Saturday, October 25, 2003


The two ugly skanks Mystique and Aura are dead.

Yanks and Skanks rhyme!!! Wow. Big ups to me.

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The Florida Marlins are your 2003 World Champions.

Screw Jeff Loria.
Screw George Steinbrenner.
Screw Derek Jeter.
Screw Alfonso Soriano.
Screw Karim Garcia.
Screw David Wells.
Screw Hideki Matsui.
Screw Jeff Nelson.

But big props towards every Florida Marlin player, including my childhood classmate Dontrelle Willis. These guys earned this championship. And Jack McKeon? Damn. The guy is 238 years old (72 years old), but he basically said "Screw the BOOK!". You know, the BOOK guys like Bob Melvin followed all season long.

However, I have to swallow another bitter pill as a Seattle fan. For the third straight year in a row, I have to see a city that is below Seattle celebrate a baseball championship. Phoenix 2001, Anaheim 2002, and now Miami 2003. But hey, that's part of life I guess.

A big F U to the Mariners brass tonight. I'm sure when Pudge Rodriguez was signed by Florida for 10 million, they were laughing their tails off. But look at where Pudge is now.

He's a World Champion. Dan Wilson?

Well, he's a good guy! And isn't that what counts in life, kids?


Anyways, the baseball season is over. In two weeks, the Mariners will announce Lee Pelekoudas as their new general manager. Why do I think that way?

Well, I guess you haven't followed the Mariners franchise like I have, now have you?

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Andy Pettitte may have four World Series rings and the adoration of throngs of Yankee fans, but his wife Laura is no Shirley Pineiro, I can tell you that much.

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With 13:39 left in the 4th quarter, USC wide receiver Brandon Hancock burned South Kitsap graduate Jimmy Newell to put the Trojans up 36-17 over your Washington Huskies. If we can get a photo of this, I assure you it will be posted.

Yes, we know Jimmy didn't do too bad last week and had a bunch of tackles, and yes, we'll give him that. But just now...he got lit up for a TD.

[Edited at 5:07 PM -- the Yahoo photo database is the best thing ever assembled. HERE IS THE PHOTO!!]

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You know, I'm sitting here watching parts of the USC/Washington game and I'm just glad I'm not a Husky fan, because I'm seeing penalties, fumbles, and interceptions...bad stuff galore. I think I just saw a fumble in the Husky backfield that they recovered about 24 yards behind the line of scrimmage to set up a THIRD-AND-50. Gooooood gracious. Yeah, Dawgs!!

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Okay, sorry I didn't do it last week; I had a ton of homework and blablabla...

Here's how it went for the various teams in Kitsap County last night, on a night where Danny Wilm of Steilacoom set a state single-game rushing record with 492 yards against Vashon Island --

Eatonville 35, Klahowya 12. One week after spoiling North Mason's homecoming, Klahowya had the tables turned on them, as a couple sloppy plays and no passing game in the second half did them in. Eatonville QB Jordan Osborn went 10-for-15 for two scores and 294 yards.

Seattle Prep 24, Bainbridge 15. The ol' 17-points-to-none 3rd quarter did in the Sparts here. Lots of turnovers forced by the defenses in this one. Meanwhile, Bainbridge is a lean 1-7 overall, this one being their sixth-straight loss. Spartan Spirit!!

South Kitsap 51, Port Angeles 0. With stud running back Adam Macomber, he of 1423 rushing yards and a sprained knee, PA was dead. South ran 14 plays in the first half and scored 37 points. Ho hum. Nothing to see here...moving on... (the game that matters is South v. Gig Harbor next week)

North Kitsap 28, Central Kitsap 21. North had a bad time with the running game but got the right run they needed at the right time, in a form of a draw play to Nic Stearns for a 34-yard score after North had gone to the air for the last 18 plays. The Vikes are in the thick of the playoff hunt with one league loss, but really need to beat Shelton and running back Isaiah Taito next week.

and lastly and sadly...

Shelton 62, Bremerton 6. Shelton's Isaiah Taito scored three times and scampered for 136 yards and probably only played three quarters [Ed. on Sunday: reader Jer informs me that Taito only played the first half], and the Highclimbers scored 36 points in the second quarter. I haven't felt this feeling in four years, but I really gotta feel for those Knight seniors right now, and I'll really feel for them if they lose to winless-in-league Olympic next week. No senior should have to go through a winless season, which Jeremy will inevitably attest to after reading this. The closest I came was my brutal Babe Ruth baseball team back when I was 14 that went 0-10, but I knew that team was gonna suck anyway, and I wasn't going out on that note. The note I went out on was striking out a lot and hitting (probably) .076 for my final summer American Legion team.

Anyway, there it is. So half-ass it hurts.

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Friday, October 24, 2003


Jason King of the Vancouver Canucks, and of the 3 goals and 2 assists in the first 6 Canucks games on the line with the Sedin twins, is the pride of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, also known as The Rock. You gotta know and love your Canadian maritime provinces.

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

NO JAPAN!!!!!!!!!! 

I really hope the Mariners don't open up the 2004 season in Japan.

Yes, I know the M's are big in Japan. But dammit, these are the SEATTLE Mariners, not the Tokyo Mariners.

If the M's do indeed open up the 2004 season in Japan, that means that they have to start spring training early once again. For once, I'd like to see the M's act like a REAL CONTENDER, and say NO to Japan.

If Hiroshi Yamauchi wants to see the Mariners play, then he should get on a plane and come to Seattle to watch a game. Ignorance at its best.

Just watch though...the M's STILL won't be able to play their season opener in Japan, because I just don't see the war in Iraq ending anytime soon. Yes, I think it's going to last into March, at least.

That's the bottom line...not Howard Lincoln's bottom line, but my bottom line!

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So the Marlins beat the Yankees. Ho hum. Thought the Yankees had it sewn up when Urbina blew the 3-1 lead in the 9th, but I guess they didn't. I was almost wishing for the Yanks to run the table so that this God-forsaken baseball season could end. At least the last five months of the season were God-forsaken, anyway. The two or three months before that weren't too bad, but they sure turned out to be deceiving.

I was listening to Blues-Canucks through the CKNW online feed and was quite incensed when Dan Cloutier gave up a goal a mere 47 seconds after the Canucks drew first blood in the game, after which Jeremy and I were calling for Johan Hedberg to come in. In the second period, Canuck Brent Sopel put a goal in his own net, which was credited to Pavol Demitra. At this point, I thought the Canucks weren't gonna pull this one out. So then I go to the local theater and see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I come back to the room afterward and check the score, and I'll be damned if the Canucks didn't pull that game out (photos: one, two, three). Vancouver with a come-from-behind win. They're 4-0-0-0 on home ice this season. And they're still doing it all without production from Todd Bertuzzi and Markus Naslund. Amazing. This of course means that the Canucks are 2-0-0-0 when I have their beanie in my possession.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003


While we're on the kick of posts related in some way to the female element, I'll post this. I've wondered on occasion what the hell happened to Manon Rheaume, who years ago was in the Tampa Bay Lightning system trying to be the first female goalie in the NHL. It didn't happen. But she did play for the female Team Canada, who did pretty well in their own right, if I'm not mistaken.

Here's the Google image search for Rheaume. It seems like when she was making waves, it was a friggin long time ago, but she's still only 30.

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How in the blazing hell did Tim Hasselbeck, an absolute hack of a third-string QB who is nowhere near as good as his brother, bag number-one Survivor hottie Elisabeth Filarski (Colleen Haskell is #2)? I've tried to wrap my mind around this quite a few times, but it's just not happening.

In another somewhat vaguely-tied-to-sports anecdote, the KJR crosstalk yesterday between the morning gang and Softy degenerated into a discussion about how Softy's wife loves the reality TV. They get around to Trading Spaces eventually, and they wind around to Trading Spaces' freakishly tall host (though they don't discuss the height) Paige Davis. Everyone who's seen the show digs Paige, but Steve Sandmeyer hadn't seen the show, but is hell-bent about not liking short hair, which Davis has. One of the guys then convinces him that there's a little bit of Jen Love Hewitt in Davis' face. Here's a little tidbit -- Davis' full given name is Mindy Paige Davis. The guy she married had the last name of Page. Put 'em together and you get Mindy Paige Davis Page. Don't think about that too long; you'll go nuts.

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The Washington Redskins released piece of crap quarterback Rob Johnson today.

And who did the Skins sign to replace POC Johnson? None other than Mr. Elisabeth Hasselbeck. That would be Tim, younger brother of Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Isn't Elisabeth a hottie? If you don't think so, well, you can go do whatever with yourself.

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Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens will now be a grocery store.

Once the home of the Maple Leafs, Maple Leaf Gardens was sold to Loblaw Co., Canada's largest food distributor. Don't fret though, there will be homages to the history of the Leafs inside the MLG grocery store. There will also be a retail store that will sell Leafs gear.

Now the Maple Leafs can go buy the Stanley Cup, a trophy that has eluded them since 1967.

Unfortunately, the Leafs won't win jack in 2003-2004. Too bad, so sad.

BELLLLLLLLLLLFOUR!!!! SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gary Mason of the Vancouver Sun says we should celebrate a little after the 6-1 win by the Canucks over the Sabres even though the Sabres stunk like holy hell. He also points out that through six games, fifteen different players have scored goals. Monday night when the Canucks scored six goals, none of those six were from Bertuzzi and Naslund. Those two haven't even warmed up yet. When they do, hoo boy...

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Brad May drew a one-game suspension from the NHL for cross-checking Jay McKee across the face in the final minutes of the Canucks' 6-1 win over the Sabres on Monday. In some interesting dialogue, McKee (friend of May) has somewhat defended May, saying that he had previously "face washed" (love that hockey grammar) May in the corner not long before the cross-check, about which he said he was hit in the face with May's glove instead of a stick. The suspension is a result of the 10-minute match penalty (intent to injure) that was given to May. To those who don't know (which I didn't until Monday night), when a match penalty is given, the penalized player cannot be on the ice until the NHL reviews the severity of the penalty.

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Take this for what it's worth. It's a Hockey News article that was posted on ESPN.com and it's basically a season preview-type deal. On the sidebar are the predictions of comedian Denis Leary and Aerosmith Toxic Twin guitarist Joe Perry. They both pick the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup because, well, they're from Boston. Leary picks the B's because he knows half the people on the team and they'd kill him if he said otherwise.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003


October 21, 2001.

My most painful sports experience to date.

It was Game 4 of the 2001 American League Championship Series between the Mariners and Yankees. The Yankees had a 2-1 lead over the M's in the series, but things were looking up for Seattle after their 14-3 victory the day before.

Paul Abbott had a no-hitter through 5 innings. However, he also walked EIGHT batters. It proved to be Abbott's last meaningful start up to this point. Abbott was 17-4 for the 2001 Mariners, who had won 116 games, tying the all-time Major League record. Roger Clemens was just as good as Abbott, pitching 5 innings, allowing just one hit.

It was a scoreless ballgame until the 8th inning, when Bret Boone hit a solo home run off of Ramiro Mendoza to give the M's a 1-0 lead. And with Arthur Rhodes and Kazuhiro Sasaki waiting in the wings, you would think that would be enough. Not so fast. The game was in Yankee Stadium, you know. Rhodes did his usual Bronx choke session, giving up the slim lead, thanks to a Bernie Williams solo shot.

M's manager Lou Piniella had told everybody within shouting distance that the M's were going to bring the 2001 ALCS back to Seattle for Game 6 (as noted below in David's post). But that prophecy was quickly turning to %$&#.

Enter Sandman. Mariano Rivera.

What does the most clutch player in the history of baseball do?

John Olerud. Grounds out to Tino Martinez.

Stan Javier. Grounds out to Alfonso Soriano.

Mike Cameron. Pops out to Tino Martinez.

Three pitches. Three outs. End of the %@$#%&$ season.

Actually, it wasn't the end of the season. That came in 5 minutes, maybe 7 minutes.

Kazuhiro Sasaki comes on to get the M's to extra innings. He gets Shane Spencer to ground out to David Bell. Then, on the first pitch to Scott Brosius, the McMinnville, Oregon native gets a base hit.

Runner on 1st, 1 out. The #9 hitter, Alfonso Soriano, came up to the plate. That's right, Soriano hit NINTH in 2001.

Sasaki falls behind in the count, 1-0. What happens next?

Of course, Soriano hits a walkoff home run into the right center field bleachers. Yankees win the ballgame 3-1. As Yankees play by play man John Sterling likes to say, "Ballgame over, Yankees win. THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!"

I then turn off my TV in utter disgust. When Rivera got through the 9th inning on just three pitches, I knew it was over. The Soriano HR just prolonged my agony.

Why the lack of faith? Well, Mr. Clutch Aaron Sele was pitching Game 5 for the M's. Obviously I'm joking about the clutch part. The last time Sele was clutch, "Finders Keepers" was still on the air.

We all know what happened in Game 5. The 12-3 rout by the Yankees. Ballgame over. Season over. 116 win season = Doesn't mean a damn thing without the ring.

The Mariners haven't been back to the playoffs since 2001. You see why David and I are so fired up over this team, and why we want to see them get better?

So we don't have to go through days like 10/21/01 ever again. Maybe with an improved team, the M's can win those type of ballgames.

A few links to that infamous day in my life and Mariners history...
Retrosheet box score
ESPN recap
Seattle P-I recap

Just another day in Seattle sports history, I guess.

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Yankee reliever Jeff Nelson made an appearance today on the Softy show on KJR. Softy warned everyone beforehand that Nelson didn't want to talk about the bullpen incident (due to possible legal ramifications and compromises), but amazingly he was quite candid about it. Basically, Nelson said he gave the media his story right afterward, but as he says, the real story doesn't sell papers/get ratings. Result: media spin and blowup.

One thing he also said was that baseball is a tough sport to talk trash or make guarantees and back it up, unlike football and basketball, where there's direct offense vs. defense and one-on-one confrontation. He basically pointed out the Red Sox and the whole Cowboy Up thing, and the Twins and everyone else who was saying that it wasn't the Yankees' year. The thing that really hurt was that he brought up when Lou Piniella said that the Mariners were going to bring the 2001 ALCS (against the Yanks) back to Seattle for Game 6. That really hurt. Bottom line is, everyone mentioned ended up losing to the Yankees.

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I'd like to congratulate Canada's Beckie Scott on taking over the silver medal in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics in 5k cross-country skiing. She has the silver medal now because Larisa Lazutina of Russia was stripped of the silver medal for doping. Since I know you're dying for photos...one, two, three. You gotta love photos, don't ya?

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This from a KJR sports update, Seahawks tight end Ryan Hannam is out for the year with an ACL tear. Time once again for Jerramy Stevens to show all of us what he's made of, instead of showing us that he's a delinquent, which he has done with flying colors since he was a Husky tight end.

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From the P-I, Yankee GM Brian Cashman calls the Seattle GM position a dream job, and that the GM search is the "buzz of the industry."

Something that I thought needed explaining was the interview of assistant Tiger GM Al Avila. The article said he's probably not a likely choice, but "was with the Marlins...and was largely credited with helping rebuild the franchise after the roster was dismantled following Florida's 1997 World Series victory." Come on, I'm looking for a World Series next year, the year after that, and the year after that. I'm not looking for a World Series in five or six years (i.e., Marlins). I want it now, dammit. And the Mariners are far from rebuilding.

Short totally unrelated Husky football note: Softy on KJR thinks Cody Pickett is hurt. And in a similar problem, much in the same way that Brock Huard used to throw off his back foot, Cody Pickett (according to Softy) fixes his eyes on one half of the field and takes away half his pass options right away. And to think people were saying Pickett was a possible Heisman candidate before the season started....HAAA!!!

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Tanner from FourSixteen has linked our fair site on his page. Apparently he must have some passing interest in sports, Bremerton, the Mariners, or something we've mentioned on this page, because such topics do not manifest themselves on his page. That or he just feels sorry for us and finds the page easy to make fun of. Either way, we are linked and for that we are appreciative. Now that I think about it, we've gotten comments from people that see us on those "latest published blog" lists, so I guess that's a possibility too. Anyway, thank you to all who read the site, and it'd be cool to hear from the four or so (I'd be amazed if it were more) that are semi-regulars. Feel free to e-mail us or rifle off some comments; it'll be cool. We don't bite.

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Yeah, so the baseball posts have slowed down thanks to my out-and-out refusal to watch the World Series, and the Mariners lack of moves, other than interviewing GM candidates (coincident with postseason activity). Of course, the amount of homework given to me also helps me to not watch the World Series. Now my Tuesday and Thursday night classes aren't so bad because I'm not watching Fish/Yanks.

But anyway, the occasional glance at Yahoo's sports photos (link on sidebar), should you decide to glance at them, shows me that there is a World Cup of Baseball going on in glorious Cuba. No word if there will be stowaway defectors on the US team plane coming back. The US sent a bunch of college guys (sophomores and freshmen...they're younger than me and I am now jealous) down there, and here's the roster. Everett's Brent Lillbridge from the UW Husky team (frosh) is a member.

The World Cup team is 5-1 in the tournament and had their Netherlands game rained out. They have two games left before the elimination phase of the tourney.

As for the US Olympic qualifying team, they're on this tour to beat the pants off the Arizona Fall League. In a game against Mesa last night, Mariner farmhand and 3-bagger Justin Leone went 3-for-4, scored three runs, and drove in four runs...while batting eighth. He had a solo homer, a three-run homer, a double, and the obligatory strikeout. If all else fails at third base, does a Mariner fan ever think of at least giving Justin Leone a shot at the third base job next spring? Why the hell not? He can't hit any worse than Cirillo...right?

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Monday, October 20, 2003


First, I got my Canucks beanie in the mail.

Second, I tried to go to NHL.com to listen to the CKNW feed of the Canucks telecast of Sabres/Canucks tonight. I clicked on their CKNW audio link and they still gave me the Buffalo audio. So I thought I'd just have to sit there and listen to the Buffalo guys. Luckily, I gave something else a try. I went to the CKNW page and hit "listen live" thinking they'd have it blocked like KJR does for Husky telecasts. Nope. I had the Canuck feed going here tonight and it was good stuff. Just don't tell the NHL, in case they have rules against this...

After a brutal 0-2-1 road trip (tie at Minnesota, losses to Columbus and Detroit), the Canucks went nuts tonight in a 6-1 win. Jason King had a three-point night and Dan Sedin and Sami Salo had two points each. Brendan Morrison, Ed Jovanovski, and Trevor Linden had the other three goals. Miro Satan spoiled the shutout 6:25 into the third period with a thread-the-needle goal over Cloutier's short side.

The sick thing? With this 3rd win (they're perfect on home ice this year), the Canucks have matched their October win total from last year, when they went 3-4-4.

Man, the Canucks post-game guys are just railing the Sabres. Stuff like "the Sabres were just waving sticks tonight" ... "Why doesn't the NHL keep zone time as a statistic anymore?" ... "the Sabres performance tonight was unacceptable at the NHL level" ... "that might be the worst team that's come into GM Place the last few years, and there's been some pretty bad performances"

Well, the Canucks are 1-0-0-0 when I have a Canuck beanie in my possession. Good stuff. They have the Blues on Wednesday at the Garage.

One other thing, the Canucks were wearing their third jerseys: those navy-to-red fade jerseys, which I didn't think they wanted to be caught dead in. There's worse third jerseys out there, folks. Still, this dark-jerseys-at-home thing is messing with my mind.

Game photos!!!: one, two, three, four, five, six

Another great thing about the CKNW telecasts is that they don't block out the local ads. They have an ad for Key West (sp?) Ford in New Westminster BC where the voice-over guy sounds like Dave Grosby of KJR. And then there's the Tim Horton's ads. They guarantee fresh-brewed coffee every 20 minutes. Here's their new oven-fresh Maple Pecan Danish.

And we have this about Tim Hortons' southern front...
"As of January 2003, there are 160 Tim Hortons locations in the United States. These are situated in the greater Detroit area, Bay City, Midland, Saginaw and Flint (Michigan); Columbus, Dayton and Toledo (Ohio); Buffalo and Jamestown (New York); and Portland, Lewiston and Auburn (Maine). Future expansion and opportunities will continue in these markets as well as Rochester (New York) and Erie (PA)."

"The Tim Hortons special blend of coffee has been closely guarded from the beginnings of the chain, and is subject to stringent quality assurance measures by a team of coffee experts located at the Tim Hortons head office in Oakville, Ontario."

Well, just thought I'd delve into some Tim Hortons stuff because as we all know, the Stan Mikita's Donuts place as featured in Wayne's World was basically a hip version of Tim Hortons.

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What the hell is Danny Ainge doing?

Gee, let's trade Antoine Walker for a stiff in Raef LaFrentz! Way to piss off the hardcore Boston fans, Danny.

I don't know who's going to win the NBA title yet, but the Dallas Mavericks are the leaders in the clubhouse right now. This offseason/training camp, they've added Walker, Antawn Jamison and Danny Fortson to a team that won 60 games last season. I'd go as far to say that the Mavs acquisition of Walker trumps the Lakers signings of Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

Let's just say this about the Western Conference right now: The Sonics have no chance in hell of making the playoffs this year. We clear here?

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Okay, it's hard enough adjusting to the fact that Karl Malone and Gary Payton are now Lakers. Now I find out Karl Malone is sporting number ELEVEN?? It's just too weird.

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KJR-AM has told me just now that the Celtics have traded Antoine Walker to the Mavericks for Raef LaFrentz, Jiri Welsch and some other guys. Yizzikes.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003


Amy Van Dyken was doing sideline reports for Fox today?

Two things I have to say about that: One, she was the most talented person on that Fox crew today (Ron Pitts and Tim Ryan were in the booth). Two, Brent Ringenbach wasn't available.

Seattle should enjoy the presence of Van Dyken for just a few more weeks. I can't see Tom Rouen lasting the season with the Seahawks. There's a reason why the Broncos, Steelers, and Giants cut his ass last season...he's finished. Enjoy retirement soon, Tom.

Fox using Van Dyken can only mean one thing: Former Olympic swimmers, clean up your resumes. And if you're free on weekends, Fox could use your help.

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If you did, you would have won that bet...the Hawks didn't win by 10.

The Hawks once again didn't play up to their full potential but still hung on to improve to 5-1 and maintain their one-game lead over the Rams in the NFC West.

This game was truly infuriating to watch. They were facing the frigging Bears. The Bears at one point had a 3-0 lead, which is inexcusable in itself. More inexcusable was how crappy the special teams were. Another crappy thing was when they showed the insane graphic about the Seahawks defense in the red zone. I think the scoring rate was like 70% or something; it was just brutal.

The thing about this Seahawk defense, for all the hype it's been getting, they are far from where they need to be. There's times when they look absolutely great, when they're pressuring the quarterback and breaking up passes and stuffing the run, but there's also quite a few times where they leave a guy wide open or the no-name running back finds a seam (Adrian Peterson today) or they blow it on third down and long, or they get tagged for an untimely defensive holding or pass interference penalty (auto first downs, of course). It just got maddening to watch, especially against a pathetic Bears team.

How telling is it that 38-year-old, one-concussion-away-from-ending-his-career Chris Chandler did a way better job than Kordell Stewart did at QB? They had a stat in the game that said Kordell was involved in 10 of the Bears' 13 turnovers this year. Hiyo!!

Also, the Fox sideline reporter for the game was Mrs. Tom Rouen, who most people know as Olympic gold-medal swimmer Amy Van Dyken. She didn't have to refer to notes at all the first time when reporting some kind of injury, though the second time she did (I think there were about three or four names involved).

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Now the Miami Dolphins and Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi are on the "Blame The Cubs Fan" bandwagon. They lost to the Patriots today in overtime, 19-14. Yet, instead of blaming themselves for the loss, they are blaming the Cubs fan who interfered with Moises Alou this past Tuesday during Game 6 of the NLCS.

Olindo Mare, who's normally reliable, MISSED two field goals late in the game. The Dolphins are blaming it on the infield dirt used for the Marlins. And in turn, they are blaming the Cubs fan. What those underachieving Dolphins forget is that the Cubs STILL had a chance to win Game 6, even though they were down 8-3. And they also had a chance to win Game 7, but Kerry Wood decided to do his best Aaron Sele impression that night.

You know, when that incident took place in Game 6, I was mad at that fan. But I sobered up and realized that it shouldn't be a freaking fan's fault for winning or losing a game. It's up to the damn players on the field.

Here's to the Dolphins choking their ass next Monday night against the 1-5 Chargers.

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