Monday, August 22, 2005


This isn't totally a rehash of Jeremy's post on the 17th.

Sports and Bremertonians did turn two years of age last Wednesday, and since I had the Mariner post to do, and also since Jeremy pretty much said everything that I could think of at that time regarding our two-year longevity, I just sat back.

Well, we turned two years old on Wednesday, but we also got our 200,000th visitor some time last Thursday. I know there are sites out there that just rake in hits at a much more crazy pace than us, but 200 grand is mighty good for us. The way I look at it, I'm surprised anyone wants the opinions of some Bremerton guys, let alone 200 thousand.

Over the past few months, it even appears that we've gotten regular readers who drop in some comments and keep us entertained. Thanks to all of you who read and/or comment. It's fun stuff. It used to be that I'd look at the stat counter, see that we had 250 hits for a day, then look at the empty comment boxes and say, "surely there isn't something stupid I've said that would tick someone off to the point where they'd drop a visceral comment about it?"

Much like Jeremy said last week, I would also like to thank everyone that ushered us gently into the 'sphere in the winter of 2003-04 during the main Mariner blogosphere boom. We sure had a lot to talk about back then, didn't we? There was a few months' worth of delay between when we started this whole thing and when we started getting linked into the rest of the group. The good thing about that is we'd had a few months' worth of "seasoning" before the glut of readers came in to see what this whole B's thingie was about. That doesn't mean we went back and deleted everything on this blog that was pre-November of 2003. All of that stuff is still there, warts and all. Yes, you the Sports and B's reader can see how the blog matured into what it currently is. There was even a time when I knew how to put together a short post. I think I stopped doing that because I was usually just saying "hey, this happened," and then not really putting as many thoughts into it as I'd later liked to have done, if that makes any sense.

How long will this last? Beats me. As long as it can possibly last, I guess. It's survived weeks-long absences by the both of us (months-long from me), so we've got that going for longevity purposes. If this all ended right now, I'd be glad that we'd started this thing on the day that Rafael Soriano mowed down Nomar Garciaparra, and that we've taken it this far. The body of work in sheer quantity (what of mine is really quality?) is pretty amazing. I scroll all the way down the sidebar and see the archive, and it's long. I know either one of us can go back into the options or preferences somewhere and just make the archives by month, but that's no fun.

To our readers and everyone who's helped us along, I (and we) thank you.

We now resume to everything you've come to know and possibly love about Sports and Bremertonians...

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