Sunday, April 10, 2005


AP Photo/John Froschauer

This post is dedicated to the idiots who decide to interfere with the players on the field just so they can grab a baseball.


If I saw Ichiro coming towards me, I would let him catch the ball. I don't care if he had to stomach punch me with his glove. As long as my team does well, I think I'll recover from the stomach punch. It's all part of being a fan.

This is why Seattle fans get a bad rap from the rest of the country. Fans like myself are true diehard fans who would never even think about interfering with the players on the field. Or yell when the Seahawks are trying to convert on 3rd down. I know my place as a fan: Let the players on the field do their jobs.

If a fan wants a baseball so bad, I'll direct that fan to the nearest souvenir stand where he can buy his own official major league baseball. It isn't the "real" thing? Well, I'll make it real enough for you. I'll roll the ball on the ground, bounce it up and down a few times, and rub it on my sweaty hat. Would that be real enough?

At least I found something today that made me giddy. I've finally found the Vanilla Ice video from 1999 when he was on that "MTV 25 Lame" show. The show had the 25 lamest videos ever and of course, "Ice Ice Baby" was featured. Vanilla Ice was in the studio and well, the rest is history.

NO, VANILLA! (Real Player required)

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