Saturday, November 08, 2003


Normally I would be really excited about a Vancouver win, and I am kinda excited, but only to an extent. Why? The Canucks led this game by a score of 4-0 at one point. At 14:54 of the 2nd period, Cloutier gave up the first goal Wild goal to Pascal Dupuis, which I figure he would do because it doesn't seem like he's the type to get shutouts. So just one goal, I'd figure he'd shut the Wild down the rest of the game. Ho hum. But I never learn. A mere 48 seconds later, Marian Gaborik put one through when Cloutier fanned at the puck and failed to clear it. Great job, Danny. In a weird turn of events, he somehow got the third star (Bertuzzi 1, heartless gutless bastard Daigle 2) but it was horribly apparent that the 2nd Wild goal was the turning point in the game for the Wild, who were given a big boost of confidence and nearly took the game back later in the 3rd period.

Canucks scoring goals tonight (all occurring before the Dupuis goal): Todd Bertuzzi twice (had a couple chances at the hat trick), Jason King (8th of the year for the rookie), and Matt Cooke.

Points for the two top lines...
Bertuzzi (2 G)/Morrison (zip)/Naslund (1 A) = 3 points
H Sedin (1 A)/King (1 G)/D Sedin (1 A) = 3 points

The Cooke goal was scored by the fourth line, and sadly, I don't know who the 4th line is and I can't tell from the CBC depth chart. I'm a newbie.

That said, Artem Chubarov snapped a 5-game pointless streak with an assist on the Cooke goal, and Cooke snapped a 4-game pointless streak with his goal. Also, Jason King has a 4-game goal streak, and has 5 goals in those 4 games.

Game photos: one, two, three, four, five

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So the Huskies were 16 1/2-point favorites and they go to face a sorry Arizona team and lose by 5? I'd hate to be the guy that had money riding on the Huskies in THAT game...OUCH!

And to top it off, Yahoo doesn't have any photos up of the game because, yes indeed, the two teams were THAT LAME.

In a related story, before I left for the geology undergraduate room to do cross-sections, listen to the Canucks game, and post, the Wazzu Cougars were turning over the ball like mad and were sloppy as hell. But as our resident Cougar by the name of DT suggested to me, that's Cougar football. Penalties, turnovers, and somehow, wins.

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Sitting here at the end of the first period up 3-0, the Canucks have outscored their opponents 36-14 in the goals department this season in the 5-on-5 scenarios (full and even strength).

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Arizona 27, Washington 22

Mike Bell's 222 yards and 3 touchdowns helped the Wildcats win their SECOND game of the season. Bell's TD runs consisted of 67, 69, and 37 yards, respectively. The Huskies are now 5-5. They have to go to Berkeley next week to play the Cal Bears and then the Apple Cup with the Cougs looms. Folks, we may be looking at a 5-7 Huskies team.

How bout them apples???

When we get some Husky defense pics, we'll post them. But for now, enjoy this gem from the USC game. I know you will.

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I really hope it gets played over and over again on SportsCenter and College GameDay tonight, but Kellen Winslow Jr went absolutely nuts when he met the press after the Tennessee/Miami FL game. Yup, he's bitchin about the refs. I can't even put it into words. But it is almost entertaining and almost hilarious until he says he's a soldier, which he's not.

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I couldn't let the day pass by without giving the Sonics just a tiny bit of credit. Sure, overoptimistic people will say the Sonics are the only undefeated team left in the NBA. Two things wrong with this logic -- (1) the Sonics have played about 2 or 3 less games than most other teams and (2) they faced the damn Clippers. Twice.

Great moment last night when the buzzer got stuck for over seven minutes at KeyArena. At first the crowd cheered, then were kinda stunned, then cheered once again when the buzzer was disconnected, but so were the scoreboard and clocks. A few more minutes were needed to get those back up and running. Sonics play-by-play man Kevin Calabro mentioned that at first the buzzers had a sort of harmony going, but then "it just got irritating."

A couple things to say about last night. One of these days Ron Murray will come back to earth. He's been a little too good in the three Sonic games so far, and he had 24 pt and 6 ast last night. Reggie Evans had 4 pt and a curious 11 boards in 22 minutes. Needless to say, the Sonics were outrebounded (this time 43-40) like they will be in just about every game this year. As for other top scorers, Lewis had 21, Barry had 20, and Vlad Rad had 19. Once again, "key" offseason acquisition Antonio Daniels was a DNPCD. Will he ever see the floor for the Sonics this year? Should I place a wager on this?

Thanks to sleek procrastination on some assignments yesterday, I was not able to get caught up in Bavasimania on Friday. What have I done today? Well, Jeremy reeled off five posts yesterday, so here's my five for today, and there will probably be more.

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Tanner of FourSixteen and his lovely assistant Bonnie have attained photographic evidence of probably the best bumpersticker I've seen in recent memory.

I can tell you that with the "It's Now Time" window cling that I put on my car in 1999, the Seahawks tanked it after an 8-2 start. This is why I was reluctant to get one of those Seahawks antenna balls from Jack in the Box, even though I'm a total sucker for the Sourdough Jack meals. I love those damn things.

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That's where this whole Maurice Clarett thing is going, right??

Clarett has been asked never to return to his African American studies class because he either doesn't show up or sleeps. He is also flunking his physical education class.

Okay, it's pretty apparent the guy sucks at school. I'm hoping he enters the next NFL Draft so I don't have to hear about this Clarett v Buckeyes crap. I stopped caring months ago.

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Yes, it's time for another edition of the Half-Ass High School Football Report, and luckily, there's some good news at the end of it. Here's the final week of regular season Kitsap County scores...

Bellarmine 29, North Kitsap 20. After the devastating, out-of-the-playoffs last week to Shelton, it appears that North didn't have a lot left to give, and that's really too bad considering just how hot they started this year.

...and in an abbreviated Friday night of action, we get to this...

Bremerton 19, Mount Tahoma 14. Thankfully, the 2003 Knight football team is spared a winless season. This reminded me of a similar scenario when I was in 8th grade, which I will preface by saying that the Brem School District made up some stupid grade-level arrangement where the high school is 10th-12th grade, the junior high is 8th/9th, and the middle school is 6th/7th. So the Bremerton Jr High Bulldog football team of 1995 (classes of 1999/2000 on that team) had lost every game except for the final game...and I forgot who that final game was against. But anyway, after the win, a big banner proclaiming "WE WON!" was posted in the cafeteria with all the players' names on it. No word on whether that will happen this year at B-town High. As you can see, there's a long, tried-and-true tradition of winning in Bremerton football. Actually, winning Knight football has been seen as recently as the early '90s, when the Kingbowl still existed and the Gridiron Classic had yet to exist.

There might be another edition of the Half tomorrow, but that depends on whether I really want to talk about South Kitsap or not, and it might depend on the outcome. So I'm a little biased here. Sue me.

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Well, I hope there's a chance at this, though it might just be agent posturing. If it's true, though, Eddie Guardado may be with another team next year. Mariners?

I dunno, but I like the thought of a Mariner bullpen with any two of the combination of Art Rhodes/Gabe White/Ed Guardado or maybe all three, what the hell. And yes, I've come to the conclusion that if Rhodes isn't a Mariner next year, he will SO burn the Mariners whenever he faces them. I also came to the conclusion that the Mariners would have been less screwed if he would have gone on the DL when he should have last year. I'm trying to be optimistic and attribute crappy Rhodes to the ankle injury. I know it's impossible, but I hope he can right the ship...unless he goes to another team. Then I hope he sucks.

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Friday, November 07, 2003


Kevin of One Hundred Sixteen agrees with me on the Mo Vaughn issue.

At the time, Mo Vaughn was a solid acquisition for the Angels. Who knew that he would hurt his left ankle on Opening freaking Day in 1999? I don't think it's fair to criticize Bill Bavasi just because of the Mo Vaughn signing.

That being said, I hope the M's are willing to let Bavasi shell out the money for another superstar player:

Vladimir Guerrerro? Miguel Tejada?

Pipedreams, I know. But pipedreams are fun. Sue me.

I just have a good feeling about Bill Bavasi. Just give him a chance, M's fans. Don't bash him until he deserves to be bashed. I may bash him when Spring Training rolls around, who knows. But give the guy a chance. The best thing about Bavasi?

He's an outsider. You have to be encouraged by that.

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To the real Bill Bavasi.

Good luck, Bill. Now go out and make the moves necessary to get this Mariner ballclub back into October baseball. Because well, guys like me and David enjoy baseball in October.

But in 2004, I don't want to see another Aaron Sele-esque performance. That's not fun.

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New Mariners GM Bill Bavasi has been compared to John Malkovich and Lurch in the short time that we have come to know the man.

Well, I'll go one step further. Bill Bavasi = Peter Garrett, frontman of the Australian band Midnight Oil.

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

Come on now, sing it! "Beds Are Burning", the official theme song of the offseason. There's work to be done.

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Bill Bavasi has been named the new general manager of the Seattle Mariners.

News conference at 1 p.m. Seattle time (3 p.m. my time).

Here's to a productive offseason, hopefully.

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According to the Seattle Times, it looks like the Mariners will name Bill Bavasi as their new general manager.

I'm not shocked by this at all. Who were we kidding to think that the M's would go out and take a risk, I don't know, say, hire Paul DePodesta? But it could be a lot worse.

Bavasi is currently the Dodgers director of player development, a post he's held since 2002. He was the general manager for the Calfornia/Anaheim Angels from 1994-1999 and had worked in the Halos organization since 1980. The Bavasi family is well-known throughout the game of baseball. Bill's father, Buzzie, ran the Dodgers for 19 years and won 4 World Series titles. His brother Bob owned the Everett Giants/Aquasox from 1983-1998, so Bill has a local tie to Seattle, sort of.

I had said that the M's would hire Lee Pelekoudas. I guess I was wrong there. But I had feared a Baltimore situation, where the M's would hire both Pelekoudas and Benny Looper as co-general managers. It would be Pelelooper. Thank god that isn't to be. Co-general managers simply don't work. Just look at Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff (I'm kidding, but you wrestling fans know what I'm talking about).

I'm sure Bavasi is going to get the title of "yes man." And it could be true. But I'll shut my mouth until spring training. Probably not. But I'll give Bavasi a chance to work his magic this offseason. It's the fair thing to do.

Now I'm going to get some sleep...it's almost 3 a.m. here. The life of being a Seattle Mariners fan in the Central Time Zone. Strange days, indeed.

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Thursday, November 06, 2003


You can't win 'em all, but man...

Scoring goals tonight for the Canucks were Jason King and Todd Bertuzzi.

The Canucks scored first in this game in the first quarter, but only 50 seconds later, Pavol Demitra tipped the puck in past Dan Cloutier to tie it. What really screwed the Canucks, though, was the cheap shorthanded goal by Steve Martins (don't believe me, believe the radio guys) Cloutier gave up to make it 2-1 Blues. That was noooot good. I'm anticipating Cloutier getting run over by the press and Canucks fans tomorrow.

The Canucks, true, are the class of the NHL so far, but in three big games on the road (Detroit, Minnesota, St Louis), the Canucks are 0-2-1. These guys need to win the big games on the road. More importantly, Cloutier needs to not give up cheap goals. Lemme tell you, the callers on the CKNW postgame show get all over Cloutier because apparently he does have a habit for giving up untimely cheap goals. But anyway...

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Check out the new San Diego Padres uniforms.

The home and alternate jerseys are the West Coast versions of the Milwaukee Brewers. The road jersey was designed by the same people who designed the current Chicago Cubs road jerseys.

I think the new logo is better fit for a beach volleyball team, but that's just me. I know the Padres are trying to do anything and everything to make themselves a better ballclub, but I don't think a change in their unis were necessary. I thought the Padres had some of the more classier unis in all of baseball.

But hell, the Padres did what they had to do. At least they are better than the new Toronto Blue Jays uniforms.

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The lesson here: crap goes out, crap comes in.

Mariner bench lout John Mabry got the buyout treatment from the Mariners. So they made one good move...


The Mariners are probably gonna hire a crappy GM. Bavasi, Avila, and Looper?! They couldn't do better than this?? Man, this sucks. The only thing good here is in the online Times article, they have this deranged-looking picture of Bavasi, who looks eerily like John Malkovich's Lenny character in the movie version of Of Mice and Men. Another great thing about Bavasi? If you read the article, you see that in 1998, he was under fire for not making a move at the deadline, and the Angels blew a sizable lead in the division. Sound familiar? He'd fit right in.

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Reds outfielder Dernell Stenson, age 25, had been in Arizona to play in the Arizona Fall League for the Scottsdale Scorpions.

Not even a half-hour ago, this story hit the wire. Stenson apparently was shot, run over, and somewhere in the process, killed. There's really nothing more to say.

[Updated link here. Stenson was born and resided in LaGrange, Georgia, which is also the birthplace of Mike Cameron.]

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003


The fans can now have a say in who should receive the Ford C. Frick Award. The award is given to the broadcaster who has contributed to the game of baseball over the years. The top 3 vote-getters will be placed on the final ballot for consideration.

Here's the link to the fan ballot

Vote for Dave Niehaus, early and often. There isn't a guy on this list that deserves to be inducted into the Hall of Fame more than Mr. Niehaus. So quit reading this blog and vote, dammit!

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Everyone out there seems to think that if Mike Cameron leaves through free agency, the Mariners HAVE to get someone else off the FA wire to play CF OR move Randy Winn to center. I'm sorry, but the games where Cameron was out last year and Winn took over in center -- it was a zoo in centerfield. I know he's fast, but he was no Cameron. In addition, Randy Winn has no arm. That said, EVERYONE seems to forget that ICHIRO is PERFECTLY CAPABLE of playing CF. So what possibility does this bring? Well, it certainly does fit the Jeremy wish-list signing of Jose Cruz Jr that should take place. For God's sake, Cruz WON THE DAMN GOLD GLOVE yesterday, which is doubly ironic because (1) Jeremy just suggested sacrificing defense for a little offense yesterday and (2) when Cruz came up in Seattle, people were worried about his defense. Look at him now.

Of course, what I'm kinda thinking about with the Ichiro-possibly-in-CF thing is that it gives you the flexibility to sign a power-hitting RF, be it Vlad Guerrero, a Raul Ibanez, maybe a Reggie Sanders, or even a Jose Guillen (with Guillen, you'd have the TWO BEST OUTFIELD ARMS IN THE MAJORS). Given what I've said though, the possibility of Shannon Stewart doesn't fit, but it's nice to think about.

Also as I look at the FA list, pinch-hitter extraordinaire John Vander Wal is available once again. As Jeremy and I have suggested, Matt Stairs and Brad Fullmer are lefty pop options available for the bench.

Lastly, Tony Batista is available at third base.

So to sum it up...don't assume that Randy Winn has to play centerfield if Cameron leaves, because he doesn't. And if the Mariners can get someone in rightfield with pop and/or a potent arm, Ichiro can go to centerfield and cover a ton of ground. If the brass knows any better, they realize the kind of versatility this gives them when they consider what they have to do with the outfield and adding more pop.

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The Canucks take one in the Music City tonight, as expected. The unbeaten streak is now at 9 games (7-0-2).

Goal scorers tonight include Sami Salo (with one assist), Jason King (this guy is good), Trevor Linden, and Brendan Morrison.

Three assists tonight for Canuck captain Markus Naslund, who (from what the radio guys were saying) really took the leadership role in this game.

Also props to be given to the Moose, Johan Hedberg, who was finally given time to keep himself sharp tonight. Hedberg stopped 23 of 26 shots.

One streak was broken tonight -- the Preds scored first tonight, so the Canucks streak of scoring first in games to start a season was stopped at 12 games. The NHL's Plus-minus leader Marek Malik gave up the puck and giftwrapped the Predator goal for Predator Scott Hartnell.

Two streaks continued for Brendan Morrison. He now has a 9-game point streak and a 4-game goal-scoring streak.

The Canucks also got the help of two two-man advantages -- one in the first period on which the Salo goal came, and the other in the third with the Linden goal. Other assists were to the Sedins, Todd Bertuzzi, and Ed Jovanovski.

So to basically recap this, the Canucks got better as the game went on.

Game photos (the Preds were wearing their vomit-colored jerseys tonight): one, two, three

The Canucks sit at 9-2-2 with a big game at Saint Louis tomorrow.

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The St. Louis Cardinals are the Seattle Mariners of the National League, at least defensively speaking.

Four Cardinals won Gold Gloves today, including CF Jim Edmonds, 3B Scott Rolen, SS Edgar Renteria, and C Mike Matheny.

But what do you know, JOSE CRUZ, JR. won a Gold Glove as well. He's a free agent, and he's on my "What the hell should the M's do this offseason" plan.

Cruz's 2003 fielding percentage was .994. He only had two errors, and had 18 putouts, which led all NL right fielders. You know how the Mariners love their defense.

With Cruz winning the Gold Glove, you can bet your bottom dollar that the M's will pursue Cruz now. Obviously, we all want Vladimir Guerrero. Again, that's not happening.

And let's be honest, the M's can do a lot worse than Jose Cruz, Jr.

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This from a KJR sports update...

Apparently the Colorado Rockies are taking trade offers for Preston Wilson and Todd Helton (!!!). Yes, that's right. Preston Wilson and Todd Helton are on the damn trading block.

Todd Helton can hit, no matter what ballpark. Preston Wilson had a hell of a year last year, though it was Coorsified. Basically, what Preston Wilson did last year is what Mike Cameron wished he did the last two years.

No chance in hell for the Mariners at these two guys, but hey, we can dream.

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...but no dollars short because of this.

I heard the guys on KJR the other day talking about the Huskies' thrashing of the Ducks. One of the guys nicely noted that Mike Bellotti adjusted stupidly after Cody Pickett was knocked out. How?

Well, Cody gets knocked out, so the inexperienced Casey Paus comes in. Good, right? The sensible defensive scheme, then, would be to absolutely stack the line and make the newbie quarterback beat you through the air. Makes perfect sense.

What really happened? The Huskies had freshmen running backs Kenny James and Shelton Sampson run roughshod on the Ducks. Stupid stupid stupid. Softy joked that it was like the Ducks were playing one of the Seahawks defenses from the next day; I'm thinking the third-down defense where they have a 3rd-and-15 and they drop back in pass coverage and a no-name running back finds a seam and gets the first down.

But anyway, this was really a no-lose situation for us all, as Jeremy and I would have laughed at whoever lost the game, and it just so happened to be that the Ducks lost and not the Huskies, though the Huskies losing would have made for much more gratifying listening experiences to KJR.

Well, that post was worthwhile if you cared at all about college football and stuff. I barely do.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003


The Mariners land four Gold Glove winners.

Bret Boone, John Olerud, Ichiro, and (probable former-Mariner-to-be) Mike Cameron all took home the hardware today. Other winners were Mike Mussina, Alex Rodriguez, Bengie Molina, Torii Hunter, and Eric Chavez. Once again, I will say that Eric Chavez winning the Gold Glove at third proves once again how crappy and thin the AL crop of 3rd baseman is because frankly put, Eric Chavez is a friggin zoo at third base.

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Here's my version of what the Mariners should do in the offseason leading up to the 2004 season:

---Sign SS Miguel Tejada to a 4-year deal, worth 50 million.
Give Tejada a good defensive first baseman (Olerud in 2004, hopefully Richie Sexson by 2005) and his defense will improve. Remember, not EVERYBODY on the Mariners roster has to have a GOLD GLOVE. And hell, the M's need some offense. Why not get Miggy?

---Sign DH/1B Brad Fullmer to a 1-year deal, worth 1.5-2 million
Fullmer is left-handed. He hits for power. The M's bench sucks. Why not get Fullmer?

---Sign DH/OF Matt Stairs to a 1-year deal, worth 1.5-2 million
Same with Fullmer. However, he plays the outfield. Again, the M's bench sucks. Why not get Stairs?

---Sign OF Jose Cruz, Jr. to a 2-year deal, worth 5-6 million
I'm with David here. I'm willing to sacrifice a little defense for a little more power here. And let's face it, Mike Cameron is not coming back. Cruz would make a homecoming back to Seattle. I want Vladimir Guerrero, but the M's aren't getting him. Move along, nothing to see there.

---Sign LHP Gabe White to a 1-year deal, worth 1.25 million
The M's desparately need a second LHP in the bullpen. Note that I said "second LHP". Arthur Rhodes is coming back, so that's your #1 LHP right there. Why the Yankees wouldn't re-sign him, I don't know. Let's hope the M's make the Yanks pay for that mistake.


And a few more notes about the offseason:

Screw Kazu Matsui. I want Tejada. He's proven. Matsui is not. Next?

Ben Davis must be the full-time catcher in 2004. Give him the full-time job and he hits .260 with 15 HR and 60 RBI, I'll be thrilled.

With Edgar coming back, I can't see the M's getting Richie Sexson. But we love pipedreams, so I'm going to keep on keeping on the "Bring Richie Sexson to Seattle" bandwagon. Who knows, maybe he wouldn't mind playing left field again, at least for 2004.

Hire me as the full-time DJ at Safeco Field. I like Arkansas, but I'd move back to Washington in a heartbeat if I was offered that position. You won't be disappointed with my musical tastes, trust me Mariner fans.

Lee Pelekoudas will be the new M's GM. Book it.

Hate to end the 2004 plan on a downer, but that's how I feel. Have a nice day.

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No, the Edgar deal was a no-brainer, so that's not a "PR Move".

I'm talking about what the San Diego Padres did for their community for Halloween. The Padres vice president of community relations, Michele Anderson, called the San Diego mayor's office and asked if they were doing anything for the kids for Haloween. The city said no. So Anderson had the bright idea of suggesting to the city that they and the Padres host a Halloween party for the victims of the tragic fires in SoCal that have killed 20 people, claimed 3,600 homes, and forced 10,000 people out of their homes, leaving some of them homeless as a result.

There were more than handful of past and present Padres players at the party. Wal-Mart donated costumes to the kids, and pizza rivals Pizza Hut and Papa John's donated pizzas to the people who showed up.

For those who don't think sports matters, well, after you read this story, you'll change your mind. That's the power of sports: They are more than just athletes. They are human beings too. Padres manager Bruce Bochy nearly had to evacuate from his house. Brian Giles was forced to evacuate. So you see, athletes aren't immune to tragedy either.

Again, here's the link to the story. There's a good chance you'll just lose it like I did after reading the story.

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KJR tells me through a sports update (I think Softy got a hold of Edgar's agent Willie Sanchez) that Edgar has been signed to a one-year contract with your Seattle Mariners. Edgar remains your Mariner DH for next year.

Of course, Softy brings up that it's surprising that Edgar decided to sign on even before the Mariners made any real big moves and even before they hired a new GM.

Anyway, it's good to have Edgar back. The period of speculation where it was known that Edgar was coming back to play for 2004 but was unknown with which team he would sign was a very short period. And that's a good thing.

This move keeps a portion of the very little power that the Mariners have left. Of course, it'd be stupid for the Mariners to trot out the same lineup in 2004 that they had in 2003. You can't just expect all of those guys to bounce back. And we know Cameron's gonna walk anyway, so it's kind of moot. This move also guarantees, like Softy says, that Edgar's not gonna score if Olerud hits a double. I think the real cool thing here would be someone that had speed that would be like a Cameron who could get on base more often. I'd sacrifice a bit of speed for someone who could get on base more often than Cameron. People in Seattle are jaded because they have had top-notch defensive centerfielding since 1989. They don't want anything less than top-notch D from the CF slot. But to me, if you have to maybe let a couple hits through, but then pick it up with some better offense, some pop, and some BADLY NEEDED CLUTCH and you win a championship along the way, you're damn right I'll take it.

Now if they could be as quick with the Edgar signing as they were to hiring an awesome GM. Come on, the GM meetings are next week.

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The first one lit up the wire yesterday, as everyone was wondering about the content of the halftime show at the Atlanta Falcons game. The performers were Bonecrusher, Youngbloodz, and Jermaine Dupri. The ruckus here is some alleged lyrical content that apparently got some complaints, namely "Let a choppa go PLOOOOOOWWW! to yo melon/Now the plasma is oozin outta yo cerebellum." You know, the thing about this is that Bonecrusher never would be a guest at Safeco Field based on his name alone and that's he's a rapper in the first place. That and other reasons make Safeco Field a very strictly-enforced "family environment." In other words, "corporate opera house where baseball is played. Shhh!!!"

The second PR black eye that hit the wire today involves Colts QB Peyton Manning, who I hate. Apparently there was an incident in February 1996 between Manning and a female trainer at the Univ of Tennessee. In Peyton's words, he tried to show his rump to a teammate (God knows why) "thinking the trainer wasn't where she would see." The trainer, Jamie Ann Naughright, says Manning put his "naked butt and rectum" on her face. Now the sick thing is, I'm wondering how this could have been possible. Was he on a training table and she was off to the side and he just kinda got up and went for it? I'm gonna stop right here. One thing's for sure -- this will put a little tarnish on Peyton's squeaky-clean image.

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Happy birthdays to three on this turn of November 3rd/4th...

One birthday that is probably the 3rd, as I'm sitting here watching the Letterman show and Paul Shaffer is hosting because Dave is in the hospital (I was on edge for a second hearing that, but he was actually...) awaiting the birth of his first child.

Another is to my nephew Phillip, who turns 9 on the 4th. He's a psycho-kid, that Phillip. Not sure if he still bites. Happy birthday, Phillip.

The other is to best friend Sara, who turns 22 and shares the birthday with Phillip. Happy birthday, Sara. She is also nuts like Phillip, but it's in a good way -- a way that makes people happy -- and I think it's a trait of all people who are born on November 4th. Happy birthday, Sara.

So out of those three, we have one person who can't read and can't possibly view this blog (spawn of Letterman), one who can read and probably shouldn't view this blog due to what I call its PG-13ness (Phillip), and one who sometimes views the blog but has no vested interest in sports beyond the NJ Devils and Boston Red Sox (Sara). Regardless of their number of blog visits, happy birthday to all.

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Monday, November 03, 2003



After going to Detroit on the road trip, playing a great game, and losing in the final minutes, I expected a good, hard-fought game tonight between the Detroit Red Wings and the Vancouver Canucks, this even with the Red Wings injuries to Hasek, CuJo, and Hatcher. Instead, it was a laugher, as the Canucks put away the Wings in the second period with four goals en route to a 5-1 victory at the Garage. Their unbeaten streak is now eight games long. They have scored the first goal in every game to start the season, a streak that is now at 12 games and ties the mark set by the Philadelphia Flyers in 1985 (the record is 18 straight by the '59 Habs).

The Canucks put 25 shots toward Detroit goalie Manny Legace, and as the score indicates, they made good on five. Scoring goals tonight were Jason King twice, Brendan Morrison, Todd Bertuzzi (with 1 assist), and Markus Naslund (2 assists). It was finally a great night out of the Naslund-Morrison-Bertuzzi line, as they managed to put up 3 goals and 3 assists for 6 points.

Canuck goalie Dan Cloutier blew the shutout in the third period, but the one goal was from Brett Hull, and though I hate Brett Hull, he's good. So we'll let that one slide. He turned away 22 of the 23 shots he faced.

A key thing for the Canucks tonight was to stay out of the penalty box because the Detroit power play is quite awesome; in the game at Detroit on the road trip, the Wings scored goals on two power plays in a time of 14 seconds combined. Tonight, the Canucks killed off all four power plays given to the Wings. In two of the power plays, the Red Wings couldn't get a shot off.

But a great story continues for Canuck rookie Jason King, who had two goals and was on the ice in the final minutes to attempt the hat trick. He had gone pointless in four games but sounded the horn twice and was assisted by the Sedin twins in a goal by the "mattress line (two twins and a King)."

Lastly, Brendan Morrison extended his point streak to eight games.

Game photos: one, two, three, four

Canucks Wednesday at Nashville against the Predators.

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An article ran today in the Vancouver Province about Canucks radio color man Tom Larscheid, in his 26th year in the booth. There's a little background, and some comments from his colleague and play-by-play partner John Shorthouse.

The guys are fun to listen to, and you can do that just tonight at 7pm Pacific time by going to the website of their flagship station CKNW and clicking on the "LISTEN LIVE" link on the left sidebar. Tonight's game has the Red Wings, with an injured Dom Hasek, an injured CuJo, and no Derian Hatcher coming to the Garage to face the 7-2-2 Canucks.

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The Phillies have addressed their closer need. Of course, they did have to give up something...

The Houston Astros have traded closer Billy Wagner to the Phillies for young starting pitcher Brandon Duckworth and minor league right-handers Taylor Buchholz and Ezequiel Astacio. This probably moves one-time coming-the-other-way-in-the-Griffey-from-Seattle-to-the-Mets-deal-that-never-happened pitcher Octavio Dotel into the Astros closer spot.

So the Phillies get a closer that doesn't suck. The Astros go younger, clear about $8M or more in payroll, and get yet another young starting pitcher to go with Oswalt, Miller, Robertson, Hernandez, etc.

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No no, don't expect Ken Griffey, Jr. to be traded to the M's anytime soon...

The Cincinnati Reds released their 2004 schedule this morning, and they are FINALLY making a trip to Seattle. The Reds will be at Safeco Field June 11-13, Griffey's first visit to Seattle since the February 2000 trade that sent him to the Queen City for Mike Cameron, Brett Tomko, Antonio Lopez, and Jake Meyer.

I hope Griffey can keep himself healthy by the time the Reds come to Seattle. That's one series I'd pay good money to see.

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Did we expect anything else?

It's November 3, and the Mariners still haven't named a general manager. Big shock. Reportedly, the M's are "underwhelmed" by the crop of candidates they had interviewed. That's fine and dandy, because guys like Al Avila underwhelmed me as well. Actually, he never whelmed me at all. All I have to say here is that the M's need to get something done this week.

However, here's a horrible thought to chew on. What if they really don't find a candidate, and Pat Gillick comes back as the GM in 2004? OK, I'll just shut up now. But man, that thought has reared my head, and it's not good at all.

Anyways, here's the free agent trackers, courtesy of CBS.Sportsline.com:
American League
National League

Judging by these lists, expect the Mariners to pull a Ruben Sierra and sign OF Felix Jose, a DBack in 2003, a one-year contract. I'm also expecting the minor league contract to local boy Glendon Rusch, formerly of the Brewers. Rusch is the Jamey Wright deal all over again, you see.

That's just the pessimist in me. My "what the hell should the Mariners do in the offseason" plan is coming this week. Schoolwork > everything else. It sucks, I know.

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This week if the Mariners know any better and do what even the media is expecting them to do, there will be a new general manager for your Seattle Mariners.

So before we analyze, rant, and rave about the new GM, let's take a little look back at a moment in time with the GM on his way out, Pat Gillick...by way of the message logs of chats between Jeremy and myself.

And though I'm reluctant to blow out the big guns, some of them are right here...

Date and time -- July 31st, 2003 at 12:55pm Pacific time. To those who don't remember, the trading deadline was at 1pm Pacific time. As with the other chat post, italics are used with the later edited add-ins.

---begin chat transcript---
David: they aren't getting anything...i can feel it
Jeremy: aboone to the yankees, this has happened
David: sick sick sick
Jeremy: and gammons just reported that the yankees will probably get reggie sanders (ANOTHER false Gammons rumor!!)
Jeremy: rondell white was pulled during the 7th inning of the padres/pirates game in pittsburgh....take that for what its worth
David: surprised we haven't heard anything about dmitri young
Jeremy: i'm so desperate i would take dmitri young and his stone glove right now
Jeremy: kjr radio is just high comedy right now....fans have called in and are just furious
David: i hauled ass to get here early (the class I was taking at the time usually got out at 1pm)
Jeremy: we can hate the yankees all we want, but at least they give a damn
David: hope harden can get tagged
David: jim bowden on the bbtn panel...just wrong
Jeremy: i hope harden gets a torn labrum (we joke in jest like this only because of the Mariners' 2002 penchant for torn labrums in the minor league system and how it seemingly never happened to other teams)
David: yeah, how about their team for once
Jeremy: i'm not kidding either
Jeremy: i hope zito's pink bunnies attack him during the middle of the night and screw his psyche up
Jeremy: robin ventura to the dodgers
David: crap, the dodgers need anything (crappy offense, lest we forget)
Jeremy: devil rays trade al levine to the royals for cash
Jeremy: i'm ready to crank up motley crue's "same ol situation"
Jeremy: if the mariners don't trade any of their pitching prospects, they better damn well be cy young award winners in the future then.
David: salkeld won a cy young...remember that (traded 5/15/1995 for Tim Belcher)
David: ?
Jeremy: haha
Jeremy: so did ryan anderson
David: jim converse (traded 8/18/1995 as the player to be named later in the Vince Coleman trade)
Jeremy: yankees have gotten LHP Gabe White
David: is the brass even aware that they need a lefty reliever?
Jeremy: NOPE
Jeremy: but they are aware that they need to order more pink mariners baby girl t-shirts
David: what the hell is jim bowden doing on this show? this is crap
Jeremy: he's fired....and that's about it. he sucks.
David: the ponson trade is done
David: sf is gonna kick ass
David: i wish i were a giants fan right now
Jeremy: gillick wanted ponson last year. now SCHMIDT AND PONSON in the same damn rotation
David: and the mariners should have had at LEAST one of those guys
Jeremy: I'm dead serious. Clint Nageotte, Travis Blackley, and Rett Johnson better win 20 games each when they come up.
David: damian moss went the other way? they must have gotten the raw end of the ortiz deal
Jeremy: it's so funny to think that the giants ownership is even more frugal than seattle and YET they want to win
Jeremy: great, let's look forward to the WAIVER WIRE!!! YAY!!!!!
Jeremy: Groz reads e-mails. I may have to send him an e-mail.
Jeremy: and sandmeyer responded to my e-mail. basically said we'll find out what happens by 1
Jeremy: Pat Gillick is gone after this year, and the Mariners will be better off for it.
David: [unrelated subject]
Jeremy: [unrelated response]
Jeremy: [unrelated follow-up]
Jeremy: 1-0 a's chavez HR
David: dammit...cleveland needs to throttle the a's
Jeremy: oh boy, BBTN talking bout the mariners
Jeremy: talkin bout boone's comment in the times
David: even THEY know they needed the deadline deal
Jeremy: damn straight
Jeremy: m's have scheduled a conference call with pat gillick in 5 minutes
Jeremy: gillick is in toronto, hoping not to contract sars
Jeremy: i get it, he was there to watch the rolling stones last night
David: if this team misses the playoffs, we're gonna look back on this and say that the mariners should have tanked it to stick it to management
Jeremy: nice to know we have a general manager who cares about the mariners
David: conference call to say the concert was great...and no, he didn't make any moves
Jeremy: "that justin timberlake....wow, he would be a great pre game concert next June"
Jeremy: oh boy, please be right FAIN!!!!
Jeremy: COME ON
David: timberlake?? that'd be great...we'll make the full commitment and raise the ticket prices by $2 each to get timberlake..and throw in the bowl of cereal david is eating right now
Jeremy: and you can throw in the pieces of bacon jeremy is eating, as well as his corona he's drinking
Jeremy: bacon and corona....YEAH BABY
David: [unrelated subject]
Jeremy: Harold Reynolds: "Seattle may have a PR nightmare"
Jeremy: Jeff Brantley: "Lou is in Tampa for a reason"
Jeremy: did i mention that jeff brantley is the best analyst for espn right now?
David: him and valentine
Jeremy: valentine sucked as a manager, but he's great on espn, agreed
David: the yankees didn't spend quite as much money as we thought...gotta love that
Jeremy: dude, if i still worked for the m's and they don't make any moves today, i would walk out.
David: and the mariners could have never had the other boone
Jeremy: i really would
Jeremy: hey guys....big gulps huh? great. see you later.
Jeremy: that's my opinion of the mariners management
David: oh great
David: that's what we like to hear
David: you call a conference call and not make a move
David: you have got to [frigging] be kidding me
David: people should go out of their way at safeco today to put up antagonistic signs
David: put up so many that you can't possibly rip them down
David: this may be the best two hours in seattle radio
David: groz quizzing for the dump button
Jeremy: I'm typing my e-mail to Groz as I speak
David: GO SEAHAWKS!!!!
Jeremy: TOUCHDOWN SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!
David: i don't care for the reasons
David: don't get the tickets!!! YEAH!!!
David: proud to say i haven't been to any mariner game this year
David: gillick is a moron!!!
David: how does that tribune article look now!!
David: 116, so what...i love that
Jeremy: e-mail sent
David: did you save a copy
Jeremy: yep....i'll send it to ya
Jeremy: Dave,

As a former employee of the Seattle Mariners, I know how the Mariners management works. They only care about money...and even the casual bandwagon fan probably knows that by now. What an insult to the fans of the Seattle Mariners here. Does this team give a crap bout winning at all? I don't think so. But they can go get a new barber for the clubhouse so everybody can have cool fades. (Jeremy references the Sanchez acquisition there)

Jeremy: I moved here to Arkansas back in April and have done almost anything humanly possible to follow the Mariners, even staying up into the wee hours to listen to Baseball's Best Postgame Show to get all the latest news. This is a freaking joke and a slap in the face of all Seattle Mariner fans, old and new.

Jeremy: And what is Pat Gillick doing in Toronto anyway? Watching the Rolling Stones perform live? Or maybe he was trying to recruit Justin Timberlake to perform at Safeco Field next summer for a pre game concert.

Jeremy: Groz, thanks for providing me with this forum to spew my two cents.

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Jeremy: But remember, there's always the WAIVER WIRE!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! (obvious sarcasm there)
Jeremy: title of e-mail in caps: Pissed off Mariner fan in Arkansas
Jeremy: i'm not gonna listen to the mariner game at all today...all bout kjr radio
David: see what rick and ron say about it
David: dave and ron
Jeremy: i already know what they are gonna say
David: how are they gonna spin this...waivers!!
Jeremy: Rick: "Remember friends, the waiver wire deadline is August 31, so there is still time"
Jeremy: "and remember, this team never quits"
David: no, i think they do
Jeremy: yeah, i could definitely see bret boone go into a 2-for-27 funk (I'll have to research this...he did have some slips late in the season)
Jeremy: and no more batflips....it's gonna be helmet slamming
David: oh man...they should totally tank it
Jeremy: i hate to say it, but you're right....they really should
Jeremy: Clint Nageotte better win 20 games in 2004/2005.
Jeremy: man, what a [frigging] joke this all is
David: al davis with the commitment to excellence...pat gillick and howard lincoln's sign: "commitment to competitiveness"
Jeremy: that's a classic line
Jeremy: woah, isn't kurt ainsworth on the DL???
David: yeah, a cracked shoulder or something
David: but they got moss
David: idiot...you have to score runs to win (probably a response to a caller)
Jeremy: gillick is too [frigging stubborn, brantley hit it on the head]
David: has he seen the mariners record when scoring 3 or less? (another response to caller)
Jeremy: "he just didn't want to admit he made a mistake with jeff cirillo"
Jeremy: yeah well, i wasn't alive during the early 80s. shut up (caller obviously wanted to play the "remember, back in the day, this team used to be crap" routine)
David: open checkbook...called #1 in revenue
David: and the MARINERS HAVE IT
Jeremy: david, we have seen the final year of edgar martinez. no way does he come back in 2004 now.
David: no friggin way
Jeremy: does anybody really give a [crap] about how much the mariners make in profits?
Jeremy: this guy is a dumbass. nobody is saying that a new acquisition would automatically put a team into the world series. (again, referring to a caller)
Jeremy: it just gives a team a better chance to get there
Jeremy: the m's get aaron boone and don't make it to the world series. i can live with that.........
David: bet he loves that the mariners stretch right now is worse than the second half of last year
Jeremy: BUT I can't live with missing the playoffs because they didn't make a move at the deadline
David: the marlins have a better record than the cards? damn
Jeremy: they sure do
Jeremy: the marlins are exciting. they have hope more than seattle does. (No way in hell did we think the Marlins would WIN THE DAMN WORLD SERIES)
---end chat transcript---

Here's to some good Mariner memories for the 2004 season, an offseason to remember, and addressing weaknesses at the deadline. Let's get this ball rolling, eh?

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Sunday, November 02, 2003


So I did see part of Wildboyz on the MTV and they met with world recordholder Carol Pickett, who I think held the world record in (I don't know what the event is called but I'll guess it's) one-foot high kicking. They had Steve O and Chris Pontius do that and the tension-stick event and the butt hop. The thing is, since I've watched my share of the CBC when I've been back home in Bremerton, I already knew about these games. Of course, that was before Steve O attempted to fertilize salmon eggs in his mouth. Yikes. But gotta plug the Inuit (I'm pretty sure they don't like to be called Eskimo anymore) Games.

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But it's a win nonetheless.

I don't have to tell you that there's a big difference between being 6-2 and being 5-3.

The Hawks offense today was crap. Hasselbeck was sacked five times. The line sucked. Shaun Alexander and the running game, as a result, was crap. One play in the 4th quarter had Chris Terry being pushed backwards into Alexander on the right side; I think that play went for a 6-yard loss.

The defense, though, was pretty good. There were a couple of plays where they allowed big gains and first down yardage on third down, or got flagged for defensive holding on third down, but you can't argue with the results today.

Darrell Jackson dropped three passes today, and the fans were on him, and so was I. But he really needed that last touchdown catch. I hope that gets him off the schnide. Then again, Jeff Cirillo had his first game back in Toronto and did okay, and look what it got him. Of course, there's no way Jackson can be as mentally screwed up in the head as Cirillo.

Anyway, Chad Brown (in the words of Brian Davis) played like a man possessed today, and the rest of the defense fed off him. Except for the dumb plays on third down.

But hey, a win is a win. And the 4th quarter was a godsend after watching three crappy quarters of Field Goal Fest 2003. I hope I never have to see that again.

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Here's my game notes of the Steelers/Seahawks game...I'll post them first and then give my take in my next post.

>> 1st Hawk drive
-- brutal special teams flub...1st drive start from 15 (Brian Davis says: Darrell Jackson got a ton of balls in practice)
-- Morris huge run on 3rd/3 (43 yds)
-- Bannister drop at goal line on 2nd down
-- friggin FG unit (38)

>> 1st Steel drive
-- good return stop by Kacyvenzki...28 yd line
-- Brown ropes Bettis on first play
-- Tongue 3rd down INT wiped out by Trufant hold...BASTARD!!!!
-- Burress jarred on 3rd down...great job
-- Engram bobbles punt out of bounds

>> 2nd Hawk possession
-- first-down sack...attaway
-- bullcrap 3/out
-- good Rouen punt; no return

>> 2nd Steel possession
-- Randle-El wide open on 2nd down (looking at Hand shoulder on sideline), 6:15
-- Hines Ward moves chains, 13-yd on 1st down
-- Bettis loss on 1st down (Hand to locker room)
-- Pit false start penalty on 2nd/10
-- Brown sacks Maddox at midfield
-- Pit another false start on 3rd/16
-- Zeroue nearly breaks one off on third down on dime coverage
-- Engram fair catch at Hawk 13

>> 3rd Hawk possession
-- Koren breaks tackle to 32 on first play
-- Hass slide at 40
-- Alexander nowhere on second down
-- Hass sacked on 3rd/6...BULLCRAP!!!! Nice run by Shaun to set it up...
-- Crappy start to drive, crappy punt of 23 yd, great field position for Pit at 41

>> 3rd Steel poss
-- Bettis for 12...GREAT.
-- (end of first quarter...CRAPPY FIRST QUARTER)
-- Bettis no gain on 1st/10
-- Burress 1st down...way to fall down, Springs
-- Godfrey open-field tackle on Bettis on 2nd/7
-- Pit false start again
-- Okeafor pressures the incomplete on 3rd down
-- 49-yd FG good

>> 4th Hawk possession
-- brutal special teams coverage again...two guys unblocked, Morris stopped at the 24
-- Hass nearly picked on 1st play
-- Shaun 1-yd gain!! YAY!!!
-- 3rd/9 huge blitz sacks Hass...CRAPPY CRAPPY CRAP CRAP CRAP!!
-- good punt...Pit to 34

>> 4th Steel possession
-- Kreider drop on 1st down
-- Bettis 1st-down run wiped by clip
-- 2nd/25 Zeroue stuck on same screen play as Bettis
-- 3rd down HUGE SACK at 10 by Brown
-- punt: Engram to the 36

>> 5th Hawk possession
-- Shaun 2 yds on first play
-- Koren breaks tackle for first down
-- Engram roped
-- 3rd/12 Stevens drop
-- Brown FG from 46 good (SIX PLAYS, NINE YARDS!! YAY!!!)

>> 5th Steel possession
-- return to the 34
-- Bettis for 6 on first play
-- Bettis for 1 on 2nd down
-- Zeroue one yard short on 3rd/3
-- punt downed at 26

>> 6th Hawk possession
-- Mili on first play for 6
-- 2nd/4 Shaun first-down yardage
-- Hass incomplete to no one (Stevens) on first down
-- Stevens to Pit 46 and 1st down
-- 1st/10 Morris ganged up
-- Strong for 4 (2-min warning)
-- 3rd/7 Hass pressured, throws to Engram's feet incomplete (flags; illegal Pit contact)
-- 1st from Pit 38...sacked
-- 2nd/13 pass batted, Koren wide open
-- Jackson drops again!!! NUMBER THREE!! HE SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!
-- touchback

>> 6th Steel possession
-- Zereoue for 9
-- Zereoue first down to 33
-- Maddox to 39 (Chike slow to get up)
-- 2nd/4 tip by Burress, dropped by Hamlin for near pick
-- Zereoue run to midfield pulled back for Pit hold
-- Maddox takes knee


3rd qtr
>> 7th Steel possession
-- Bettis for 8
-- Hines Ward for 1
-- 3rd/1 Bettis first down to 42, finally converton 3rd
-- first down Maddox nearly picked
-- Ward reverse for 3 yd
-- 3rd/7 Simmons knocks down pass, Zereoue
-- PUNT BLOCKED by Lewis

>> 7th Hawk possession
-- from Pit 27, Shaun for 2 yd
-- Mili drops on 2nd/8
-- 3rd/8 Mack Strong with blockers to the 18 for first down (9 yd)
-- Hass throws in front of Jackson on 1st/10
-- Hass pass to Jackson covered
-- 3rd/10 Robinson dives out of bounds, no catch BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!!!! (pylon fell...CHALLENGED; one foot in, one foot out...ruling stands)

>> 8th Steel possession
-- Randle-El return to the 37
-- Ward reverse for first down on first play
-- Bettis dropped for loss on 1st down
-- Randle-El dropped for another loss on pass (Ken Lucas!)
-- 3rd/12 BULLCRAP to Zereoue for first down...NICE DAMN STOP to Sea 39
-- Bettis to 33
-- 2nd/4 5-yd Bettis first down
-- Bettis to 24
-- 2nd/6 at 24; Bettis to 21 (Hand out with a bicep injury)
-- 3rd/3 Ward with first-down catch to 18, drilled by Trufant
-- 1st/10 Bettis for one yard
-- 2nd/9 pass trapped by Burress
-- 3rd/9 Ken Lucas knocks down pass to end zone, Burress complains for PI
-- Reed FG good

>> 8th Hawk possession
-- return to Sea 26
-- pass bounced to Jackson on first down
-- Koren to the 46 for first down...flags reversed; Koren limps off field
-- Shaun for one yard
-- pass to Shaun to Pit 43 for first down
-- Jackson to Pit 39
-- 2nd/6 Alexander to the 33 for first down
-- Shaun to the 30
-- 2nd/7 Engram to the 20, first down
-- Shaun pitch to 16
-- 2nd/6 Shaun screen pass to 9
-- 1st/G Shaun no gain
-- 2nd/G Hass sacked
-- 3rd/G TD Darrell Jackson (good for him)...CHALLENGED by Cowher: ball never broke plane of goal line; RULING UPHELD

>> 9th Steel possession
-- Taylor return to 29
-- Tuman to the 45 for first down...BULLCRAP
-- Tuman for 5 yd
-- 2nd/5 in Sea territory; Zereoue stopped at Sea 49
-- 3rd/5 incomplete to Ward, FLAGS...DEF HOLDING, YOU SUCK, SHAWN SPRINGS!!
-- 1st/10 from 45 Zereoue pass to 40
-- 2nd/4 Hawks in dime; pressured, Burress catch to 1
-- Ward pushed off, touchdown catch, Ward flagged for taunting

>> 9th Hawk possession
-- Mo Morris return to the Pit 48, flags...holding Seattle for 10 yards
-- catch Jackson 8 yd
-- 2nd/2 Shaun sweep to Pit 43, first down
-- 1st/10 Shaun dropped for 2-yd loss
-- Jackson nifty moves 43 yards to the 2...face mask on Pit
-- 1st/G Shaun untouched into the end zone

>> 10th Steel possession
-- Taylor return to the 29
-- false start Pit; Ward for 12 yards
-- 2nd/3 Ward to the 44 for first down
-- Randle-El 29 yards to the Sea 28...DAMMMMMMMMITTTT
-- pass bounced on first down
-- Burress to the 19
-- 3rd/2 Ward to the 7, first down
-- 1st/G Zereoue loss of 2 yd
-- 2nd/G Springs drops Ward across the 3
-- 3rd/G from the 3, Maddox incomplete
-- FG good

>> 10th Hawk possession
-- Morris return to 33 with flags...holding Sea 10 yards
-- Hawks from the 14...Shaun dropped in the backfield
-- 2nd/10 Mili to the 27, first down
-- Shaun dropped again
-- 2nd/9 Shaun for another loss to the 23 with crappy blocking (2-minute warning)
-- 3rd/15 Shaun up the middle for 12 yd

>> 11th Steel possession
-- Randle El ripped into two directions on return
-- Burress to the 33
-- 2nd/1 Ward to the 39, first down
-- Maddox spike, flag...shoulders not parallel to line by Burress
-- 1st/15 from the 35 Ken Lucas drops the ball
-- 2nd/15 ball out of bounds Burress
-- 3rd/15 Brown pressure, pass to Randle El incomplete
-- 4th/15 Burress catch for about 10 yards, lateralled to Zereoue, who was dropped

>> 11th Hawk possession
-- Hass knee

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