Sunday, August 22, 2004


Willie Bloomquist hit his first home run since July 13, 2003 against the Tigers today in Detroit. It was a 3-run shot off of Mike Maroth, giving the Mariners a 4-3 lead. The M's went on to avoid the sweep in Detroit Rock City, defeating the Tigers 5-3.

Well, be prepared for the inevitable. The Mariners will sign Bloomquist to a 3-year deal. I wish I was joking, but just watch, it will happen. Moments like today justify that long term deal in the Mariners front office's opinion.

If there's anybody who wonders why David and I bash Bloomquist at any opportunity, it's because we can. It's legitimate criticism. What has Wee Willie done to deserve a spot on the roster?

Obviously, I know I've had similar posts to this in the past. I'm repeating myself, I know. But quite frankly, what else am I going to do? Support Bloomquist just because he had a 3-run home run today? IT WAS HIS FIRST HOME RUN SINCE JULY OF 2003.

This is Major League Baseball. I don't feel good for a player who has no business being in the big leagues at this time. I believe the guys at Leone For Third wondered the other night if there was anybody on the Tacoma Rainiers roster that is worse than Bloomquist. Well, there isn't.

Face it, there's many reasons as to why the 2004 Seattle Mariners are a terrible baseball team. Willie Bloomquist is one of those reasons. It didn't have to be this way.

But here we are. Trust me, I'm not feeling confident about the offseason at all. Let's hope my mood changes. It would definitely help if Bloomquist is shown the door after 2004. He's had his chances. And he's failed.

Much like the 2004 Seattle Mariners, players, coaches, and executives included.

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