Sunday, July 11, 2004


I hurt myself today, listening to Ken Harrelson and Darrin Jackson calling the Mariners-White Sox game on WGN. This isn't groundbreaking news, but Darrin Jackson is the worst analyst in baseball history.

Commenting on Boone's at-bat in the 8th inning (paraphrasing):
"What a sequence of events, from 2 points on the board to 2 outs."

2 POINTS??? I expect a fan with a yellow Mariner hat telling me that at a game, not someone who has PLAYED in the big leagues! Totally unacceptable. This is BASEBALL. There are NO points in baseball, just runs.

That's not all...

During the 3rd inning (I think), Harrelson was bitching and moaning about how there's only ONE White Sox player on the American League All-Star team. "There's 8 Yankees and 5 Indians", Hawk cried.

Keep in mind that the FANS voted in 4 of the 8 Yankees. Now, I will agree with Hawk that having 5 Indians on the team is B.S. Hawk was making a case for Mark Beuhrle, who is 9-2 with a 4.03 ERA. I'd rather have Freddy Garcia on the team than Beuhrle. Garcia is only 6-8, but his ERA is 3.45. However, the Mariners offense is to blame for Garcia's less than stellar record.

If the White Sox make it to the World Series (NO CHANCE IN HELL!), Ozzie Guillen will choose 8-9 White Sox players. And Hawk won't say a damn thing about that. This is why people like Jay Mariotti hate Hawk's f***ing guts. It's bad when I actually want Mariotti to kick Hawk's ass.

Anyways, the Mariners...

What is there to say? It's the All-Star Break and the Seattle Mariners are 32-54, 17 games behind Texas. Raise your hand if you thought that would be the case before the season started. I didn't think so.

The Mariners were 0-9 on this three city road trip (St. Louis, Toronto, Chicago). They've lost 9 in a row. Changes have already started to take place. I don't think it is silly to suggest that Bob Melvin's job is in jeopardy. Sure, he's signed for 2005. But with the way the ballclub has played lately, I for one would not be shocked to see Melvin fired during the break or within the next few weeks.

For the Bloomquist Fan Club (the two of you), he went 0-for-2 today. Wolf Pride!

Is there anything positive about the Mariners right now?

Well, Felix Hernandez is scary good. He pitched the 2nd inning during the Futures Game in Houston today, striking out one and allowing one hit. I hope this kid is pitching against Arkansas in a few weeks for San Antonio. I want to see this kid pitch in person, he's that good. That's an understatement, I know.

All-Star Break is here. Thank God.

Seahawks training camp starts 3 weeks from tomorrow.

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