Sunday, December 10, 2006


Reuters photo -- Ross D. Franklin

I'm absolutely infuriated.

There is absolutely no excuse for this.

For this team to fumble the ball four times (and lose three), let the Cardinals convert six of 13 on third down (they started five-for-seven), and (perhaps most embarrassingly) let Edgerrin James run 26 times for 115 yards behind an offensive line that is complete crap is just beyond inexcusable. There aren't words for this.

Mack Strong's a great blocker, this we know. But good gracious, I want to stop the Koren Robinson jokes somewhere. He fumbled today to put the icing on a season full of dropping dumpoff passes in the flat.

I'm just beside myself. This team is supposed to be getting healthy at the right time. They're supposed to be hitting their stride and looking more and more like themselves.

They're supposed to be winning road games against divisional opponents with 3-9 records that should have one-dimensional offenses, that is, unless you let them get multi-dimensional.

What does it say for the defense when they managed to record not one sack against this piddly-poor Arizona offensive line? I'll be damned if I give credit to that offensive line. It's the Seahawk defense's ineptitude that's to blame for not getting to the quarterback.

Then there's that whole thing where one side of the ball doesn't carry the other's momentum, which has happened a couple times the past few weeks. Most notably this week, the Seahawks scored the touchdown to get a 21-17 lead, then the defense nicely held Arizona to a three-and-out. The Seahawks' first ensuing play from scrimmage? The Strong fumble.

But frankly, when Arizona connects for a long touchdown bomb on the first play from scrimmage, you wonder what's up. If you're like me, you think, "here we go again."

And two years after a loss in Arizona, here the Seahawks lie again. Granted, they're in better position than in 2004, but this sucks.

Kiss that number-two seed goodbye. If this team can't beat a 3-9 team on the road, I can't expect them to win on the road in Chicago, New Orleans, or Dallas in January, and chances are, if they won in the first round, they'd be in one of those places in the second round.

Just pathetic.

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