Wednesday, August 18, 2004


What's the only way to stop Ichiro?

The smartass in me would be to tell Ichiro that he's in a pennant race. But tonight, Jimmy Serrano hit Ichiro in the head in the 3rd inning in Kansas City. Ichiro is day-to-day, but aren't we all?

What is there to say about this 3-2 loss tonight, other than Ichiro being hit in the head?

---Ryan Franklin gets screwed once again. Old days! Good times I remember!

---This team is just uninspiring without Ichiro. I know, that's a groundbreaking statement. Wait, they already are uninspiring. But at least Ichiro gives the team some type of life.

---After Raul Ibanez went 5-for-5 Tuesday night, he goes 0-for-3 tonight. Gold days! Days I'll always treasure!

Well, the Mariners weren't able to put 3 wins together in a row. I guess that means that the Optimist is still in hiding. But who knows, he may come back soon to talk Rice football. The Fighting Ken Hatfields! Just joking, Corey. We could use your insights into this team right now.

Villone. Mike Wood. Tomorrow.

He's still untouchable.

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