Sunday, July 11, 2004

NO! NO! NO! 

Scott Miller at CBS Sportsline

First Half: 32-54, .372 (4th in AL West) Grade F
"If not the biggest disappointment in baseball, the Mariners are in the same parking lot. Nobody could have foreseen Bret Boone tailing off this much offensively. John Olerud and Edgar Martinez both have seen better days. This is a team that must find a way to get younger quickly. The Mariners will be active at the July trade deadline, but don't expect them to strip-mine the team completely. They do not want to lose their large fan base, especially with Safeco Field still having that new-car smell. Ichiro Suzuki remains one of the few reasons to watch the Mariners these days. Let's see what GM Bill Bavasi can do -- though I'm not sure extending manager Bob Melvin so early was wise."

I really hope that the Mariners front office doesn't actually think that way.

What, they expect fans like me to be alienated if Randy Winn is traded? Please. Winn is not that damn special where there would be a riot on Fourth Avenue if he was traded.

The Mariners have to get better. I don't think they can afford to be on a "3 year plan". They can contend in 2005 if they can make the right moves. Sadly, Bill Bavasi will most likely be in charge of making this ballclub better. The Freddy Garcia deal doesn't make him a great general manager.

The Seattle sports fan base is not stupid, at least the diehards. There's a team just footsteps from Safeco Field that could very well win a championship soon. Seattle is a football town. Don't buy into the hype that Seattle is a baseball town.

These next few months are very important for the Seattle Mariners. Safeco Field may still have that "new car smell", but a new ballpark doesn't guarantee jack. See PNC Park. See Miller Park.

The blogosphere is a pessimistic place. But we also want to see this team win. Unfortunately, there's not much of that going on in 2004. 2005 better be different. There's no excuse for a franchise like the Seattle Mariners to be in this position right now. But the groundwork for this dreadful 2004 season has been laid for a while now.

I'll just wrap it up with this...

Carlos Guillen is an All-Star in Detroit and Rich Aurilia has been DFA'd.

Rambling over.

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