a lot from Marvin if you're expecting to win games. Thus, not as many games were won as the Knights and then-coach Casey Lindberg (himself a three-point recordholder in Knight history) had wanted.

But another thing that captivated locals was the college recruitment process that was going on. Lorenzo Romar? Roy Williams? These people aren't supposed to come to Bremerton, right? But come they did.

Roy Williams, then coach at Kansas at the time of his first recruitment of Marvin, later landed him as new coach at North Carolina. So now the nation should get to see what a gifted athlete and player Marvin is, and that most likely will be better obtained as he'll get to play a position more in tune with his skills (i.e., not center, especially at that level with his height), and will have no shortage of great players playing around him on the court at any given time.

There's too much more to write about -- the summer league teams, the elite basketball camps and tournaments, the fact that the Knights got to play in KeyArena, the fact that he was a McDonald's high school All-American, the list goes on.

Yes, Marvin Williams, the greatest basketball player in Bremerton history, now begins his first of four years under the tutelage of Roy Williams, and begins his foray into the world of ACC basketball. Also, Marvin will make Stuart Scott run his trap at ESPN, but it'll be at least a tiny bit more bearable knowing that a B-towner is making him do it.

Good luck, Marvin, you've made us proud already, and we know you'll keep it up.

the Google Sun search
SLAM Online Diary
NBADraft.net profile
HoopsHype Draft Prospects
ESPN Marvin Williams page
TarHeelBlue.com bio
Carolina-TarHeels.com page
Yahoo! Sports ACC Handbook Preseason Top 25 (scroll down to the Rookie of the Year prediction)
They're Baaaaack! UNC's Recovery Almost Complete -- Duke Basketball Report, 10 Aug 2004
Freshman is excited to be a Tar Heel -- Raleigh News-Observer, 2 Jun 2004
Help is on the way for May -- The Robesonian, 22 Apr 2004
Marvin Williams will not enter NBA draft -- Inside Carolina, 16 Apr 2004
Meet PARADE's All-America Boys Basketball Team -- Parade, 4 Apr 2004
On the road again -- 27 Mar 2004, Bremerton Sun
Marvin hits the road for 'scouting' trip -- 23 Mar 2004, Bremerton Sun
Stat report -- 21 Feb 2004, Bremerton Sun
Stat report -- 15 Feb 2004, Bremerton Sun
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Marvin throws down 42 points, 25 boards -- 29 Jan 2004, Bremerton Sun
Prep Friday: Wear the Knights -- 10 Jan 2004, Bremerton Sun (scroll down)
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Where the top-ranked recruits landed for college -- USA Today, 21 Nov 2003
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Marvin makes his choice Friday -- 1 Jul 2003, Bremerton Sun
USA BASKETBALL: Five All-Americans Listed Among 2003 USA Basketball Men’s Youth Development Festival Rosters -- US Olympic Committee, 19 Jun 2003
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TheFinalScore.tv profile (circa 2002-2003)
The Top 10 West Sound Sports Stories of 2002 -- 29 Dec 2002, Bremerton Sun (item 3)
Knights' Williams picks six -- 16 Nov 2002, Bremerton Sun

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I think I first read Bill Simmons when he introduced a sort of five-year rule for fans of teams after they win championships. I'll arbitrarily expand that to an entire city's fans and say that if a major pro sports team in your city wins a title, I don't want you complaining about your city's sports teams for five years after the championship. So to the fans in Phoenix. I don't care if the Diamondbacks were brutally horrible this year, the Suns are mediocre, and the Cardinals are crap -- the Diamondbacks won the title in 2001, so I don't want to hear from you until you've waited out the five-year period.

So here's the no-bitching list...
(year of title >> year to lift the complaint moratorium)

1998 >> 2003 (these teams are now "safe," unless they won another title later)
New York Yankees, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Red Wings

1999 >> 2004
New York Yankees, Denver Broncos, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Stars

2000 >> 2005
New York Yankees, Saint Louis Rams, Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Devils

2001 >> 2006
Arizona Diamondbacks, Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Lakers, Colorado Avalanche

2002 >> 2007
Anaheim Angels, New England Patriots, Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Red Wings

2003 >> 2008
Florida Marlins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Antonio Spurs, New Jersey Devils

2004 >> 2009
Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Detroit Pistons, Tampa Bay Lightning

Yes, it's quite something to think that Chicago just got out of the five-year period, especially considering how pathetic the Bulls have been since. But the Blackhawks haven't been much better, the Bears have been subpar, the White Sox mediocre, and the Cubs are a giant tease. Of course, I'm looking at those last four baseball winners and wondering why the Mariners aren't one of those four. Shame, shame, shame.

So, if your city is on this list, I don't want to hear a thing out of you. I'd have to increase this list five-fold for Seattle to show up on this list, so don't come crying to me.

And yes, that includes Boston even if the Red Sox lose 120 games next year, the Patriots go 1-15 (like they used to), and the Celtics lose 60 games (the Bruins won't be playing for a while).

Gimme five.

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Now shut your traps about curses and your so-called misery.

I'm kidding. Sort of.

Anyways, the Boston Red Sox are World Champions.

Yes, the Boston Red Sox, 2004 World Champions.

And wouldn't you know it, Derek Lowe wins the World Series-clinching game. For this Seattle fan, it just figures. But Lowe has been money in the postseason.

The Red Sox earned this championship. Not only did they come back from a 3-0 deficit to the New York Yankees in the ALCS, they swept the team with the best record in all of baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals. Now that's what I call clutch.

The Seattle Mariners don't know about the term clutch. Instead of stepping up to the plate and improving an already solid ballclub, the Mariners decided to bitch and moan about Freddy Garcia's arbitration case and acquire the likes of Doug Creek and Rey Sanchez. Before the 2004 season, the Mariners were so committed to their fanbase that they overpaid Scott Spiezio and Raul Ibanez. There's a reason why the Mariners lost 99 games and the Red Sox are world champions.

David Cameron at USS Mariner has talked for a while about how the Mariners are going to have a big offseason. Well, talk is cheap. I'm tired of the Mariners talking about how they're going to be a "championship-caliber" ballclub. Just go out there and prove it.

Is there any way we can try to go the Sons of Sam Horn-route by getting a key free agent to do a chat somewhere in the Mariner blogosphere? Very drastic measure, I know. But I would have to think after tonight that it worked well for Curt Schilling and the Red Sox fans.

And that's what it's all about, Mariner fans. In order to win a championship, you have to take risks. I'm not bringing up anything new here. But it is a fact.

Can the Mariners take a page from the Red Sox and take the risks that are necessary to win a championship? Who knows at this point. But one thing's for sure, I'm not buying any talk that they're going to have a big offseason. Prove it to me or shut up.

I don't like watching other teams win in October. I want to see my team win in October. That's not a lot to ask now, is it?

Again, congrats to the Boston Red Sox for winning their first world championship since 1918. Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals as well for having a great 2004 season. Too bad that they didn't show up during the World Series, especially Scott Rolen, who went hitless.

Drink up, Boston fans. Lucky bastards.

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There are articles today on all three of the Seattle pro teams (even the Mariners), as well as my endless pursuit of hockey to tide me over for about six years until the NHL comes back.

Bryan Price is staying on as pitching coach for the Mariners after having been formally added to the coaching staff of new manager Mike Hargrove. Rene Lachemann is formally gone, and has taken the bench coach position with the Oakland A's as one of Ken Macha's henchmen. Bob Finnigan's article speculates (imagine that) on Charlie Kerfeld's name as a possibility for the Marlins' pitching coach vacancy. I know I wouldn't have been distraught over Price leaving, if he did, but I guess I wouldn
t have been confident in the brass picking another guy to handle the pitching staff. Playing the devil's advocate, I wonder if any of the Mariner pitchers are ticked off that Price wasn't shown the door...

I forgot to link the P-I article yesterday about this, but Edgar Martinez finally got to go to the World Series...for winning the Roberto Clemente Award. He's the third Mariner to win the award (Harold Reynolds, Jamie Moyer), and the first Puerto Rican to win. Cheers, Edgar. You've done made us proud once again.

David Locke's got some numbers that have to do with the Seahawk offense, and he calls the team "average." No, I'm not arguing with that. Calling them average at this point might actually be cutting them too much slack. Some have openly wondered why the Seahawks abandoned the run in the Arizona game, and Locke picks on Shaun Alexander's running style at the end of the article. Sure, Shaun should have gotten more touches last Sunday, but the trend really wasn't leaning toward him getting five yards on first down or anything like that. But what Locke rips on the most is the offense on third down. It's gross. Locke probably could squeeze another article out of the defensive play on third down, too, but that's probably for another time.

Ten solo tackles in your first NFL start will get you some press, as it has with Tracy White.

Right now, they're crap. They are 1-6 in the preseason, and opponents have broken 100 points five times. In last night's 103-93 loss to Phoenix, they turned the ball over a paltry 18 times. Antonio Daniels has the best quote in the Percy Allen article: "If we're waiting on Ray and Rashard to save us, then we'll be waiting a very long time. We should be better than that." Allen the writer also suggests that the Sonics' excuses in the press after games seem to be "ready-made."

The Danny O'Neil article has some more stuff about how crappy the team is. Last night's game was the sixth straight time they've trailed throughout the second half. Coach McMillan's message on the markerboard in the locker room before the game: "True greatness consists of being great at the small things -- Effort. Execution. Unselfish basketball." Read the article to see how these turned out in the game; O'Neil picks the points off one by one.

Saint John's beat Manitoba, 4-2. The Moose scored first for the third straight game, but they couldn't sweep the back-to-back with the Baby Leafs. Harold Druken, a name familiar to NHL fans, scored twice for Saint John's. The Leafs got a goal with just inside one minute remaining in the first period to take a 2-1 lead after 20 minutes of play. Two more goals across the next two periods staked them out to a 4-1 lead in the third, which was cut in half by Tomas Mojzis of the Moose. Jason King scored the Moose's first goal of the game, his tenth goal of the year, giving him the league scoring lead once again over teammate Peter Sarno. Alex Auld stopped 22 of 26.

Wednesday: Kamloops at Everett
Friday: Seattle at Spokane, Vancouver at Brandon, Everett at Tri-City, Manitoba at Rochester, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

I know that series like this year's Red Sox/Yankees series aren't ones that will be duplicated too much during the course of time, but in a way, wouldn't a Boston sweep over the Cardinals be severely anticlimactic? The Cardinals won a ton of games this year, and I wish they would have at least forced a Game 5 by now. They won a ton of games during the season, yet they have not managed to crack the Red Sox for one win in the first three games of this World Series. Of course, I can tell you about a team from the not-too-distant past that won something like 116 games and didn't even get to the World Series, let alone play in it.

Have a nice Wednesday, readers, and just thank goodness that you didn't have to wake up this morning and realize you were Jeff Suppan. And yes, remove money from the equation when you're thinking about that.

The field was wet at Saint Louis yesterday, which raises the question, have you ever played baseball in wet conditions? It can be quite treacherous, and there's nothing quite like slipping in the outfield grass, and then having a good stiff breeze interact nicely with your wet uniform. You're not warm at all until you get the chance to change out of those duds, so hopefully your slip happened in the later innings. Yes, it's almost enough to give you the flu. In a somewhat related note, I've never had a flu shot in my life.

And yes, I hate the moving-batter graphics that Fox is using before the commercial breaks to show the hitters that are due up in the next half-inning. I think I watched Game 1 and those graphics were being used as the hitters came to the plate, something which made me quite sick. Nauseous, even.

I'm really ending the post this time.

Have a jolly Wednesday, and if you're in the Northwest, make sure to bring an extra coat outside or something, because I seem to remember it being freakin' cold in the warehouse yesterday.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


This picture will never get old.


The return of Pedro's little friend, Nelson de la Rosa. If the Red Sox win the World Series tomorrow night, I want to see Nelson in the middle of the celebration. This has to happen. Actually, I'm demanding that it happens.

Hell, I may even break out the Mahow Mahow in the confines of my house if the Red Sox win tomorrow night. I don't give a damn. I really don't.

Oh, and Leon needs his own show.

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The NHL Lockout is in its 40th day and there seems to be no end in sight.

We've heard about how Canada would be affected by not having the NHL in progress right now. But I haven't read anything on how any American NHL cities would be affected by the lockout.

Until today, when I found this chilling piece at ESPN.com

Buffalo is the home of the Sabres. It's the closest American city with an NHL team to the Canadian border. In addition, Buffalo may be the most blue-collar sports town in America. Two years ago, the city of Buffalo almost lost the Sabres.

However, two years later, there is no hockey being played at HSBC Arena.

On any given gamenight, the city of Buffalo takes in about $70,000 in parking revenue. With no games to be played at HSBC Arena, there is no parking revenue to be had. The Sabres employ 600 part-time workers for their home games, but those workers have to find other sources of income to make up for the missed games. I've been a part-time employee at two sporting venues, Safeco Field and Seahawks Stadium. Remember August 2002, when baseball almost went on strike? If the strike would have gone through, I would have been without a job. Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about supporting a family at that time.

When I think about the NHL Lockout, I could care less about the players and owners. They will still have money in their pockets. I think about the employees who work for the teams, full-time and part-time. The program sellers, the ticket-takers, the marketing representatives, etc.

It isn't just the team's employees that are affected by the lockouts. The bars and restaurants in most NHL cities are suffering right now because of the lack of customers who would visit their establishments on gamenights. Hypothetically, a bar may employ over 15 people and serve over 300 customers on a gamenight. But without a game in town, that same bar may only serve a handful of customers and just employ 2 or 3 people at the most. It's devastating to say the least.

Point being, the NHL Lockout is much, much more than the players not wanting a salary cap. It's about the people who aren't noticed by the fans on a day-to-day basis. These people don't have numbers on their backs nor do they have any endorsement deals.

These people are sitting at home without an arena to work at right now. Chilling.

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What did I do with my Monday, with no work and no World Series to watch?

At the same time the other day that I downloaded the Texas Hold Em trial game from the MSN Gaming Zone (and played it for way too long; keeping the game window open will keep your time from expiring), I downloaded a game called Magic Ball, whose title seems innocent enough. I don't know if any of you other there remember Arkanoid, but this game is like 3D-layered Arkanoid, complete with camera controls. Arkanoid was basically a moving bar at the bottom of the screen, a ball that you had to keep from getting past the bar, and any sort of obstacles you had to clear with the ball and paddle to get to the next level. The time limit on it was kind of fuzzy as well, as I played an hour or two at one point, but it said I'd played only five minutes.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I need a steady job and a steady stream of sports with which to vent about.

I didn't see anything new in the dailies...

So Mike Holmgren now thinks he's been asking Matt Hasselbeck for too much and asking Shaun Alexander for too little. With the charges that the offense is being too predictable with their playcalling, I can imagine this turning out to be a different sort of predictable offense. Hopefully it works for at least one game.

I'm kind of surprised Koren Robinson hasn't been officially suspended by the NFL yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

Les Carpenter says the Seahawks plum forgot to grow up, and does a fair amount of ripping in the column.

Basically, no one should be paying much attention to these preseason games because too many relevant Sonics (Allen, Murray, Lewis) are out with injuries. You can't make too many conclusions about how well the offense is coming along when three-fifths of it is injured.

So we're left with Danny O'Neil and Percy Allen squeezing 500 words or so mostly dealing with the hopefully escalating Ray Allen/Kobe Bryant donnybrook. I think a good season for the Sonics would be .500, so if Ray and Kobe start trading barbs, at least Sonic fans will have something to get up for at least four times this season.

As for the game, Nick Collison shot 6-for-10 from the floor and led the team with 14 points. Danny Fortson got to the charity stripe for ten shots and sank eight, finishing with ten points overall.

Manitoba beat Saint John's, 3-1. The Moose scored first for only the second time this season. Alex Auld turned away 25 of 26 shots en route to a road victory for the Moose. Tomas Mojzis, Justin Morrison, and Lee Goren scored for the Moose. In what I think is a rule change (the NHL isn't playing, so hell if I know), Auld was hit for a delay of game penalty when he played the puck behind the goal line but, as the article says, "outside of the protected area." If the NHL were actually playing right now, I'd actually be seeing how they're trying to combat goalies handling the puck too much.

Tuesday: Manitoba at St. John's
Wednesday: Kamloops at Everett
Friday: Seattle at Spokane, Vancouver at Brandon, Everett at Tri-City, Manitoba at Rochester, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

Since I know there's no way in hell the NHL will be starting up anytime soon, I think I might actually be hoping for the basketball season to come, even though the Sonics aren't really going to be that good (SI has them finishing 12th in the west and fifth/last in their division). I guess that there's only one man to get us through this fall and winter, and his name is Kevin Calabro.

It also occurred to me that I've been doing the same thing for the last three Seahawk games -- TV mute, radio up, at the same spot in my room. Early in the season, I thought that the Seahawks were so good that they could transcend anything of negative superstition that I could throw at them. This does not appear to be the case. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I might remove things in my wallet that were added within the last month (minus bills) and then see what happens. I used to rearrange things in my room during Sonics' playoff runs of yore, so I might have to work some more magic here.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.

[Edit Wed ~4:29a -- I'm not sure if anyone caught it, but the first long paragraph made a lot more sense with "minutes" attached to the end of it, which was the original intent. As for a steady job and a steady stream of sports to vent about, I'm 1-for-2 in that department.]

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Monday, October 25, 2004


You know, I'm not sure how old I was when I simply outgrew the Garfield comic strip and favored more sophisticated humor along the lines of the Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Anyway, I was just sitting here thinking about how one-seventh of Jim Davis' Garfield strips would be complaining in some way about it being Monday.

John Hickey managed to squeeze out some Mariner material during the World Series. It's basically nothing new that the papers haven't covered already, other than the fact that manager Mike Hargrove's week was also filled with things like marrying off one of his daughters and having another give birth.

I guess I can name off the four best Seahawk plays of the game right now, real quick
-- Koren Robinson's catch in the fourth quarter over the middle, getting his bell rung in the process
-- Darrell Jackson's touchdown catch (the fact that they scored, anyway)
-- Kicker Josh Brown nailing one from 54 yards
-- Punter Donnie Jones swatting the loose ball out the back of the end zone after having his punt blocked, surrendering two points instead of six (seven).

Let's be real, folks. The Cardinals gave the Seahawks every possible chance to win that game.

But, to sum it up: This team sucks badly right now.

Kobe vs. Ray Allen. I wish I cared. I'm leaning toward the Lakers when I ask myself this question, but I posed it to myself just now: Who will suck less next year between the Lakers and Sonics? I think a lot of people agree that the Lakers as they are right now are not a playoff team. Also in the article is a blip on Coach McMillan wanting Vlad Radmanovic to keep putting up shots even though he's 2-for-his-last 22 from the floor. The best sentence of the article is the one that comes right after it: "The Sonics coach said the same theory applies to rookie forward Nick Collison and Luke Ridnour, who are also struggling offensively."

In a related story, Vlad (0-for-11) and Collison (0-for-3) were quite great in the power forward slot in Saturday's game against the Spurs, In relation to the quote I just tossed out from the Times article, Nate McMillan is hoping these guys are getting the crappy play and shooting out of their systems during the preseason.

Seattle shut out Tri-City, 3-0. Don't look now; the T-Birds have won four straight and are solidifying their spot atop the WHL US Division. Gavin McHale stopped all 26 shots he faced en route to his first WHL shutout. Coach Rob Sumner had rave reviews for McHale and the penalty killers, and McHale was a big fan of the shot-blocking defenders in front of him. Tyler Metcalfe and Mitch Fadden (twice) lit the lamp for Seattle, and the team collectively outshot the Americans 38-26.

Saskatoon beat Vancouver, 4-1. The Vancouver Giants, considered elite just a week ago (they'd won six straight), are now heading in the opposite direction as the T-Birds, losing their fourth straight game tonight. Tonight, they ran into a couple things that I'd grown accustomed to with last year's Canucks. One, the Giants outshot the Blades of Saskatoon at a 41-19 clip; this reminded me of those Minnesota Wild games where the Canucks would put up 35 shots on Manny Fernandez/Dwayne Roloson and score once, and the Wild would only get off 17 shots on Dan Cloutier, but they'd score on three and win. This ticked me off to no end. Two would be the Giants' deficiencies on the power play, on which they haven't scored in three games. The problems the Canucks had with the power play last year were well documented, thanks in part to how great they were on the power play during the 2002-2003 season.

Now, the next week in local minor-league hockey, plus the Canuck wannabes (Manitoba)...

Monday/Tuesday: Manitoba at St. John's
Wednesday: Kamloops at Everett
Friday: Seattle at Spokane, Vancouver at Brandon, Everett at Tri-City, Manitoba at Rochester, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Saturday: Kamloops at Seattle, Portland at Everett, Manitoba at Binghamton, Puget Sound at River City (Beaverton)
Sunday: Manitoba at Hamilton

And with it, the work week begins. Unless you're a temp worker who doesn't go back until Tuesday, that is.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004


I had thought about posting this at our music blog, Rambling On Music. I may do that later, who knows.

Is this sports-related? Well, I missed it when it was aired live because I was watching Game 1 of the World Series. And quite honestly, I could care less if had nothing to do with sports, because it's hysterical.

"This" is the video of Ashlee Simpson's lip-synching disaster on "Saturday Night Live" last night. It features Simpson walking off stage and then at the end of the show, she's trying to explain why the incident happened.

"My band started playing the wrong song!"

Ashlee got owned. And for this music fan, I couldn't be happier.

I hate these pre-packaged, media hyped, record industry darlings.

Thank God that this Tina Yothers-lookalike's career is pretty much over. You'll see her on "The Surreal Life" in 3 years, I'm calling it right now.

All the pieces, the pieces, of Ashlee's career...

All the pieces, the pieces, of Ashlee's career...

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Cardinals 25, Seahawks 17

The Seattle Seahawks are not an elite team.

Not even close.

When you can't even beat the Arizona Cardinals, you can't be considered an elite team.

This is just unbelievable.

After a 3-0 start, the Seahawks now sit at 3-3. That's .500 for you math-majors out there. Yes, your Seattle Seahawks are at .500.

They blew a huge opportunity today. St. Louis lost to Miami earlier today, 31-14. So if the 'Hawks would have won today, they would have been tied with the Rams in the NFC West. That isn't to be, however.

What the hell is up with this offense?

---Matt Hasselbeck was not good at all today. 14-of-41, 1 TD, and 4 interceptions. The stats speak for themselves.

---Where was Shaun Alexander today? He ran for 57 yards on 12 carries, but most of those yards came on 2 big runs in the 2nd half (a 34-yard run on the 'Hawks lone offensive touchdown scoring drive and a 16-yard run in the 4th quarter).

---Jerry Rice with 1 reception for 10 yards.

---Darrell Jackson is by far the best receiver on this team right now. He caught 8 balls for 117 yards and a touchdown.

---Let's just say that I'll be glad when Koren Robinson is suspended.

The defense was on the field for way too long today in the Valley of the Sun.

---Arizona's time of possession was 39:51. Ouch. Seattle's TOP? 20:09.

---As I noted earlier, the Cardinals were 5-of-9 on 3rd down in the first half. The defense has to get stops on third down so the offense can get on the field. Simple as that.

---Emmitt Smith ran for 106 yards on 26 carries. Embarassing.

The special teams, they won't be ignored here.

---I can't wait until Tom Rouen comes back.

---There's a reason why Alex Bannister is a Pro Bowler.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

So here we are. The Seahawks are 3-3, now 1 full game behind the Rams in the NFC West. We knew coming into the 2004 season that this wasn't an easy schedule. But the fact is, this game in Arizona was a game that the Seahawks had to win. I don't have a serious problem with this team losing to New England. They're the best team in football.

But you cannot lose to Arizona, you just can't.

The Seahawks defense missed Chad Brown, Anthony Simmons, and Grant Wistrom today. But that's no excuse. Championship-caliber teams always step up when the bell rings. The Seattle Seahawks didn't do that today.

They're coming home next week to host the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are 1-5 and are reeling. But make no mistake, John Fox will have that team ready to play. They are the defending NFC champions. Needless to say, the Seahawks are not in the position to overlook anybody.

Get up or get out. That mantra just doesn't apply to the fans, it also applies to the players. Prove it or shut up. It's that simple.

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I'd have posted a play-by-play, but my friend Steve from high school called the house and I've only talked to him like three times since we graduated from the not-so-hallowed halls of Bremerton High School. All in all, it was a nice distraction from the game.

To sum it up in three words: THIS TEAM SUCKS

I guess I only have a few other things

-- Matt Hasselbeck may have had his worst game as a Seahawk, and that's saying a lot considering how badly he sucked when he first got here

-- The offense is STILL not in sync. They looked terrible, in fact

-- The defense was paper-thin, of course, and Arizona went 4-for-5 on third down before the defense finally got their butts in gear and held them to something like 2-for-12 thereafter. Something decent, anyway. Too bad the offense couldn't take advantage of the big play by Ken Lucas

-- There's a possibility that other teams are using the tapes from the New England game and seeing how they sliced apart the Seahawks. On another note, Ray Roberts is talking on KJR right now about the possibility of the Seahawk offense being too predictable.

And that's all I'll say about the Seahawks right now that doesn't involve blatant use of curse words.

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Arizona is 5-of-9 on 3rd down.

It's pretty simple. The Seahawks better pick it up in the 2nd half.

I know this defense is without three key guys in Chad Brown, Anthony Simmons, and Grant Wistrom. But that's no excuse. If the Seahawks want to get any respect, they have to win against the Arizonas of the world.

Pick it up, 'Hawks. Or else.

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I'm making time for this post after hand number 475 of downloadable Two Foot Texas Hold 'Em from the MSN Gaming Zone. The computer is my daddy.

Due to the World Series taking place, there is no Mariner news that is hot off the press. Of course, given the trend of most Mariner news (and moves) in recent memory, no news is probably good news.

Since it's Sunday, that unfortunately means we don't get any top-notch fresh Clare Farnsworth material to read on gameday, so it's Times stuff. J-M Romero says that the Seahawks are finally ready to play after a week full of talk over Rice, Koren, and injuries. A few paragraphs are dedicated to the nutty amount of roster moves the Seahawks have made involving some lesser players. And yes, Kelly Wunsch was waived once again, but is expected to be re-signed. Steve Kelley also has some great words involving the Rice situation, the best of which might be that Rice "is the best $800,000 the Seahawks could spend" and that "trading for him is a signal that this franchise is committed to winning now." I like.

Nate McMillan and Luke Ridnour wanted to see how Luke would stack up against Tony Parker. Parker got the night off, though, and Ridnour was left to guard Beno Udrih of Slovenia. But Ridnour's still got a ways to go. Coach McMillan is hoping for him to be more aggressive and hopes he establishes some sort of court camaraderie and/or radar with Ray Allen. Oh yeah, the Sonics lost 91-82 to San Antonio.

Friday was a busy night for local minor-league hockey.

Seattle beat Vancouver, 5-2. Derek Couture had the golden sombrero, and a hat trick in the third period alone, over the span of 4:32. The three goals catapulted the Thunderbirds from down 2-1 to the eventual final score. The line of Couture/Gagnon/Scurko had 10 points combined in the game. Chris Durand had the other Seattle goal, and Bryan Bridges stopped 14 of 16 shots for Seattle.

Prince George completed the back-to-back sweep of Everett, 3-2. Everett blew a 2-0 lead after 40 minutes. Zach Hamill and Marc Desloges scored for the Silvertips, and Leland Irving stopped 33 of 36 for the 'Tips.

Tri-City beat Portland, 6-4. The Winter Hawks lost despite outshooting the Americans 43-23, by a 20-3 margin in the first period, and a 16-6 gap in the third. This enabled Tri-City goalie Carey Price to rack up 39 stops on 43 shots. The game was tied at 3 heading into the third period, but Tri-City would outscore Portland 3-1 in the period. Braydon Coburn had his six-game point streak snapped. Dan Da Silva scored his seventh goal of the season for Portland, and teammate Garret Festerling got his sixth.

Manitoba was stunned by Edmonton, 5-4. That's what allowing two goals in the final minute-and-a-half of play will do to you, especially if you're blowing a lead in the process. Wade Flaherty stopped 33 of 37, and Jason King tallied two more goals to bring his league-leading total to nine on the season.

Puget Sound beat Butte, 6-3. Puget Sound didn't have the whirlwind first periods I've been accustomed to, but they hung on tonight to sweep the weekend from the Roughriders. Though the score was much more out of hand the night before, there were many more fights in the contest tonight. Butte nearly came all the way back, scoring two quick goals in the third period to cut the Tomahawks' lead to 4-3. Puget Sound then toughened up and put the game out of reach on the other end of the ice with two goals of their own. The Tomahawks hadn't been playing too well with the lead in the third period until they'd gotten their fifth goal of the night. I can't believe this team...they're 12-2. It's nuts. Hooray hockey. Once again, I'll link up the Sun writeup in the morning. [Edit ~12:57p -- Amazingly, the Sun's recap is quite different from how I remembered the game. I seem to remember the Tomahawks leading 3-1 after the first period, and 4-3 after the second period. I also seem to remember the Tomahawks having a 4-1 lead at one point, and I never thought that Butte had tied the game at 3. Then again, I'm not sitting there with a note pad at the game, and I'm not getting paid to keep track of it either.]

Tonight: Saskatoon at Vancouver, Tri-City at Seattle
Monday/Tuesday: Manitoba at Saint John's

Yes, it's Sunday. Here's to hoping that what's left of the Seahawks can take care of business in the Valley of the Sun.

[Edit ~12:57p -- Updated the Tomahawks' portion of the post.]

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