Sunday, July 11, 2004


Two weeks of field camp left, and the end can't come soon enough. It's actually to the point now where I'm actually wanting to stick it out to the end instead of wishing for the sweet embrace of death to remove me from the hellhole that is Mitchell, Oregon and the eastern flanks of the Ochoco Mountains and Painted Hills area.

And congratulations to all the Bremertonians in the Olympic swimming trials and big congrats to Tara Kirk. As she gets to new heights, my stories just get better. From "that girl that sat in front of me in calculus class four years ago has a world record" to "that girl...is going to the Olympics"...it's nuts. If I get the chance to say I sat behind an Olympic gold medal swimmer in calculus class, well, wow.

My new station to pick up back in Mitchell for Mariner broadcasts is 870-AM out of the Tri-Cities. It's crazy. But I get my fix of Marinerness and Niehausisms.

Marinerness: Bret Boone up in the 9th against Shingo Takatsu last night, getting ahead 3-0 in the count before taking strike three looking.

Niehausism: "Here comes the 2-1 pitch to Konerko now...loooooooooooooowwwwww (octave lower), ball three, 3-1 the count now on Paul Konerko."

And my goodness, how did Matt Thornton walk seven guys, and not have the game end up 14-6 or something like that? That was a pretty short game, too, but that might be All-Staritis setting in, something very similar to senioritis in high school and/or college.

Lastly, I've got something to say about the trailers I've seen at the movies the last couple weeks. First off, the theater in Bend by the Old Mill is bitchin', and that whole "the Twenty" thing before the whole movie isn't the usual ad-card-with-music-playing business. It was actually half-worthwhile. But come on...Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? I'm not too sure this needed to happen. But somehow today I escaped the trailer for Alien vs. Predator. Not sure how, but I did. Purely preliminary here, but Bernie Mac as Mr. 3000...it kinda looks like crap. And yes, to those who haven't seen the trailer, Bernie Mac is a lefty hitter for the Brewers in the upcoming flick.

I'd like to close this by saying that without daily to semi-daily blogging, I am simply cold and dead inside. I miss everything about this.

Very lastly, I just realized that the Mariners traded away the starting battery for the White Sox today. It sounded weird. "Freddy takes the sign from Ben Davis..." Just like old times, almost.

Seeya next week maybe, and in two weeks definitely.

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