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For the random...not that I ever actually ended up doing anything meaningful for spring break when I was in high school or college, but when you're out of school and you know that spring break is (or is about to be) underway at your old stomping grounds, it doesn't even matter anymore because the days just sorta blend together with no end in sight. This would be true even if I did have a job right now, because every day would be the same, except much more lucrative. I did experience that side of it a couple of summers ago. That was the thing about school -- every couple weeks you knew you were getting a bone thrown your way, in the form of an extra holiday or something, an hour off a certain day a week because the teachers' union negotiated that into their contracts, or maybe a professor cancels a lecture or two to fly to Tibet or to some conference. If you work, it's a batch of holidays and a vacation if you're lucky and/or tenured, but nothing more.

To the post!

Small news: Joel Pineiro will throw from the bullpen mound today, but yesterday, Ichiro sat out with a sore/swollen foot, Richie Sexson had a tight quad, and Jamie Moyer didn't get torched. From what I'm reading, only the first thing I mentioned actually matters. Eddie Guardado also may throw a bullpen on Friday if everything goes right. Also, Norm Charlton is a Mariners special-assignment coach, and an estimated date for a Pokey Reese return is up in the air.

I hope Bucky is up with the big club sooner rather than later, and I hope he's confident in his knee after he comes back.

It's got Niehaus quotes, so that's why I'm posting them here, but this satellite radio thing when it pertains to baseball and other sports is truly interesting. Surely someone has to get screwed if satellite radio proliferates and gets popular, right? Some people liken satellite radio as a cable-vs.-network TV thing, but would that really be the case if satellite radio takes hold? Do local listeners who are transplants instantly get lured away with satellite radio? I have no idea. One thing's for sure: I don't have a cell phone, PlayStation 2, HD television, or a cell phone. If there's anyone ahead of the technological curve, it's me.

Jeremy called this Bryce Fisher signing. The Seattle Prep grad will get four years and $10M and be reunited with Saint Louis teammate and defensive linemate Grant Wistrom. I don't mind the move myself. In other news, Orlando Huff has also fled to Arizona, but if the Seahawks somehow pull off a deal for Ed Hartwell, and those pieces just might be falling into place (his agent sure passes the raves in the Times article), I'd be doing flips over this defense compared to how I felt about a week ago. Names on the Seahawk visitor list included Denver cornerback Kelly Herndon, Tampa Bay defensive tackle Chartric Darby, and Tampa Bay quarterback Brad Johnson. Possible visitors include defensive ends Marques Douglas of Baltimore and Courtney Brown of Cleveland.

The Miah Davis Update
The Roanoke Dazzle hosts Fayetteville Saturday and Sunday.

The Marvin Williams Watch
The Tar Heels face Oakland (Michigan) in the East 1/16 game, Friday at 11:50a. The winner gets the winner of the Minnesota/Iowa State 8/9 game. That second-round game will be Sunday at 11:30a.

Are there enough Husky articles today? That's six articles for the day before the first tournament game for the local team. Huskymania has officially gripped Seattle, or at least its writers. Of course, that's what happens when the local team gets the #1 seed in the tournament.

The Huskies face the Montana Grizzlies in the West 1/16 game, tomorrow at noon. This game's winner will face the winner of the Pacific/Pitt 8/9 game. The second-round game will be at 12:20p on Saturday.

Adam Morrison would shoot every time he touched the ball if he could. Instead, he just hits a ton of the shots that he does take.

Gonzaga faces Winthrop in the West 3/14 game, tomorrow at 4:25p. The winner will get whoever wins the Texas Tech/UCLA game. The second-round game will be Saturday at 10:10a.

For my take on last night's game, scroll down a post or click here if this is the only post on the page.

To sum it up, Ray Allen was off again, Rashard Lewis was on again, Reggie Evans sparked the Sonics in the third quarter, and Nick Collison was instrumental in the fourth quarter. In my game post, I was going to say that I marvel sometimes at how quickly Danny Fortson piles on the fouls, but last night was pretty quick indeed, as he was tied for the fifth-fastest disqualification in NBA history. There were also 37 fouls whistled on the Bulls in the game, a United Center record. The Sonics were whistled for 34 fouls as well.

Tonight at Detroit (4:30p, FSNNW)
Friday vs. Orlando (7:30p, FSNNW)
Sunday at Lakers (6:30p, FSNNW)
Tuesday vs. Milwaukee (7p, FSNNW)

Vancouver beat Prince George 4-3. The Giants scored once in every period, but led only after their first and last goals. The first goal let in by Vancouver goalie Marek Schwarz was a Cloutierian shot from the penalty boxes. As mentioned, their second and third goals tied the score. Kyle Lamb scored in the first period to give the Giants an early 1-0 lead. Mitch Bartley scored on a late power play in the second period to tie the score at 2-2. Even more dramatic, Mitch Bartley put in a loose puck in front of the net with 10.2 seconds left in regulation to make sure the Giants got at least one point out of it. Cam Cunning got them the extra point 2:42 into overtime. Of course, the Giants might draw the Kelowna Rockets in the first round. That's rough unless Marek Schwarz goes Giguere/Kiprusoff on everybody.

Milwaukee beat Manitoba 2-1 in a shootout. The Moose were outshot 22-6 in the first period of play and 41-11 through two periods, and Wade Flaherty had only let one goal by in net. Ryan Suter had what would have been his second goal waved off instead after the net was knocked off its moorings. Ryan Kesler banked the puck off Justin Morrison and into the net with 4:12 left to get at least the tie. Overtime solved nothing, and Josh Green couldn't keep the shootout going past the fifth Manitoba shot. Shots were 51-27 for Manitoba, and Wade Flaherty stopped 49 of 50 in the Moose net.

Also, the Thunderbirds are trying to keep motivated through this end of the regular season even though they've had the division clinched for a week or two now.

Tonight: Seattle at Everett, Portland at Spokane
Tomorrow: Manitoba at Milwaukee
Friday: Seattle at Portland, Tri-City at Everett, Vancouver at Kelowna, Queen City at Puget Sound (Game 3 of Cascade Cup finals)
Saturday: Portland at Seattle, Everett at Tri-City, Kelowna at Vancouver, Houston at Manitoba, Queen City at Puget Sound (Game 4 of Cascade Cup finals)
Sunday (end of WHL regular season): Everett at Seattle, Tri-City at Portland, Houston at Manitoba, Queen City at Puget Sound (Game 5 of Cascade Cup finals, if necessary)

Have a great Wednesday. Drive through.

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