Wednesday, August 17, 2005


(David's recap is here)

Two years ago today, we started Sports And Bremertonians.

Two years later, Sports And Bremertonians is still standing.

A lot has changed in two years, folks. When we rolled out this site, the Mariners were in a pennant race. Now, they're in a race to stay out of the cellar. That's how bad things have become in Marinerland. Oh, and David is in Hawaii. I'm still in Arkansas, even though I'm moving from Pine Bluff to Jonesboro on Saturday.

I've often said that we're not a baseball blog. I'd be an idiot, however, if I didn't realize that if it weren't for the Mariners, we wouldn't have the popularity that we do. Sure, we've talked about the Seahawks, the Sonics, and the Canucks a lot here. But let's face it, the Mariners are the biggest reason why people come to this place.

And what a place we have created, haven't we? Sports And Bremertonians isn't just a sports blog, as some of our readers have found out. Where else can I get away with talking about Murray Head on a sports blog? That's one of the reasons why this place is a special one.

Yes, this is only the internet. But David and I understand the fact that some of you take time out of your lives to read our material. If David's recaps and my various ramblings can make someone feel better about their life, hey, we've done something right here. I'd like to think so, anyway.

We've tried hard to make this place as fun as possible. David and I aren't experts on the Mariners, Seahawks, Sonics, Canucks, or any sports team. We're fans. Just like you. I'm proud of the fact that I've never tried to pass myself off as an expert here. I respect our readers way too much to do that.

I also respect our readers enough where I don't mind the off-topic comments. Hell, David and I go off-topic all the time. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. It's impossible to talk about the M's every waking minute. I would go insane if I did so. That's why it's important to have variety in your life, folks.

Our surge in popularity came during the months of November and December 2003, i.e. the offseason. My Miguel Tejada campaign (Miggy Hot Stove!) failed, which was a shame. But we gained a lot of attention during those months, as fellow Mariner blogs Mariner Musings and the goodship U.S.S. Mariner started to notice us. Going back to changes for a moment, the authors of Mariner Musings (Peter White and Jeff Shaw, who joined Musings in 2004) are now with the USSM. Peter and Jeff have always been good to us, so thanks for the support, fellas.

We've also had great support from SportSpot (formerly Top Forum), the Seattle P-I Mariners blog (Mike Thompson, you rock), Nice Guys Finish Third (Paul is the man), and Lookout Landing (formerly Leone For Third). The power of the blogosphere, folks.

Will we have a 3-year anniversary of Sports And Bremertonians? Who knows at this point?

Since we're Sports And Bremertonians, it's alright to go off-topic in the comments box. Hell, go ahead and use it as a game thread as well for today's ballgame.

Thanks, readers.

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