Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Words and pictures, folks.

This was the best Labor Day weekend that I've had in 3 years. Three years ago, when I was still living in Washington, I watched the Nevada-Washington State game at Seahawks Stadium, two Royals-Mariners games at Safeco Field, and attended the Jerry Cantrell concert at Bumbershoot. That was a weekend, definitely.

But I must admit, the weekend that I just had, well...

Friday, I was at the Rangers-Royals game in Kansas City (a 8-7 Rangers victory in 10 innings).

Saturday, I was at Arrowhead Stadium for the Missouri-Arkansas State football game and I was at Kauffman Stadium later that night for another Rangers-Royals ballgame (5-3 Rangers).

Sunday was basically a day full of I-70 and "The 40-Year Old Virgin".

Yesterday (Monday), I was in St. Louis for the first game of the last Cubs-Cardinals series in Busch Stadium, a 6-4 Cardinals victory.

Here's a few more pictures of my Labor Day weekend experience (I posted 2 pictures last night, in case you had not seen them yet).

Friday night, Kauffman Stadium, Rangers vs Royals. Right field, 12 dollars. A steal.

Kickoff at Arrowhead Stadium.

Saturday night, Kauffman Stadium, Rangers vs Royals (again). Left field line, 23 dollars. Another steal.

Fountains rule.

The view from the 6th floor at the Clarion Hotel in Kansas City. Beautiful.

This Bud's for you!

Cardinals 9, Cubs 0 (since 1908), Mariners 0

Jack Buck: "Root, root, root for the..."


RIP, Jack.

The Gateway Arch, as seen from a zoom lens from a Vivitar digital camera used by some hack in the 300 level. That hack being, of course, me.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


---There may not be a better setup as far as MLB/NFL stadiums go than Kauffman Stadium and Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Same complex, lots of parking, easy freeway access. There's nothing wrong with those two venues, folks. Nothing.

---I feel for the Royals fans. Man, what a depressed bunch. Let's just say that they're looking forward to the Chiefs. If I wanted to be an ass, I would have said "yeah, another Chiefs season full of broken dreams". Wait, I know what that's like. I'm a Seahawks fan. Of course! (slaps forehead)

---I need to watch a Chiefs game in Arrowhead Stadium. By the way, the Seahawks travel to Kansas City in 2006. Thanks, NFL Record And Fact Book.

---No, I did not get a chance to sample the Kansas City barbeque scene nor did I get a chance to visit the Negro Leagues Museum. Don't worry, I should get those two items done during the next two years. I plan on visiting Kansas City again in the future.

---I SHOULD HAVE WORN SUNSCREEN! David knows how white I am. For the sake of our readers, I'm not posting any images of my knees. They're graphic, folks.


---I will now refer to the Edward Jones Dome as The Ghetto Dome.

---We did not stop in East St. Louis. Thank God.

---F*ck the Rams.

---I love Busch Stadium. It's now my second favorite ballpark, behind Safeco Field. Now, with the new Busch Stadium opening next year, the current Busch may slip to 3rd on my list. But for a 30-year old ballpark, it's a nice venue. It's amazing what grass can do to a ballpark.

---The people of St. Louis love their Cardinals. My friends and I have already discussed the possibility of going up to St. Louis next month for a Cardinals playoff game. Wishful thinking, yes. But it's not entirely impossible.

---If I wasn't a Mariners fan, I'd be a Cardinals fan.

---Albert Pujols is the best player in baseball. Better than Alex Rodriguez. Better than Barry Bonds. Better than Denny Hocking. (Hocking is now a Royal, which totally shocked the hell out of me when I saw his name in the Royals' lineup on Friday night)

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Missouri, you showed me a lot over the Labor Day weekend.

I'll be back soon. No doubt about it.

(But I still hate the Rams. F*ck the Rams.)

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