Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I guess I'll pimp the bracket one more time, because brackets are fun.

Group: Sports and Bremertonians
Password: bremertonians

The group name isn't case sensitive, so you can be lazy like me and just type in as straight lower case.

By the way, here's an artist's rendition of what I was doing 8-9 months ago, with a little adjusted reaction by me.
original art by David A. Fischer, from 2nd edition of Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions textbook
I also would have been wearing jeans because there's some high brush and grasses in that area of Oregon that will scratch up your legs and at least get through your socks.

As for yesterday in the sports realm, nothing really happened. There were no actual games for me to track, not even with junior hockey (nope, not counting Cactus League baseball). For me, the only big headline was that Ed Hartwell is in town for a visit with the Seahawks, though he might want a steep $10M signing bonus. The Seahawks also might have Brad Johnson in for a visit. Could we have yet another Super Bowl winner wearing Seahawk duds as a backup?

Since there's really no reason to care about the NHL in its current form until they actually hammer out a settlement, I missed a certain day exactly one week ago. On March 8th of 2004, that whole Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore thing happened. Here was my reaction at the time. As for Vancouver-area writers, Iain MacIntyre points out that the Moore lawsuit might set a precedent. How? If Moore gets monetary compensation for his injury, what if some player thinks of going to court if he gets slashed, breaks his wrist, and misses a couple games? Will lesser injuries draw lawsuits? As for what Bertuzzi himself is currently doing, this article really isn't telling me much other than that Canuck Place Children's Hospice thinks he might serve some of his 80 hours of community service there. As for what some opposing players think, count Scott Niedermayer and Darcy Tucker as players who think Bertuzzi has paid enough of a price for his action.

Yes, it's situations like having an entire hockey season cancelled that make news out of things like Canuck executives fleeing for EA Sports and the Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer). To be fair, they did recently run a three-page story on all-time Canuck leading scorer and NHLPA president Trevor Linden.


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