Sunday, April 17, 2005


Washington Post/Toni L. Sandys

The Washington Nationals unveiled their new mascot Sunday afternoon at RFK Stadium. The mascot's name?


Sophia Calandra, 3, of Great Falls spotted Screech from several rows away and got her dad to carry her directly to the mascot so she could throw her small arms around him.

He's not scary," Sophia said, slightly exasperated, to a hesitant older sibling. "He's nice!"

Whenever I watch "Saved By The Bell", I don't find Screech to be scary either. Now his mom's fixation with Elvis? That was scary.

Reason 181 why I love the internet: Somebody has done a full-blown review of the "Saved By The Bell" episode when the Bayside gang forgot Screech's birthday.

The Nats, Screech, and Elvis, all in one post.

There's a reason why we aren't your usual Mariner blog. Then again, I never thought of Sports and Bremertonians as just a Mariner blog to begin with.

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