Monday, December 04, 2006


Reuters photo -- Mark Leffingwell

This game absolutely exhausted me. However, by the end of it, I was wondering if maybe the Seahawks still had a bit of the magic left over from last season. There were so many things during the game that were oh so wrong, yet the final outcome was oh so right.

The wrong? The Seahawks aren't necessarily allowing as many deep balls anymore, but they can sure allow crazy-big running plays. For most of the game, it looked like the entire Seahawk offense had missed the flight to Denver.

I think the most frustrating thing was that the offense was so bad for most of the game that they weren't able to really take advantage of the gaggle of turnovers piled up by the defense and the special teams. The Seahawk offense followed up too many defensive takeaways with three-and-outs.

I don't know if this reminds me of the Dallas game last year, maybe it does. This game turned completely around thanks to the three-play, 61-yard touchdown drive that put the Seahawks ahead 14-13. Granted, the turnaround in the Dallas game was a lot closer to the final buzzer, but this was at least fourth-quarter craziness.

Two field goals by Josh Brown were great to put Seattle up 20-13, but in the back of my mind, I knew the team needed seven points, and they had a 4th-and-1 play Mike Holmgren decided not to go for.

What happens next? The stupid catch-and-run touchdown by Brandon Marshall followed by the two-minute drill to set up Josh Brown's 50-yard game-winner. Though he missed two first-half field-goal attempts, Josh Brown is money and needs to be locked up long-term immediately.

The Seahawks needed to win even more because both New Orleans and Dallas won (those two teams play each other next week). Chicago clinched their division and is 10-2. The Saints, Seahawks, and Cowboys are all 8-4, triggering the conference record tiebreaker. The Saints easily take that tiebreaker with their crazy 7-1 conference record to Seattle's 6-3. Dallas has a 5-3 conference record. In other words, there is still no way the Seahawks could be the second seed in the NFC with a win next week and a New Orleans loss since New Orleans would still only be 7-2. A New Orleans loss would result in a Dallas win, obviously. With a Seahawk win as well, the Cowboys and Seahawks would both have a 9-4 record with Seattle winning out on the conference tiebreaker and taking the NFC's second seed as the Seahawks would be 7-3 and Dallas would be 6-3. The Saints would be 8-5 overall and the fourth seed. The Saints' remaining schedule, however, is a buzzsaw. The very good news is that both San Francisco and Saint Louis lost, so the Seahawks have a three-game lead in the division (virtually four over the Rams) with four left to play, including a home game against San Francisco.

But hey, I'm just enjoying this win right now. Whew.

[edit ~6:45p -- all corrections thanks to the comment catch of reader MR]

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