Sunday, June 22, 2014


I finally decided I should have a single place to put these before I end up with a bunch of them. I transferred the idea a bit from a similar element I put on the Canucks full-season charts I construct. On those charts, I show the Canucks' goals-assists-points numbers, but I had no direct reference to the magnitude of win or loss. Transferring that idea over to Mariners charts, I couldn't think of a good way to have the score bars on the same chart with the pitching and hitting charts, so the scores here get their own chart. I know Baseball Reference has the little run differential chart on its team schedule pages, and obviously I wasn't going to rip that off. Having both the runs scored and runs allowed, however, gives you an idea of how crappy the Mariners offense has been, and you can pick out the peaks and valleys in terms of the Mariners' offense and the Mariners' pitching.

Anywhere, I have to link these before I forget where they are in my Imgur account...
[edit 5 Oct 2014, 10:35p - added 2014 chart]

2009 Mariners runs
2010 Mariners runs
2011 Mariners runs
2012 Mariners runs
2013 Mariners runs
2014 Mariners runs

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