Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Basically what happened here is that I got put onto twelve-hour days at work, which isn't too great if you're trying to track Mariner games or post about them (or Canuck playoff games, for that matter). Then I got the word that my job was sending me to Norfolk for two months, so that threw everything into a whirlwind. Here, I'm also on twelve-hour days. Even with eight-hour days it'd be hard for me to track the Mariners daily because the time difference works against me in the other direction. I've fallen asleep to many a Mariner home game on the computer here.

One day without posting became two days, then I had to pack up my stuff and leave, then the east coast time isn't too nice, etc. I felt at some point that if I couldn't post something I was satisfied with, I wouldn't post at all, and I guess I reached that point for the time being. I can only assume that one of these days I'll be in full form, or at least contributing with better regularity, but right now, I don't know. It might have to wait until after July 4th, I don't know. The main reason I was able to sneak this post through is because I'm sick today, so time is at a premium while I'm here in Virginia. Bottom line is, this thing isn't going away, but the posting will be highly intermittent.

Thanks to our readers, or whoever's left.

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