Thursday, March 24, 2005


Welcome to Thursday.

For the random...when I played baseball as a youngster, there was only one thing I hated worse than rain, and that was wind. The rain here is usually only drizzle, and rarely does it start raining sideways. I played mostly leftfield and center, and if it was too windy out, ugh. Well, now that I think about it, I guess that's not really what ticked me off about the wind. It's when I go to hit baseballs. The fields where I hit are either facing northeast (i.e., the correct way) or northwest. The wind the last couple days has been one of the northerly variety. That of course makes the line drives a little less flattering, and that doesn't make me happy at all. Boo.

To the post!

The Mariners played bipolar games yesterday, with the offensive barrage in the early game and the more usual game at night. I'm linking that article for the notebook tidbits, though. I think there are people in the organization that want Matt Thornton to duplicate his winter ball numbers, except that such a feat would be Bloomquistian (small sample size). Ryan Franklin also isn't taking much blame for his 4-16 record, and I half-agree that he hasn't pitched himself out of a rotation spot. Especially if that would mean Aaron Sele replaces him. Ugh. Regardless of run support last year, if Franklin kept the ball down half the time (he doesn't have the heat to get away with climbing the ladder or anything like that), he wouldn't have been staring at a 4-16 record last year.

The Weekly Zumsteg wonders if spring training stats really matter. They don't. I also don't know what I'll do if Aaron Sele and Jose Lopez make the team.

The planets have aligned and both Jerramy Stevens and Koren Robinson have showed up in Kirkland for the Seahawks' offseason conditioning program. I'll be pleasantly surprised if Koren has no troubles from now until the start of the season, but I have a better feeling about Stevens going in early. If nothing else, I wish Stevens could be that end-zone receiver he was with the Huskies -- the tall guy that Marques Tuiasosopo would throw jump balls up to for touchdowns. Of course, I think we've all been waiting for him to take that role for a few years now.

Jerome Pathon also visited the Seahawks. The Seahawks have Stevens, another former Husky, and had Brock Huard, also an ex-Husky. In one of our comment boxes, Jeremy pointed out that Dane Looker might be available. What did I have to add to such a discussion? We need Joe Jarcyznka to return kicks.

The Seahawks have 10 draft picks. Though I like the idea of giving Tim Ruskell 10 draft picks, I have a feeling they'll trade a couple of those away. Also, the 49ers want Chris Gray. Let him make his false starts somewhere else, I say.

The Miah Davis Update
Miah Davis has started the last nine games for the Roanoke Dazzle of the National Basketball Developmental League. As a starter, he is averaging 14.3 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 5.8 assists in 38.7 minutes a game. His high numbers as a starter are 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists. He had a double-double of 15 and 10 on March 12th against the Florida Flame.

Roanoke plays at Fayetteville tomorrow night and hosts Huntsville on Saturday night.

The Marvin Williams Watch
Marvin Williams is averaging 22.2 minutes off the bench for North Carolina. In those 22 minutes, he is averaging 11.7 points and 6.7 rebounds a game. If you crank those numbers up to starters' minutes (we'll go with 35), he's averaging 18.5 points and 10.6 rebounds.

The Tar Heels will face East 5th-seeded Villanova tomorrow (6:57p, CBS)

Yes, it's the daily buttload of Husky articles.

A win tonight will get the Huskies 30 wins on the season. Lorenzo Romar knows his place among college basketball's great coaches. Alex Johnson rolled a 178. Rick Pitino is a hater, but someone should tell him that KEVIN MCHALE'S NOT WALKING THROUGH THAT DOOR! Free throws are always important. Brandon Roy has had a weird year, but I'm sure how well the team is doing is helping make it better. If it hasn't been apparent, articles constantly mention the altitude in Albuquerque. Three cheers for the moms of Will Conroy, Tre Simmons, and Nate Robinson.

The Huskies will face West 4th-seeded Louisville today (4:10p, CBS)

The Blazers were once a good team. The team that the Sonics will face tonight -- not so much. Bonzi Wells and Rasheed Wallace are long gone, but it's still a zoo, or at least it's still trying to recover from the zoo aftermath. Though Danny Fortson addresses his own situation (not that of the rivalry) in the Times article, I find his quote hilarious and "stuff like that."

Tonight at Portland (7p, FSNNW)
Tomorrow vs. New York (7:30p, ESPN)
Sunday vs. Washington (5p, FSNNW)
Tuesday at Memphis (5p, FSNNW)

The WHL playoffs begin tomorrow, and the almost-Canucks have their regular season trudge onward.

Tonight: Saint John's at Manitoba
Tomorrow: Everett at Portland (Game 1), Vancouver at Kelowna (Game 1)
Saturday: Tri-City at Seattle (Game 1), Vancouver at Kelowna (Game 2), Saint John's at Manitoba
Sunday: Everett at Portland (Game 2)
Monday: Tri-City at Seattle (Game 2)
Tuesday: Portland at Everett (Game 3), Kelowna at Vancouver (Game 3)

Have a great Thursday.

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