Friday, July 09, 2004


Steve at Mariner Wheelhouse

The Angels are one of the few contending teams that could possibly lure Randy Johnson out of Arizona. So chew on this, if you will:

---Bill Bavasi was the general manager of the Angels in 1995
---The Angels led the A.L. West for much of 1995, but lost to the Mariners in the one-game playoff Oct. 2, 1995
---Randy Johnson pitched in that one-game playoff
---Bavasi is now the general manager of the Mariners, 9 years later
---Johnson could be an Angel, 9 years later

And to top it all off, if Johnson is traded to Anaheim, the Angels have to be considered one of the favorites to win the World Series. I'll gladly take a Johnson/Bartolo Colon/Jarrod Washburn rotation in October. With that offense, if they add Johnson, look out.

By the way, if the Angels win the World Series this season with Randy Johnson, can we just honestly say that we would be in baseball hell? Am I taking crazy pills here? I don't think I am, but let me know.

Being a Mariner fan is like being in a glass case of emotion. Stark raving sick sad little world, indeed.

("Anchorman" is hysterical. In lieu of watching Matt Thornton walk everybody in Chicago tomorrow, including the old ladies in the projects, go see "Anchorman". Stay classy, San Diego! God damn I need to visit San Diego one of these years.)

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