Friday, August 20, 2004


Some of you may remember that I (David) was gone for six weeks from mid-June to late July due to the field camp required of every geology major at Central Washington University. Some of you probably wished I'd vanished forever. Alas, I remain, posting at will.

Here are a few images from the six weeks of camp. Of course, I only took one photo of camp because I sort of want to block it out of my mind.

Here's a photo of the front of the camp compound, two miles east of Mitchell, Oregon, right next to US-26. There were benches and stuff set up in front of the building, but here they were all torn down because we'd broken camp and only the professors were left. I showed my brother-in-law this picture, and he said it looked like a meth lab. The common building was where we ate and cranked out our maps. Our tents were in various places behind this building in the thicket of trees and swamp and mosquitoes, and the creek inbetween the highway and the camp. Semi trucks would lay on the horn at 3am coming down the nearby hill (there was a somewhat blind curve). The creek doubled in width during a flash flood and inundated some low-lying tents. It wasn't my idea to put the camp there. The picture's panoramic, and it'll probably mess up the entire page for a week and banish the sidebar to the bottom, but I figured someone out there might wonder.

Eighty miles to the west is the city of Bend. This photo is from the top of Pilot Butte. You can drive your car up a swirly switchback to the top. The resolution on all of these is crap, now that I think about it, but there's supposed to be Cascade peaks on the horizon.

Finally, sure to crank out some NHLers in the future, the roller hockey rink at Juniper Park in Bend.

The north goal on a rink of frying pavement.

The only way to explain this goal being tipped over is that maybe they were trying to curb scoring in the roller hockey league.

Yeah, I should have taken more pictures of the camp. Oh well. I should have taken way more sports-related photos in Bend, too. I think they have some sort of semi-pro team there, but I forgot their name already.

So yeah, there's some photos for y'all. Dig it.

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