Saturday, August 21, 2004


I only caught the last 4 minutes of the U.S.-Lithuania basketball game today, but needless to say, it looks like I didn't miss much.

I just have one question about this whole deal: WHY IN THE BLUE HELL IS STEPHON MARBURY ON THIS TEAM? Bill Simmons had a much better take on this a few weeks ago. But seriously, there's no legitimate reason as to why Starbury is on this damn team.

Anyways, as for the Olympics story that I really care about:

Congrats Tara. Bremertonians, past and present, are proud of you. I'll definitely hit on this as time allows in the next few days.

Programming Note: The Seahawks will play their second preseason game tonight at Qwest Field against the Broncos. Gametime is 7:05. For those in the Seattle area, you'll get to hear the dulcitones of Verne Lundquist on the television broadcast. Yes, I'm interested in preseason football. At this point, any football is good. Mack Strong has the night off, which translates to "he is a lock for this team".

Oh, and the Eagles are one play away from having to go to Reno Mahe. Yikes.

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