Saturday, July 17, 2004


I can't take it anymore. I just can't.
Why in the hell is Willie Bloomquist on this ballclub? Of course we know the answer. But it's a great question. What has Bloomquist done to deserve a spot on the major league roster?
---He had a 4-for-4 day against Jarrod Washburn in September 2002?
---He hit a grand slam against the Devil Rays before the All-Star Break in 2003?
Whoopty f***ing doo.
Justin Leone and Bucky Jacobsen have shown more in their short stay in Seattle than Bloomquist has in almost 2 seasons with the club. But of course, Bloomquist has a lifetime spot on the Mariners roster, just because he's local. Again, this is NO WAY to run a baseball team.
My latest anti-Willie rant? Did you see the ball that Ben Broussard hit over Bloomquist's head? If there's one good thing about the M's playing Bloomquist as much as they can in the second half, it is that he will prove to be what he is: a terrible major league ballplayer who just happens to be local.
The Willie Bloomquist Era in Seattle must end. But I just have a sick feeling that it won't. Can't alienate the fan base now!

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OK, this is just ridiculous.
The man who caught Justin Leone's 3-run home run last night wore a Dave Henderson jersey. Cool. But notice that it is a CURRENT Mariner jersey with Hendu's name on it. Hendu played with the Mariners in the early 1980s, but that doesn't mean that you can put his name on a current Mariner jersey. It's like putting Wayne Gretzky's name on a recent Oilers jersey. IT DOESN'T WORK!
This isn't the first time that I've seen this happen. I went to a game two years ago where this guy was wearing a current Philadelphia Phillies jersey with Mike Schmidt's name on it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Schmidt only played in the dark maroon Phils unis. Don't correct me, because I'm right.
Future dishonors?
---Tony Gwynn on the awful Padres road jerseys
---Nolan Ryan on the current Astros jerseys
---Joe Carter on the dreadful Blue Jays jerseys
Basically, what I'm trying to say is that you should not spend 150 bucks to put a past player's name on a current jersey. If you want to put Dave Henderson's name on a Mariner jersey, just go buy the early 1980s' Mariners jersey. I'm sure the Mariners Team Store has it.
As for me, I don't own any personalized jerseys. I'm 22 but I'm already at the point where I just feel too old to wear a personalized jersey. I'll wear an authentic jersey without a name on the back or a replica jersey, no problem.
God forbid if some assclown puts Rey Quinones' name on a current Mariner jersey...

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Well, the Cleveland Indians certainly GOT ALL OF THAT!
Eight home runs. Three home runs from catcher Victor Martinez, who is quickly turning into one of the best catchers in all of baseball. I doubt that Miguel Olivo will possess the same power as Martinez, but who knows what will happen.
Hell, all that I know right now about this Mariner ballclub that it is about f***ing time for the youth movement in Seattle. Justin Leone has 2 home runs in as many days. Bucky Jacobsen, who is already a cult hero among fans, has some power as well. No, I have not been able to see his long foul ball that made everybody go nuts.
Cut Travis Blackley some slack right now. He's taking his lumps right now, but I know he's more ready to start in the big leagues than Clint Nageotte. This Cleveland offense can hit the ball, so I won't knock Blackley too much tonight.
As for Cleveland, they certainly have a shot in the A.L. Central. They're only 4.5 games back of the White Sox. If they can shore up that bullpen, they have a shot. Their offense is solid, as is their rotation (Cliff Lee, C.C. Sabathia, Jake Westbrook). The rebuilding in Cleveland is certainly going well right now. Hopefully the Mariners can take a few notes from Mark Shapiro and crew.
Lee won his 10th game of the season Friday. He's a native of Benton, Arkansas and went to school at Arkansas. This guy was in the Bartolo Colon deal two years ago. Lee certainly had a case for the A.L. All-Star team, although he would have been the 6th Indian on the squad.
Well, there's only one word to sum up the events at Safeco Field and in Arkansas tonight...
The Mariners were thunderstruck, as well as most of central Arkansas.

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Friday, July 16, 2004


USS Mariner
Okay, so I just heard that tonight was John Olerud's night to honor kids with disabilities at Safeco Field.  And, showing an unbelievable amount of class, he showed up in street clothes and went through with the promotion.   
Three cheers for John Olerud.  That's awesome.  And, seriously, they couldn't have DFA'd him tomorrow, knowing that he was part of the pre-game ceremonies tonight?  
Well, it's not like the Mariners are known for good public relations moments...   Remember the Mariners announcing in 1997 that they would not re-sign Randy Johnson...on the same damn day that Ken Griffey, Jr. won the American League MVP award? How about the infamous John Ellis crocodile tears speech during the holidays of 1996? And I can't forget about the "Yankees Suck" t-shirt controversy. I'm a proud owner of one of those shirts, although down here in Arkansas, it can mean an entirely different thing.  
Oh yeah, the Mariners snapped their 9-game losing streak tonight, defeating the Cleveland 5-All Stars 2-1. Justin Leone hit a 2-run home run in the bottom of the 7th inning off of Jake Westbrook. Youth gone wild. (Skid Row is severely underrated)   As for the Cleveland Indians, I'm still perplexed as to how they were able to have 5 All-Stars on this year's American League squad. Simply stunning.  
Travis Blackley vs Arkansas native Cliff Lee tomorrow night.
(Re-do of post done around 10:20 Pacific. F***ing Blogger and their new format!)

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Thursday, July 15, 2004



John Olerud will be released by the Mariners, according to the P-I's John Hickey.

As by now, you've heard that Bucky Jacobsen and George Sherrill have been called up to Seattle from Tacoma.

Damn, it's too bad that it had to end like this. Olerud has struggled big time, but man.

Oh, Happy 5th Birthday Safeco Field!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


No, Gil Meche has not been traded.

But I will break this piece of news to the Mariner blogosphere.

Bobby Yang is the man.

He plays Van Halen's "Eruption" on violin. This ranks higher than the dude playing the "Super Mario Bros." theme on his guitar. And that's saying something.

High speed link

Low speed link

Check it out. And in Van Halen related news, their second Greatest Hits album, "Best of Both Worlds", is coming out this Tuesday, July 20.

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Steve at Mariner Wheelhouse is wondering whether picking on Tim McCarver is morally indefensible.

Tim McCarver is terrible. There's no other way to put this.

When Deion Sanders dumped water on McCarver after Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS, it was one of the greatest moments in sports history as far as I'm concerned.

So to answer your question Steve, it is OK to pick on Tim McCarver.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Way to go, Roger!

A few notes on tonight's All-Star Game, which after the 1st inning was a snoozefest.

---I'm sick and tired of "American Idol". It's Texas, where is Jessica Simpson? Yes, she's annoying as hell. Nick Lachey will probably get out of dodge before too long. But do I need to explain why she would be better than Fantasia, Macy Gray's second cousin?

---Good god it's Mo Vaughn singing "God Bless America"!!!

---Rocket got rocked. Life is good.

---Joe Walsh would kick Ruben and Fantasia's ass.

---"Don Henley's gonna tell me how to vote. I don't f***ing think so, ok? I got two words for Don Henley, Joe F***ing Walsh, ok!? Thanks for calling, Don! How long's your pony tail now? Ok!" Denis Leary "No Cure For Cancer"

---OK, enough of the Joe Walsh references.

---Alfonso Soriano is good. God help Seattle if he stays in Texas. Soriano is a member of the exclusive Mariner Killer Alliance (alliance, club, whatever).

---Ron Belliard got to play in the game but Carlos Guillen didn't? Pathetic.

---Ex-Mariners 6, Current Mariners 1 (Guillen, Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson, Armando Benitez)

---Yes, Benitez counts. So does Ortiz, who was a Mariner prospect. More on this later.

---But the All-Star Game doesn't.

---Houston is a horrible city. Of course, I've never been there. But what's so fun about a city with major traffic and massive humidity?

---Safeco Field > Minute Maid Park. I will not debate this.

---I did not see the David Ortiz home run in the 6th inning. A big fat thank you to the folks at my cable company, who shall remain nameless, for making me and a few folks miss the 5th through 7th innings.

---David Ortiz (Arias) for Dave Hollins. A forgotten fact about that deal is that Ortiz was a PTBNL. I have no problem putting this trade in my top 3 of Worst Mariner Trades.

---Jimy Williams will be fired on Wednesday. But the Astros are thinking about Phil Garner and Grady Little as possible replacements for Jimy? Yikes.

---Houston, get ready for Yao and Tracy.

---The All-Star Game is in Detroit next season. And the Super Bowl follows in February 2006. Simply stunning.

--- --- --- --- ---

Second half starts Thursday. It will end soon enough.

One more thing...

I want to strangle "Scooter".

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1999 Bremerton High School graduate Miah Davis is playing for the Sacramento Kings in the Summer Pro League in Long Beach.

If Davis plays well in Long Beach, the Kings could bring him back for training camp in October. We're definitely pulling for him. He's very deserving of an opportunity to play in the NBA.

Damn, what a week for Bremerton, eh?

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Monday, July 12, 2004


Power hitters are overrated. Ask Howard Lincoln.

Boy, Miguel Tejada would sure look nice in a Seattle Mariner uniform right now, wouldn't he? And yes, he would make a difference on this ballclub. The Mariners would not be in last place with Tejada. He may be in last place in Baltimore, but that's not his fault. Blame Peter Angelos for giving Sir Sidney of the White Castle way too much money.

Which reminds me. "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" could be the worst movie of the year. Just a little warning.

Back to Tejada. Am I still bitter?

What do you think?

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Well, what can you do?

In the 200 Breaststroke final, Tara Kirk failed to qualify, finishing 5th. Amanda Beard set the world record with a time of 2:22:44, 4.78 seconds ahead of Caroline Bruce. Beard had previously set the WR in the 200 Breaststroke in 2003. But her previous WR of 2:22:99 was broken by Leisel Jones on July 9 (2:22:96). Beard has now reclaimed the world record. Congrats.

In the 100 Butterfly semifinals, Justin Adrian failed to qualify for the finals, finishing 8th in the second heat with a time of 54.79.

Congrats to all Bremertonians in the swimming trials, Tara, Dana, and Justin. We'll see Tara and Dana in Athens. Tara will swim in the 100 Breaststroke while Dana will swim in the 200 Butterfly.

The Olympics begin August 13 and end August 29. We'll definitely cover the Kirks exploits in Athens. Bring home the gold, ladies.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

NO! NO! NO! 

Scott Miller at CBS Sportsline

First Half: 32-54, .372 (4th in AL West) Grade F
"If not the biggest disappointment in baseball, the Mariners are in the same parking lot. Nobody could have foreseen Bret Boone tailing off this much offensively. John Olerud and Edgar Martinez both have seen better days. This is a team that must find a way to get younger quickly. The Mariners will be active at the July trade deadline, but don't expect them to strip-mine the team completely. They do not want to lose their large fan base, especially with Safeco Field still having that new-car smell. Ichiro Suzuki remains one of the few reasons to watch the Mariners these days. Let's see what GM Bill Bavasi can do -- though I'm not sure extending manager Bob Melvin so early was wise."

I really hope that the Mariners front office doesn't actually think that way.

What, they expect fans like me to be alienated if Randy Winn is traded? Please. Winn is not that damn special where there would be a riot on Fourth Avenue if he was traded.

The Mariners have to get better. I don't think they can afford to be on a "3 year plan". They can contend in 2005 if they can make the right moves. Sadly, Bill Bavasi will most likely be in charge of making this ballclub better. The Freddy Garcia deal doesn't make him a great general manager.

The Seattle sports fan base is not stupid, at least the diehards. There's a team just footsteps from Safeco Field that could very well win a championship soon. Seattle is a football town. Don't buy into the hype that Seattle is a baseball town.

These next few months are very important for the Seattle Mariners. Safeco Field may still have that "new car smell", but a new ballpark doesn't guarantee jack. See PNC Park. See Miller Park.

The blogosphere is a pessimistic place. But we also want to see this team win. Unfortunately, there's not much of that going on in 2004. 2005 better be different. There's no excuse for a franchise like the Seattle Mariners to be in this position right now. But the groundwork for this dreadful 2004 season has been laid for a while now.

I'll just wrap it up with this...

Carlos Guillen is an All-Star in Detroit and Rich Aurilia has been DFA'd.

Rambling over.

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Make room for another Kirk in Athens.

Dana Kirk is headed to Athens, winning the 200 Butterfly final Sunday evening in Long Beach with a time of 2:08:86. She will now head to Athens along with her older sister Tara, who earned a trip to Athens Friday evening in the 100 Breaststroke.

Tara will vie for a second Olympic event Monday evening in the 200 Breaststroke. She had the 2nd best time in Sunday's semis with a 2:26:25 mark, 2.93 seconds behind Amanda Beard.

While Dana's work is done for now and Tara competing on Monday evening, another Bremertonian will be swimming in Long Beach. Justin Adrian will swim in the 100 Butterfly prelims and semifinals Monday. Two Bremertonians in Athens is a big deal. But man, three would be even better. Go get em', Justin.

For more info on the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials, click here.

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Two weeks of field camp left, and the end can't come soon enough. It's actually to the point now where I'm actually wanting to stick it out to the end instead of wishing for the sweet embrace of death to remove me from the hellhole that is Mitchell, Oregon and the eastern flanks of the Ochoco Mountains and Painted Hills area.

And congratulations to all the Bremertonians in the Olympic swimming trials and big congrats to Tara Kirk. As she gets to new heights, my stories just get better. From "that girl that sat in front of me in calculus class four years ago has a world record" to "that girl...is going to the Olympics"...it's nuts. If I get the chance to say I sat behind an Olympic gold medal swimmer in calculus class, well, wow.

My new station to pick up back in Mitchell for Mariner broadcasts is 870-AM out of the Tri-Cities. It's crazy. But I get my fix of Marinerness and Niehausisms.

Marinerness: Bret Boone up in the 9th against Shingo Takatsu last night, getting ahead 3-0 in the count before taking strike three looking.

Niehausism: "Here comes the 2-1 pitch to Konerko now...loooooooooooooowwwwww (octave lower), ball three, 3-1 the count now on Paul Konerko."

And my goodness, how did Matt Thornton walk seven guys, and not have the game end up 14-6 or something like that? That was a pretty short game, too, but that might be All-Staritis setting in, something very similar to senioritis in high school and/or college.

Lastly, I've got something to say about the trailers I've seen at the movies the last couple weeks. First off, the theater in Bend by the Old Mill is bitchin', and that whole "the Twenty" thing before the whole movie isn't the usual ad-card-with-music-playing business. It was actually half-worthwhile. But come on...Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? I'm not too sure this needed to happen. But somehow today I escaped the trailer for Alien vs. Predator. Not sure how, but I did. Purely preliminary here, but Bernie Mac as Mr. 3000...it kinda looks like crap. And yes, to those who haven't seen the trailer, Bernie Mac is a lefty hitter for the Brewers in the upcoming flick.

I'd like to close this by saying that without daily to semi-daily blogging, I am simply cold and dead inside. I miss everything about this.

Very lastly, I just realized that the Mariners traded away the starting battery for the White Sox today. It sounded weird. "Freddy takes the sign from Ben Davis..." Just like old times, almost.

Seeya next week maybe, and in two weeks definitely.

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I hurt myself today, listening to Ken Harrelson and Darrin Jackson calling the Mariners-White Sox game on WGN. This isn't groundbreaking news, but Darrin Jackson is the worst analyst in baseball history.

Commenting on Boone's at-bat in the 8th inning (paraphrasing):
"What a sequence of events, from 2 points on the board to 2 outs."

2 POINTS??? I expect a fan with a yellow Mariner hat telling me that at a game, not someone who has PLAYED in the big leagues! Totally unacceptable. This is BASEBALL. There are NO points in baseball, just runs.

That's not all...

During the 3rd inning (I think), Harrelson was bitching and moaning about how there's only ONE White Sox player on the American League All-Star team. "There's 8 Yankees and 5 Indians", Hawk cried.

Keep in mind that the FANS voted in 4 of the 8 Yankees. Now, I will agree with Hawk that having 5 Indians on the team is B.S. Hawk was making a case for Mark Beuhrle, who is 9-2 with a 4.03 ERA. I'd rather have Freddy Garcia on the team than Beuhrle. Garcia is only 6-8, but his ERA is 3.45. However, the Mariners offense is to blame for Garcia's less than stellar record.

If the White Sox make it to the World Series (NO CHANCE IN HELL!), Ozzie Guillen will choose 8-9 White Sox players. And Hawk won't say a damn thing about that. This is why people like Jay Mariotti hate Hawk's f***ing guts. It's bad when I actually want Mariotti to kick Hawk's ass.

Anyways, the Mariners...

What is there to say? It's the All-Star Break and the Seattle Mariners are 32-54, 17 games behind Texas. Raise your hand if you thought that would be the case before the season started. I didn't think so.

The Mariners were 0-9 on this three city road trip (St. Louis, Toronto, Chicago). They've lost 9 in a row. Changes have already started to take place. I don't think it is silly to suggest that Bob Melvin's job is in jeopardy. Sure, he's signed for 2005. But with the way the ballclub has played lately, I for one would not be shocked to see Melvin fired during the break or within the next few weeks.

For the Bloomquist Fan Club (the two of you), he went 0-for-2 today. Wolf Pride!

Is there anything positive about the Mariners right now?

Well, Felix Hernandez is scary good. He pitched the 2nd inning during the Futures Game in Houston today, striking out one and allowing one hit. I hope this kid is pitching against Arkansas in a few weeks for San Antonio. I want to see this kid pitch in person, he's that good. That's an understatement, I know.

All-Star Break is here. Thank God.

Seahawks training camp starts 3 weeks from tomorrow.

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