Saturday, June 25, 2005

THE PUMP 6/25/05 

Mariners at Padres, 1:05 Pacific (KCPQ-13/FOX)

Aaron Sele (6-5, 3.73 ERA) vs Jake Peavy (6-2, 2.56)

The Mariners scored 14 runs last night.

Somehow, I don't think that they'll score that many runs today against one of the best pitchers in baseball this season in Jake Peavy. But hey, that's why they play the games, right? If sabermetricians had their way, games would never be played on the field. Now that's a scary thought to think about.


Today's game will NOT be on MLB.TV, due to the national blackout restrictions on Saturday afternoons. Thanks a lot, FOX. Blackouts are awful at best. But I'm used to blackouts. I'm a Seahawks fan, after all.

No, I still don't hate San Diego. You can't make me hate San Diego, Bud!

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Friday, June 24, 2005

THE PUMP 6/24/05 

Mariners at Padres, 7:05 Pacific (FSN Northwest, MLB.TV)

Gil Meche (7-4, 4.64 ERA) vs Darrell May (1-1, 4.76 ERA)

Well, the Mariners' lineup is going to be without Richie Sexson for the first two games this weekend. Sexson has been suspended by Major League Baseball for two games, stemming from his ejection last Saturday against the New York Mets.

What this means is that Raul Ibanez will likely start at first base and Jeremy Reed will be able to play in a National League ballpark at his normal position of center field. Of course, losing Sexson for the first two games of this heated series is going to hurt the Mariners. Yes, I'm kidding about the "heated series" part.

Oh yeah...

"Go f**k yourself, San Diego!"

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Yesterday, I revealed my 2005 American League All-Stars.

Today, I'll reveal my 2005 National League All-Stars.

The skinny: The All-Star Game is in Detroit's Comerica Park on Tuesday, July 12. Every team must have a representative. No, the game still doesn't count.

With that, it's time to reveal my 2005 N.L. All-Stars.

2005 NATIONAL LEAGUE ALL-STARS (starters in italics)

SD - Ramon Hernandez
NYM - Mike Piazza
FLA - Paul LoDuca

CHC - Derrek Lee
FLA - Carlos Delgado

LA - Jeff Kent
STL - Mark Grudzielanek

LA - Cesar Izturis
STL - David Eckstein

CHC - Aramis Ramirez
ARZ - Troy Glaus

STL - Albert Pujols

FLA - Miguel Cabrera
STL - Jim Edmonds
PHI - Bobby Abreu
MIL - Carlos Lee
CIN - Adam Dunn
SF - Moises Alou
PIT - Jason Bay
ATL - Andruw Jones

FLA - Dontrelle Willis
HOU - Roger Clemens
WSH - Livan Hernandez
STL - Chris Carpenter
STL - Matt Morris
NYM - Pedro Martinez
SD - Jake Peavy
PHI - Brett Myers
ARZ - Brandon Webb

WSH - Chad Cordero
STL - Jason Isringhausen
COL - Brian Fuentes

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

---The 32nd Man for the National League will be Paul LoDuca.

---7 Cardinals are on this team. There's a reason for this. I expect Tony LaRussa to give guys such as David Eckstein an invite to the All-Star Game. Now, I'm not an Eckstein fan. I'm just expecting these things to happen, that's all.

---Derrek Lee should start at first base instead of Albert Pujols. Lee is the better defensive first baseman. Since the game is in an American League park this year, Pujols will be able to DH. But according to the voting, I don't expect this to happen. It would be nice, though.

Both the A.L. and N.L. All-Stars are complete on my end.

Who would win between my A.L. and N.L. All-Stars? I'd give the edge to the A.L. After all, I'm an A.L. fan. Give me the DH anyday over pitchers hitting. That's another issue for another day, however.

So get out and vote. Vote for whoever you want to vote for. It's a game for the fans. It would be easy for me to tell you who to vote for. But you see, I'm not that damn important.


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Thursday, June 23, 2005



The San Antonio Spurs!

Hand over the belts, Detroit.

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THE PUMP 6/23/05 

Athletics at Mariners, 1:35 Pacific (MLB.TV)

Kirk Saarloos (3-4, 4.34 ERA) vs Ryan Franklin (3-8, 4.46 ERA)

This will be an in-game running post throughout the day. So this post will be updated rapidly. Just for fun, I'll even include updated Pump photos.

Obviously, I know some of you are stuck at work, so you can't listen to the game. Don't worry, I'll have access to the game via MLB.TV. I'm expecting the Safeco Field Diamondvision crew to carry the game, since the M's and A's aren't covering the game on their affiliates. Earlier in the season, I believe Kansas City used its Diamondvision coverage on MLB.TV when they played the M's.

If you haven't seen it yet, I posted my 2005 A.L. All-Stars. No sabermetrics involved.

Alright, the box is now open. Don't be afraid of us just because we don't use VORP.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

(times in Pacific, even though I'm in the Central Time Zone)

1:05 - "Welcome to Mariners Baseball". Yup, I'm getting Diamondvision today. Right now, it's MLB Radio with former KJR-AM radio host Seth Everett.

1:09 - Just came across this Everett Herald story on today's ballgame.

The Mariners will honor the 1995 division championship team with a pregame ceremony before the July 2 game against the Rangers at Safeco Field. Among players from the 1995 team scheduled to appear are Rich Amaral, Mike Blowers, Chris Bosio, Jay Buhner, Norm Charlton, Edgar Martinez, Jeff Nelson, Doug Strange, Bob Wells, Dan Wilson and Bob Wolcott.

Oh come on, there can't be a 1995 celebration without Greg Pirkl!

1:11 - I'm now watching the usual pregame Safeco Field video. I miss the Ivar's fries. When the line at McDonald's at Colman Dock was too long, I went down to Ivar's, which is right next to the ferry parking lot on Alaskan Way.

1:15 - Bret Boone is on the cover of the "official" Mariners program. Somehow, I don't think Jon Wells would put Boone on the Grand Salami cover anytime soon, unless the headline is "Candyass", with credit to Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing.

1:20 - Hey! Bremerton has been chosen as the site for the new NASCAR track! No, I don't think it's going to work. If the track wouldn't work over in Snohomish County, what makes anybody think that it's going to work in Kitsap County?

1:33 - Don't tell me that Seth Everett and Darryl Hamilton are going to be doing play-by-play of this game. ARRRRRRRRGH!

1:38 - Play ball!

1:40 - This sucks. There's no reason why they can't just pipe in the Mariners radio feed, Rick Rizzs' voice be damned.

1:42 - OK, my feed is crapping out big time. Maybe if the MLB Radio feed wasn't piped in, I wouldn't have such a problem with this.

1:44 - Franklin gets out of it. BLOOPER REEL TIME! I'm hearing Seth Everett's voice during the break. Funny stuff.

1:48 - "It's 2-0 on Winn and it hits him!" Brutal.

1:49 - It seems to me that Winn gets thrown out at second base more than an ugly person at Studio 54 in the 1970s.

1:54 - Sexson strikes out to end the inning. I'm not complaining. I know what I'm getting when it comes to the guy.

2:12 - Seriously, this feed sucks.

2:20 - Bobby Kielty sacrifice fly makes it 1-0 A's. I can hear the "no run support" cries coming from a few fans right now.

2:25 - I'm listening to a talk show but there's a baseball game going on. Wow.

2:28 - Dead air is better than MLB Radio.

2:30 - OH NO, THE GROUNDSKEEPERS ARE DANCING! It's a good thing we don't have a blogosphere mosh pit, because I'm afraid I'd hurt somebody.

2:32 - Jeremy Reed is good.

2:34 - Shawn Bradley is retiring after 12 years in the NBA. What, he couldn't have waited until next week to announce this news?

2:36 - Robert Swift, come on down! You're the next great white stiff to get posterized!

2:46 - Today's Groups on the centerfield scoreboard.


2:50 - By the way, we do exist.

2:50 - Franklin is in trouble. Runners on 1st and 3rd, 0 outs.

2:52 - Kielty grounds into the double play, but Chavez scores from 3rd. 2-0 A's.

2:55 - Bret Boone is not a Hall of Famer. Derek Zumsteg didn't tell me to say this.

3:05 - The green hydro won the Hydro race.

3:13 - We're through 6 innings and the M's are being shut down by Kirk Saarloos. This isn't surprising, unfortunately.

3:21 - This game is boring me. Is anybody up for a game of street hockey?

3:24 - Franklin is done. 6.2 IP, 4 ER, 11 H, 3 BB, 1 K.

3:25 - 4-0 A's. The M's may lose 3 out of 4 to the last-place A's. Ugh.

3:28 - Shigetoshi Hasegawa now mowing for the M's.

3:30 - Sadly, the "now mowing" joke applies only to Arthur Rhodes. Oh, and it's 5-0 A's. Dammit. This is just awful.

3:32 - It's 7th Inning Stretch Time. Yawn.

3:38 - Who was the 1995 opening day left fielder for the M's?

It was Darren Bragg, who was later in the Jamie Moyer deal in 1996.

3:44 - If anybody wants a clean towel, here you go.

3:48 - Pat Borders is incredible.

3:55 - The M's head to San Diego this weekend to face their hated rivals, the San Diego Padres. I can feel the tension between these two teams, I really can.

3:56 - Winn, Beltre, Sexson due up for the M's in the bottom of the 9th.

4:02 - And that's your ballgame. A's win 5-0. Kirk Saarloos pitches the entire way, allowing just 4 hits and striking out 7 Mariners.

4:03 - Good day. This game sucked.

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This year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game is at Detroit’s Comerica Park on Tuesday, July 12. This is the 3rd year that the All-Star Game "counts". While we’re on the whole "this time, it counts" issue, I absolutely hate the fact that the All-Star Game means something. This is a game for the fans, yet the league that wins the game earns homefield advantage in the World Series.

How about giving homefield advantage to the representative in the World Series who has the better record? Last year, the St. Louis Cardinals won 105 games, yet they didn't have the homefield. It was the Boston Red Sox, who earned the A.L. Wild Card, that had the homefield advantage. That's not to say that the Red Sox wouldn’t have beaten the Cardinals anyway. But my idea would be more credible than the current system. With the current system, players such as Hank Blalock and Alfonso Soriano could decide which league has homefield in the World Series in October. By the way, those two players were the past two MVPs in the ASG (Blalock 2003, Soriano 2004).

Today, I'll reveal my 2005 American League All-Stars. My selections are based on the 2005 season only. After all, this is the 2005 All-Star Game. Every team must have a representative, according to the current system. So there will be a notable player or two who will be left off of my roster. Remember, it's my All-Star team.

2005 AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL-STAR TEAM (starters in italics)

BOS – Jason Varitek
DET – Ivan Rodriguez

TEX – Mark Teixeira
CWS – Paul Konerko
SEA - Richie Sexson

BAL – Brian Roberts
TEX – Alfonso Soriano
TB – Jorge Cantu

BAL – Miguel Tejada
TEX - Michael Young

NYY – Alex Rodriguez
BAL – Melvin Mora

BOS – David Ortiz

BOS – Manny Ramirez
SEA – Ichiro
ANA – Vladimir Guerrero
BOS – Johnny Damon
NYY – Gary Sheffield
KC – Emil Brown
OAK – Mark Kotsay
ANA – Garret Anderson

TOR – Roy Halladay
CWS – Jon Garland
BOS – Matt Clement
MIN – Johan Santana
ANA – Bartolo Colon
TEX – Kenny Rogers
CLE – Cliff Lee

SEA – Eddie Guardado
NYY – Mariano Rivera
CLE – Bob Wickman
BAL – B.J. Ryan

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

---The 32nd Man for the American League will be Richie Sexson.

---No Derek Jeter? Hey, it's my team.

---Every team has to be represented? I don't think so.

---Thank goodness I'm not Boston manager Terry Francona. It's going to be a pain trying to figure out where to put David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, and Alex Rodriguez in the order.

So there they are, my 2005 American League All-Star roster.

Tomorrow, I'll reveal my 2005 National League All-Stars.

Agree? Disagree? Use the box.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

THE PUMP 6/22/05 

Athletics at Mariners, 7:05 Pacific (FSN Northwest, MLB.TV)

Barry Zito (3-8, 4.66 ERA) vs Jamie Moyer (6-2, 4.42 ERA)

The ebbs and flows of a 162-game season, it's ridiculous. But hey, we're still going to watch as much of the 162-game season as we can. Why? We're fans, that's why. And I'd venture to guess that a lot of us have nothing better to do on a Wednesday night.

I'll have my 2005 MLB All-Stars up the next two days, with the A.L. All-Stars tomorrow and the N.L. All-Stars on Friday. Warning: Tino Martinez is NOT the starting first baseman on my 2005 A.L. All-Star Team. Just thought I'd get that out of the way. So look for the All-Stars the next two days. No, the game doesn't count!

Open thread. Go with the flow.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

THE PUMP 6/21/05 

Athletics at Mariners, 7:05 Pacific (FSN Northwest, MLB.TV)

Rich Harden (2-3, 2.80 ERA) vs Joel Pineiro (2-3, 5.69)

The A's were kind enough to activate Rich Harden off the disabled list just in time to face the Mariners. Harden has been on the DL since May 14 with a strained left oblique muscle. Back on April 21 in Seattle, Harden went 7 strong innings, allowing just 5 hits and striking out 8 Mariners in the process in a 3-0 Oakland victory.

Joel Pineiro is looking for his first decision since May 8 in Boston, a 6-3 loss. As a matter of fact, Pineiro hasn't won since April 26 at Texas. Yes, there was that "10-day minor league stint" during the month of May.

Tonight is Ken Griffey, Jr. Collectible Statue Night at Safeco Field. The statue depicts Junior after his game-winning home run against the New York Yankees on August 24, 1995. Jeff Shaw has a hysterical look at the 1995 Griffey statue and the 2005 Griffey Cincinnati Reds statue. The Reds' Griffey statue looks like the bastard cousin of Lil' Penny (which Sprite completely ripped off when they made "Thirst", LeBron James' little homie).

I want my Randy Johnson statue, but that's another story.

Game thread is now open. Use it.

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Well, so much for me wanting to talk about a possible lockout.

According to ESPN, the NBA owners and players have agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. If there wasn't an agreement signed by July 1, there would have been a lockout, similar to the labor dispute in 1998-1999.

The 6-year deal includes each of the following features:

A 19-year old age limit OR one year out of high school
(Players who aren't 19 years of age by the night of the NBA Draft would be ineligible for the draft)

Contract lengths would be reduced by one year
(Raises would be reduced to 10 percent if a player re-signs with his current team and 8 percent if they sign with a different team in free agency)

Revamped drug policy
(Players would be randomly tested 4 times a year)

We should know much more about the new CBA tonight before Game 6 of the NBA Finals in San Antonio. Thumbs up to the NBA owners and players for getting a deal done. They knew that they couldn't afford a lockout. I really hope Gary Bettman is paying attention to the NBA right now.

So with that, we'll have NBA basketball next year! Sonics and Blazers fans rejoice! As for myself, I'll be able to visit the FedEx Forum in Memphis next season to watch the Grizzlies play. Let's just say that the Beale Street business community is very happy right now with the new CBA agreement for the NBA. Professional sports isn't just about the players on the court, field, and rink. It's also about the local businesses. If you don't think that's true, you're kidding yourself.

Yes, I'll watch a little bit of Game 6 tonight. Thanks once again to Big Shot Bob.

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5th round draft pick Jeb Huckeba (pronounced HUCK-A-BEE) has signed a multi-year deal with the Seahawks.

The former Arkansas Razorback is the first of the team's nine draft choices to sign. Best of luck to Jeb, who I think will become a fan favorite in Seattle, provided he makes the team out of training camp. I know the Razorbacks fans are hoping he succeeds in Seattle.

I can imagine it now, Huckeba makes a key tackle on his former teammate Matt Jones September 11 in Jacksonville, which is the Seahawks' season opener. Football's coming soon, folks. I know I'm not the only one starving for football.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

THE PUMP 6/20/05 

Athletics at Mariners, 7:05 Pacific (FSN Northwest, MLB.TV)

Dan Haren (4-7, 4.14 ERA) vs Aaron Sele (6-5, 3.79 ERA)

The Mariners have been playing good baseball as of late, which is due in part to the "youth movement". It's nice having new faces out there. Jose Lopez, Mike Morse, and Rene Rivera have held their own thus far. That's encouraging to see. Will it last? Hell, I don't know.

Which reminds me, where do some people come off telling other fans to not get too excited about this team? People have every right to be enthusiastic. It's part of being a fan. On the same token, it's alright to be cynical as well. That's also part of being a fan.

Nobody is an expert in this blogosphere. Not the bloggers. Not the readers. We're all here for the same reason. We're fans of the Seattle Mariners. It doesn't matter what your background is. As long as you're a Mariner fan, you're alright with me. Well, you're alright with me anyway, since you're reading this. I will never downgrade anybody's opinion when it comes to this team. I may disagree with someone's opinion at times, but I will never downgrade it either.

Sports And Bremertonians doesn't want to discourage readership, we want to embrace it. We're not in the business of downgrading our readers. One, we're not experts. Two, we're fans just like you. This is a fun site. At least I think it is anyway.

If you want to spread the optimism, go right ahead. If you want to spread the negativity, that's fine too. All that I ask is that you're civil. And I won't correct your grammar either, unless if it's really, really bad.

Enjoy the ballgame tonight and remember, this is an open game thread as well. I'll be here, because well, I love baseball. And there's nothing for me to do tonight besides watching the A's-Mariners game on the internet. Thanks, Bud.

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The Mariners are 5-1 on their current homestand.


---Chris Berman should just stick to the NFL. I don't care for him hogging the sets at the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, and this weekend, the U.S. Open. What's next, the X-Games? Not that I watch the X-Games, of course.

---Thank you, Robert Horry. Finally, some drama in the NBA Finals.

---Think about this: Robert Horry could win his 6th NBA title on Tuesday night. Role player with championship rings or superstar with no rings? Which role would you choose if you were a professional athlete? Since my athletic skill level wasn't quite superstar-esque, I'd be a role player. That doesn't mean that just because you don't win a championship, you aren't a great player. Tony Womack has a World Series ring, but Ryne Sandberg doesn't. That's just one example.

---I don't like long walks on the beach because I hate sand.

---If I ever host a sports radio show in Arkansas, I will not talk about junior high football.

---Speaking of sports radio, I wonder what the New York sports radio stations are going to be like Monday afternoon. Step right up and sweep the Mets!

---In what should come as no big surprise, the concert market in Arkansas is awful this summer. Thank God I'll be closer to Memphis soon.

---I'd love to go back up to Washington this summer. It's just not in the cards.

---Giants reliever LaTroy Hawkins is on the DL with an irritated nerve in his right elbow. But hey, he can do a journalist's job just as well as the real ones can. Of course, some of the journalists out there can get three outs in the 9th inning as well.

---It's a damn shame that Mike Cameron couldn't play in Safeco Field this weekend.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

I hate to end this post on a sad note, but I just came across this sad news.

Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller has died at the age of 41 of throat cancer. He was diagnosed with throat cancer 13 months ago. Just a sad deal all the way around. Soul Asylum was definitely one of the more underrated bands of the 1990s, no doubt about it.

RIP, Karl.

Have a good week, everybody.

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Former St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Kyle Turley is passing the time by playing with the heavy metal band Perpetual Death Mode.

The band just formed a few weeks ago. Turley plays drums for the four-piece out of Arizona, where he has been training with the Athlete's Performance Institute. A serious back injury cost Turley the entire 2004 season, a season where the Rams finished 8-8 and knocked off the Seahawks three times. (I hate being honest at times.)

My advice to Perpetual Death Mode: Don't put up live tracks, because most of the time, the live tracks sound horrible, especially when there isn't a lot of studio work to draw from. "In Flames" was recorded in a studio, and it is by far the best song by PDM that I've heard.

With a little more work in the studio, we may hear more from Perpetual Death Mode in the future. I've heard Sandfrog and I can tell you that Perpetual Death Mode is no Sandfrog, thank God.

Seahawks fans, it's OK to support this band.

Kyle Turley hates Mike Martz. Enough said.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005


You want to know why the ratings are down for the NBA Finals?

It's not just the overall play of the two teams involved.

It's the broadcast times!

Tonight, coverage of Game 5 on ABC started at 7:30 p.m. Central (5:30 Pacific). Maybe my memory is short, but I remembered a few years ago that the NBA Finals games on Sunday started at 4 p.m. Pacific. What was so wrong with that?

It's one thing to put the NBA Finals on primetime during the week. However, it's another thing to air a NBA Finals game at 7:30 p.m. Central on a Sunday night. I guarantee you the ratings would be better if the coverage started at an earlier start time (4 p.m. Pacific/6 p.m. Central/7 p.m. Eastern).

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig gets criticized every October for the FOX baseball postseason package. Where's the criticism for NBA commissioner David Stern? Is he the Teflon commissioner? I know that Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan is the Teflon coach. But Shanahan is in the NFL, while Stern is in charge of the NBA.

Hopefully this issue can be fixed for next season, if there is a next season.

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AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

The kids are alright, folks.

Seattle Mariners baseball is officially fun to watch again.

It's alright to celebrate, M's fans. We've been through a lot in the past year or so, so it's definitely alright to feel good about your baseball team right now.

The Bret Boone Death March is picking up steam with each passing day. I'm tired of the batflips and rally killings. Let's hope that my prediction date of July 25 is deemed wrong. I want him gone ASAP. I think I speak for a lot of M's fans when I say that.

Dare I say it, but I'm back. Damn it feels good to be a Mariner fan right now.

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THE PUMP 6/19/05 

Mets at Mariners, 1:05 Pacific (FSN Northwest, MLB.TV)

Tom Glavine (4-6, 4.55 ERA) vs Gil Meche (6-4, 4.38 ERA)

The euphoria of the Mariners finally defeating Pedro Martinez is my highlight of the 2005 season up to this point. If the Mariners can bottle up last night's excitement and use it the rest of the season, we may have something here.

Believe it or not, the kids are going to be alright. Dare I say it, but Mariners baseball is becoming fun to watch again. As I said last night, I haven't had this much fun watching the M's since 2002. Will the Mariners win 90+ games this season? I don't think they will. If anything, 2005 can be a nice building block for 2006. As long as I don't have to put up with another 2004-esque season as a fan, I'll be alright.

The box is yours.

Happy Father's Day!

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