Sunday, March 13, 2005



Pardon the Bee Gees pun, but dammit, that song has been in my head all damn day.

It's quite fitting though, as today is the day all college basketball fans look forward to, and that is Selection Sunday.

No more RPI talk. No more projections.

It's on now.

The four #1 seeds are Illinois, North Carolina, Duke, and Washington.

That's right, the NCAA Tournament committee decided to give a Pac-10 team a #1 seed. What in the name of Digger Phelps is going on here? But seriously, Washington earned that #1 seed. Of course, you can damn well guarantee that they will be on most media member's list of teams to bow out early. That's just the way it is though.

These are my initial thoughts on the NCAA Tournament. I won't disclose my bracket until later in the week. "Later" could be tomorrow, Tuesday, or Wednesday, who knows.

But for now, here are my initial thoughts on the NCAA Tournament:

---Once again, great job by the committee by putting Washington as a #1 seed.

---Utah State is going to give Arizona a lot of trouble.

---Can Vermont's Tom Brennan go out in style like Princeton's Pete Carrill did?

---Georgia Tech is not a 5 seed.

---Washington and Gonzaga in the same region?

---St. Mary's as a 10? Good job, tournament commmittee.

---Nevada will beat Texas. That's already my lock of the tournament.

---I hate these regional names. Let's just be real here: Chicago is the Midwest, Albuquerque is the West, Syracuse is the East, and Austin is the Southeast.

---Illinois should be playing the winner of Tuesday's play-in game, not North Carolina.

---New Mexico is my Cinderella.

---J.J. Redick is not the best shooter in America.

---Utah's Andrew Bogut will introduce himself to those who don't bother staying up late on Monday nights.

---Connecticut as a 2 seed? Reputation, baby.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Go ahead and print your brackets.

Here's the CBS Sportsline version.

I'd also suggest entering Yoni Cohen's Bloggers Bracket at College Basketball. Now, if there are any of you who wants me to start up a Sports and B's bracket challenge, please let me know in the comments box. Last year, we did a ESPN bracket challenge. This year, we'll probably go with ESPN again. But I'm only going to set one up if there's enough interest.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out those brackets and get your dancing shoes on.



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