Friday, March 11, 2005


Welcome to Friday.

For today's random...back at campus in Ellensburg last spring, they installed sensor-flush thingies into the urinals in the men's bathrooms at Lind Hall (geology/geography/physics building). Once I got past wondering whether that money should have gone toward buying updated computers or better microscopes or just about anything else, I still couldn't wrap my brain around one thing -- in the lower-floor bathroom, they put in the flushing sensors for the urinals BEFORE they put in a partition between the only two urinals. What's more, there's is a partition present, but it's between the urinal closest to the wall and merely separates the urinal from the steam heater. Since heat might actually be a good thing considering how cold it gets in the winter over there, perhaps campus maintenance could rip out that partition and just put it between the urinals. It'd make too much sense. To me, that's a Bremerton mentality. I like to think of Bremerton as the place where millions of things make sense, but very few of them ever actually get done.

To the post!

Injured Everyday Eddie. The whole team sucks recordwise during Cactus League play so far, which wouldn't be so bad if there weren't serious questions regarding the health of Joel Pineiro and Eddie Guardado. Pineiro won't throw in a game until he's thrown bullpen sessions, and he's not ready for that. Guardado now has hamstring problems in addition to the mechanical issues. I love his quote: "I did it running sprints." Haha, anything to get out of running sprints.

The Seahawks might let Shaun Alexander go for something below a first-round pick. That doesn't necessarily mean he's going. Clare Farnsworth points out that Miami and Arizona both have picks at which they can probably have the running back they want, and for cheaper. Also, just because Arizona signed Chike Okeafor doesn't mean you'll be playing in front of anybody.

The Itula Mili re-signing went officially official, with contract terms coming out -- 4 years, $6M, with a $1.5M signing bonus. Good to have him back.

I heard a snippet of a conversation that John Clayton was having with Mike Gastineau on KJR, and they lambasted Chike Okeafor's quotes a bit; Okeafor said (quotes from yesterday's Farnsworth article) that "there is a different attitude (in Arizona)," and that in Arizona, he'd found himself "surrounded by enough people that thought like me, felt like me, played like me on a day-to-day basis and love the game like me." Clayton's point was that Okeafor hadn't play a single game for Arizona yet, so how does Chike know that? Still, about the Seahawks in general, Clayton echoed the one thing I'd been wondering this whole time, and that's the possibility of the Seahawks operating without a real plan in place. The only plan I've been seeing post-Jones/Hasselbeck/Alexander is to sit back and watch, and that's really not a plan at all.

Finally, we find out that resistance to the Q is indeed futile.

The Miah Davis Update
The Roanoke Dazzle host Florida tomorrow, and Fayetteville the following Saturday and Sunday.

The Marvin Williams Watch
The Tar Heels will get Clemson this morning (9a, ESPN2). If the Tar Heels win, they play tomorrow against Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech (1:30p, ESPN).

The Huskies beat Arizona State 95-90 in overtime, as Jeremy covered below (jsut scroll down a post if you have the week's worth of posts on the page). The Huskies blew an 18-point lead and allowed the Sun Devils to force overtime before finally putting this one away.

Blaine Newnham notes the contributions of the Seattle-grown players, Will Conroy, Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, and Tre Simmons.

Also, it appears that Lute Olson is complaining about the Pac-10's TV deal with Fox Sports Net as well. He said some of his possible recruits in Houston couldn't watch Huskies/Wildcats due to women's basketball coverage on Fox Sports (Southwest, I'm guessing). Though I won't argue against any of his points on this, I'm not sure if I'll find bashing the Pac-10 TV deal so cool and gratifying now that I know Lute Olson agrees with me. Aaack.

Also from that Times notebook article, Shelley Smith of ESPN (you may know her from spending way too much time in Eagle, Colorado) will apparently follow the team from Sunday through until the end of their NCAA run.

The Huskies play Stanford tonight (8:45p, FSNNW)

Gonzaga is awaiting the results from Selection Sunday.

About this Fortson thing, I saw Jerome James on KING-5 basically saying that usually he doesn't flop in practice, but he did in this one, and Danny got irate. James seemed like he was almost laughing off the whole incident. There's the school of thought that says Fortson better get his head in gear, but then again, if it's not as serious as James was letting on, then it almost seems like a prank or a practical joke. It's possible Fortson might feel some sense of entitlement, after all; there's a certain swagger that I know I would certainly carry if Lauren Jackson was wearing a jersey with my name on it to watch games at KeyArena.

Also, the Jayhawk connection will be in full tow tonight on radios regionwide, as Kirk Hinrich and his former post presence Nick Collison will be squaring off for the first time. Believe it or not, there was actually a time when you might consider switching away from a school if Tim Floyd was no longer coaching there, and you don't have to go all the way back to the Fred Hoiberg era to find it. You just have to go right up to the point where he decided he'd coach in the NBA.

Tomorrow vs. Chicago (7:30p, not televised)
Sunday at New York (3p, FSNNW)
Tuesday at Chicago (5:30p, FSNNW)
Wednesday at Detroit (4:30p, FSNNW)

Not that it'll matter for a while, but more people in the NHL might be willing to take out the red line than originally thought.

Peter Forsberg hadn't played for a month and a half, but then was knocked out and suffered a concussion in a game for MoDo against Farjestad.

Tonight: Seattle at Everett, Spokane at Portland, Vancouver at Prince George
Tomorrow: Portland at Everett, Vancouver at Prince George, Manitoba at Chicago, Puget Sound at Queen City (Game 1 of Cascade Cup Finals)
Sunday: Spokane at Seattle, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Chicago, Manitoba at Grand Rapids, Puget Sound at Queen City (Game 2 of Cascade Cup Finals)
Tuesday: Prince George at Vancouver, Manitoba at Milwaukee
Wednesday: Seattle at Everett, Portland at Spokane

Have a great Friday and a great weekend.

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