Sunday, October 14, 2007


Okay, so the Seahawks lost at home to a winless team to drop to .500 at 3-3? I'm not sure I expect them to win next week at home against a winless team of Saint Louis Rams.

Until they show me they can compete like they're capable...

Go Canucks Go!
AP/CP photo -- Richard Lam

Seriously, it's become a "wake me when the Seahawks show something becoming of a team that can go somewhere in the playoffs" thing. Hell, they might have to worry about merely making the playoffs at this pace.

I'll track the Seahawks, sure, but more of my eggs are in the Canuck basket right now. Just brutal.

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Google Earth photo

New Orleans SAINTS at Seattle SEAHAWKS, 5:15p (NBC)

Well, it's a Sunday nighter.

I guess the creepy thing is that this would really suck if the Seahawks lost to an 0-4 team of Saints. That would drop the Seahawks to .500, and that would be terrible. What would be even worse? Next week, the Seahawks host an 0-6 team of Rams. It would be doomsday for the Seahawks if somehow they found a way to lose the next two games, both at home.

Really, though, they should take care of business. I didn't expect them to walk out of Pittsburgh last Sunday with a win, but I didn't expect an all-out nothingfest out of the team either. Somewhere in these next two weeks, which should both be wins, the Seahawks need to find their running game. If they don't do it now, I don't know when they'll do it. More importantly, the Seahawks need to get a running game going because now Deion Branch is out in addition to DJ Hackett.

I miss DJ Hackett. I miss a running game too.

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