Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I guess I've come up with an excuse to post something.

Those following me on the Twitter have seen me post these charts about a half hour to an hour (that's the hope, anyway) after every Mariners game.

One chart deals with the pitchers and keeps track of their pitch count, number of batters faced, and outs recorded. Mostly my impetus for the pitching chart when I first did it last year was to have a quick graphical representation of how rested the bullpen arms were. Basically I like to use it as a proxy for knowing which bullpen arms are most likely to appear on a given night. Also tabulated are outs per 100 pitches (for the starters), pitches per batter, and pitches per out.

Another chart deals with the hitters and keeps track of the number of pitches they see and their plate appearances. That chart also tabulates pitches per plate appearance.

A third chart shows the runs scored and runs allowed by the Mariners over the schedule to date.  Again, I mostly do it for the quick graphical representation of, for example, "hey, there's a bunch of long red bars to signify when the Mariners gave up a bunch of runs in that stretch of games."

A fourth chart (or set of charts) shows the amount of occurrences in which the Mariners scored and allowed a certain number of runs.

A fifth chart shows the amount of occurrences in which the Mariners won or lost by a certain margin.

No, I absolutely do not expect the Mariners to sneak their way into the postseason. I just don't think the offense has as much room to improve as the pitching does to decline. I don't think they'll be able to outhit any slumps by the pitching staff, etc.

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