Sunday, March 13, 2005


Welcome to Sunday.

(posted at ~9:44a in lieu of Jeremy's tournament post)

For today's random...yes, I did feel the 3.3 earthquake last night. I didn't realize it was an earthquake until I realized I couldn't trigger that prolonged of a shaking from the dishes inside the china cabinet. As for the fireball/meteor that occurred about 20 minutes later, there's no way I could have seen that. Westward is uphill where I'm at, so the neighbors' house across the street probably would have blocked it. Also, since I don't live in the right part of Seattle, let alone any of Seattle, my power didn't go out after those two other things occurred. The events weren't connected, but man, what if they were? I'm glad I wasn't one of the people that saw or felt all three events. I would have been anticipating the four horsemen.

To the post!

Madritsch looked good. Three innings with no hits. The Mariners actually won for a change, and Richie Sexson got a hit.

Larry Stone also has his version of the Felix caveat article.

I'm almost under the belief that I can't expect the Seahawks to make the playoffs next year. Arizona and Saint Louis got better, and the Seahawks have gotten worse. It's pretty late in the free-agent period to adequately get back to where they need to be. I liked the Ruskell hire a lot, sure, but I'm still allowing some leeway. I'm thinking years 2 and 3 of a Ruskell team will be better than year 1. He's gotta get his feet wet, after all, and the organization still has the scars remaining from the Whitsitt era.

The Miah Davis Update
1999 Bremerton graduate and 2004 Pacific graduate Miah Davis filled the stat sheet in Roanoke's 107-102 loss to Florida. He missed all five three-pointers he took, and turned the ball over five times, but that's the worst of it. He shot 5-for-16, and went 5-for-8 from the line. This is the best part -- he scored 15 points, pulled down 10 boards, recorded 7 assists, got three steals, and blocked a shot. It's a double-double and a tiny bit more for Miah "Kirilenko" Davis. Three assists short of a triple-double in 38 minutes of play.

The Roanoke Dazzle host Fayetteville next Saturday and Sunday.

The Marvin Williams Watch
2004 Bremerton graduate Marvin Williams and his North Carolina Tar Heels ran into a white-hot Will Bynum and lost 78-75 to Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament semifinals, a day after squeaking past Clemson. Marvin scored 9 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. He missed on all three shots from the field, but nailed 9 of 10 from the line. He also recorded a steal.

The Tar Heels are awaiting their placement into the brackets.

The Huskies scored the last 11 points of the game and ended it on a 17-2 run (though free-throw aided) to claim the Pac-10 tournament title, with an 81-72 win over Arizona. Nate Robinson wasn't on the radar for most of the second half, but scored his only six points of the half in the final 67 seconds of play. Robinson had five rebounds, only one less than Arizona's Channing Frye in the game. Four Huskies scored in double figures. Will Conroy nailed four key threes. This was good for the Hueskies, considering they bricked their first 12 three-point attempts. Jamaal Williams also came through with some low-post punch off the bench, scoring 16 in just 17 minutes.

If you're really drinking the jug of Husky Kool-Aid, you might think the Huskies deserve a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament. It's a stretch, though. It'd be nice, but this Husky team is a solid #2 seed.

The Huskies are awaiting their placement in the brackets.

The Zags have been awaiting their placement in the brackets for a few days now.

Steve Kelley says there's some similarities between these Sonics and the team that won the only big title in Seattle pro sports history. Except where the coach got fired midseason. That didn't happen this year, though the turnarounds are still dramatic even if the timespan is a bit different.

Today at New York (3p, FSNNW)
Tuesday at Chicago (5:30p, FSNNW)
Wednesday at Detroit (4:30p, FSNNW)
Friday vs. Orlando (7:30p, FSNNW)

Portland shut out Everett 2-0. These two teams will more than likely meet in the first round of the WHL playoffs, and Portland is now tied with Everett for second in the US Division. The second-place team will get home-ice advantage over the third-place team. The game went 53:59 before Dan Da Silva broke the scoreless tie in the final period. Kyle Bailey scored on the power play with 2:45 left in the game to put it away. Portland killed off all nine Everett power plays. Shots were 32-18 for Portland. Mike Wall stopped 30 for Everett, and Blake Grenier stopped 18 for Portland.

Prince George shut out Vancouver 4-0. Three first-period goals? That'll do ya. Blair Stengler scored the winner for the Cougars just 7:49 into the game. The Giants were a brutal 0-for-8 on the power play. Shots were 37-31 to Prince George, and Adam Jennings stopped 33, and faced 18 shots in the second period alone.

Chicago shut out Manitoba 1-0. Greg Hawgood made the only dent on the scoreboard for either team, scoring 2:35 into the final period. An Alexandre Burrows goal that would have tied the game was waved off after video review. The Moose were 0-for-3 on the power play. Shots were 25-21 to Chicago, and Alex Auld stopped 24.

Queen City beat Puget Sound 9-3. The Tomahawks actually had a 2-0 lead in the first period in this one. The team from Helena then scored three straight before the Tomahawks tied it at 3-3 in the second period, with Mike Truex having scored twice. Then the roof fell in on the Tomahawks. Their goalies were peppered with 42 pucks, and coach Kim McConnell was critical of the defensive play in their own zone afterward. That might have been a factor in how they lost the lead in the first place, but taking stupid penalties is what really buried the Tomahawks. With the game still within reach at 5-3 in the second period, Puget Sound ended up surrendering three power-play goals the rest of the way, with another even-strength goal to boot. I'm just hoping they got it all out of their system. Iggy Slepokourev stopped 27 shots, and Travis Cottom came in and stopped 6 for the Tomahawks, though I don't know how much shots the goalies faced individually.

Today: Spokane at Seattle, Everett at Portland, Manitoba at Chicago, Manitoba at Grand Rapids, Puget Sound at Queen City (Game 2 of Cascade Cup Finals)
Tuesday: Prince George at Vancouver, Manitoba at Milwaukee
Wednesday: Seattle at Everett, Portland at Spokane
Thursday: Manitoba at Milwaukee
Friday: Seattle at Portland, Tri-City at Everett, Vancouver at Kelowna, Queen City at Puget Sound (Game 3 of Cascade Cup finals)

Have a great Sunday.

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