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I'm not sure when exactly I decided to do this. After every Canuck game, I have this Excel chart. I use the NHL.com event sheet and toss in all the goals, assists, and points for the players. When I'm going through every couple days and filling in a game at a time, it's not bad. When I dug back and did the 2006-07 season, it was a bit of a chore. I haven't brought myself to do the 2007-08 season since that was such a drag of a season [UPDATE -- 2007-08 chart finished 23 Mar 2013].

[NOTE -- full sequence of updates at the bottom of this post]

I've been wanting to post something like this for a while, but hadn't gotten around to it.


Chart of the Canucks' 1998-99 season***
Chart of the Canucks' 1999-2000 season**
Chart of the Canucks' 2000-01 season*
Chart of the Canucks' 2001-02 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2002-03 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2003-04 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2005-06 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2006-07 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2007-08 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2008-09 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2009-10 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2010-11 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2011-12 season
Chart of the Canucks' (2012-)13 season
Chart of the Canucks' 2013-14 season


*due to inconsistencies of URLs at the NHL website, the backup goaltenders for October 6th and October 12th could not be verified, despite the likelihood of Potvin backing up on the 6th and Essensa on the 12th
**a combination of (adjacent) NHL event summaries, HockeyGoalies.org injury listings, and wire reports via Slam Sports were used to verify Manny Legace being the Canucks' backup to start the 1999-2000 season before being claimed off waivers by Detroit
***I was unable to obtain NHL event summaries for 1998-99, and probably any previous season if I assemble more charts. Thus, the only definitive way to know about backup goalies was if the starter was pulled

--Sequence of updates--
[update 10 May 2013 -- posted 2012-13 version of chart]
[update 7 Oct 2013 -- posted double-checked version of 2009-10 to 2013 seasons, now with goalie appearances]
[update 14 Oct 2013 -- double-checked versions of 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons posted, now with goalie appearances]
[update 16 Oct 2013 -- double-checked version of 2006-07 season posted, now with goalie appearances]
[update 18 Oct 2013 -- less hokey abbreviations for the days of the week]
[update 19 Oct 2013 -- posted 2005-06 version of chart]
[update 9 Feb 2014 -- posted score bars on all charts]
[update 10 Feb 2014 -- posted 2003-04 version of chart]
[update 15 Feb 2014 -- posted 2002-03 version of chart]
[update 17 Feb 2014 -- posted 2001-02 version of chart]
[update 21 Feb 2014 -- posted 2000-01 version of chart]
[update 10 Mar 2014 -- posted 1999-2000 version of chart]
[update 16 Mar 2014 -- posted 1998-99 version of chart]
[update 16 Mar 2014 -- linked 2013-14 version of chart]

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Something appeared in the referrer logs that I found different enough to warrant a response. Basically there are Bing and Google searches asking what happened to Steve Sandmeyer at KJR. As someone who has listened to KJR with a pretty good deal of regularity since the Kemp and Payton years -- and who's been listening pretty regularly in the last couple months -- here is what I was able to get out of the radio broadcasts around that time.

Steve Sandmeyer was let go by KJR in mid-December after over a decade at the station, and I think six years with Mitch Levy and the 6-10am show. Just this past Tuesday and Wednesday, Sandmeyer guest-hosted the Brock & Salk show at 710ESPN. He filled in for Mike Salk, who was away for the birth of a new baby daughter. Sandmeyer was fortunate enough to get the first couple weekdays after the Pineda trade to be back on the air. In my opinion, if Sandmeyer's foot is already in the door, 710 should either bump the Mike and Mike slot and put Steve in it (pair him with someone if needed) or have him run the Mariners' postgame show.

***UPDATE (17 Feb 2014) - since people keep searching this, I'll pass along this page where you can listen to the latest Sandmeyer show once they turn it around on podcast. There's also a listen live link. Secondary update: I think Fox Sports Radio canned the Dibble/Van Dyken show after the new year and installed Jason Smith, formerly of ESPN AllNight fame, into the late-night slot.

***UPDATE (25 Jan 2013) - with the format change of 1090-AM (formerly KPTK progressive talk) to sports talk, Steve Sandmeyer now hosts the 3-6pm show on 1090 The Fan Seattle with radio veteran Bill Swartz.  Sandmeyer's show is the lone local show on 1090, with CBS Sports Radio more than likely trying to push their national identity as a full-bore national sports radio network.

Additionally, "Hot Shot" Scott Soden was also let go by KJR just after the new year. He first got to KJR in 1995, then was a main part of the crew for the T-Man, Rob Tepper. After the T-Man had stepped away from radio, Hot Shot was brought back to the air by Mike Gastineau, who had him along for the 3-7pm show. After being let go by KJR, Hot Shot has since done four podcasts, posted at HotShotScott.com.

***UPDATE (25 Jan 2013) - possibly related to Sandmeyer taking the #1 gig at the new 1090 The Fan, Hot Shot is now taking fill-in gigs at 710 ESPN.  He still posts podcasts every few days at his website, and his co-host on the podcasts is Stephen Kilbreath.

As for KJR's on-air lineup, they cut Dick Fain's Live at 5 show to 5:30am. Fain (who himself was laid off from KJR for a short time) pretty much stays in the studio with Mitch Levy during his 6-10am show. Dave "Softy" Mahler remains from 10am-1pm. Ian Furness (with Jason Puckett) remains at 1-3pm. Mike Gastineau is now joined by Elise Woodward for the 3-7pm show. The timeslot from 7-10pm is now taken by a syndicated Fox Sports Radio show with the T-Man and Rob Dibble. Dibble does the show from Los Angeles, while Tepper does it from the Northwest. Fox Sports Radio wanted Tepper to move to LA, but T-Man insisted on staying in Seattle or he wouldn't take the job. The T-Man/Dibble show probably will get pre-empted 70-plus times during the baseball season if KJR runs another season of Baseball's Best Postgame Show.

***UPDATE (25 Jan 2013) - T-Man pulled out of the FSR show after a couple weeks because he felt they were making pretty bad radio (this was on an appearance on Softy's show).  He regretted bailing on the contract, but ultimately felt it wasn't going to work.  Amy Van Dyken ended up being paired with Dibble, and Tepper felt they made for a better show than if it was Dibble and Tepper.  However, looking back at this, KJR ended up selling the whole "local representation" thing when they axed the night show and said "oh, T-Man is on the night show, don't worry," but ultimately ended up with nothing.  "Live and local" lost three hours of local, five nights a week.

KJR made a big positive move when they were able to acquire the 102.9-FM frequency, but the on-air staff moves are a reminder of the state of the economy and the state of the radio business.

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