Thursday, December 14, 2006


AP photo -- John Froschauer

They're done.

They could still get into the playoffs, but I don't know what the point is now.

They haven't shown me crap since the game at Denver.

Moreover, they haven't played a complete game of football all season long. They haven't. Human nature says you let up if you have a big lead, but I'm still even bitter over the Giants coming back to even make it a game when they came to Seattle.

They can't beat a 3-9 team on the road when playing a divisional opponent with a crap offensive line for a first-round bye. They get swept by the 49ers, which of course includes a home loss, the one tonight. More importantly tonight, the Seahawks failed to wrap up the division against the very team they needed to beat out for it. Really, if you look at the Seahawks' schedule, you could seriously argue they haven't beaten a good team all season, and Denver had a quarterback in his first start, in case you were thinking of that game.

If they can't do any of what I said in the last paragraph, I don't even know why I bother even keeping track of this team. They're just absolutely schizo. I read/heard someone call this team an average team with above-average talent, and I'm starting to believe that's the case.

What's the point if they make the playoffs? A lot of people point to the Steelers last year, but they got rolling toward the end of the season and hit their stride in the playoffs. It's going to take an act of God for the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Hell, it'd take that much for a second-round win. It'd take something surprising for a first-round win. If they make it, it'll be like 1999, when they got beat in Dan Marino's final game, then the Jaguars steamrolled the Dolphins in the next round.

All in all, screw it. That's it.

This isn't the year. Let's just see how far they get before there just aren't any more scheduled games.

As a Seattle sports fan, can I just get ONE DAMN TEAM that doesn't suck? This is just terrible. The way it's going, I'm going to have to wait one whole year for that.

This is just pathetic.

I started this post with about four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, by the way. Now Joe Nedney's kicking off after the 49ers' final touchdown. I knew when it was over.

It's just appalling.

Is it an every-other-year thing for this team? Is that what it is? This feels 2004 bad. God knows their record might get there.

Seriously, I'm almost rooting for the Chargers to just win 80-0 next week. If the Seahawks aren't going to do it this year, just go out with a bang.

Can you tell I'm bitter?

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