Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Yes, readers, it's yet another installment of David Posts at Sports and B's When He Should Be Finishing An Important Assignment. In this case, it's putting a wrap on my final paper for my Advanced GIS class. Though I do have an actual certificate, I could just quit now, but it would be bad for the ol' grade-point average.

But what is the diversion, you ask? I went over to the indispensable Retrosheet to see if the detail in the boxscores has gotten better. It has, to the extent that I'm looking at play-by-play of the Mariners' 2000 ALCS with the Yankees. Just so I can make myself sick, let's relive the disheartening events of October 17, 2000.

Let me set the scene for you. The Yankees have a 3-2 series lead going into Game 6 in the Bronx. The Mariners open up a 4-0 lead on RBI doubles by Alex Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez in the first, and a two-run homer by Carlos Guillen in the fourth. John Halama then falls off the wagon in the Yankee half of the 4th, allowing five straight baserunners and three runs, all with one out. The Mariners lead 4-3 at that point, and that score holds up until the bottom of the 7th. Ladies and gentlemen, I now bring you the bottom of the 7th from Game 6 of the 2000 ALCS, courtesy of the good folks at Retrosheet.
    YANKEES 7TH: JAVIER CHANGED POSITIONS (PLAYING LF); CAMERON REPLACED MARTIN (PLAYING CF); VIZCAINO BATTED FOR BROSIUS; PANIAGUA REPLACED TOMKO (PITCHING); Vizcaino singled to second; same play as on Tino Martinez in the sixth; Knoblauch out on a sacrifice bunt (catcher to second) [Vizcaino to second]; Jeter singled to left [Vizcaino to third]; RHODES REPLACED PANIAGUA (PITCHING); Justice homered [Vizcaino scored, Jeter scored]; upper deck; Williams singled to right; Martinez doubled [Williams to third]; Posada was walked intentionally; O'Neill singled to right [Williams scored, Martinez scored, Posada to second]; MESA REPLACED RHODES (PITCHING); Sojo walked [Posada to third, O'Neill to second]; Vizcaino lined out on a sacrifice fly to left [Posada scored]; Knoblauch walked [O'Neill to third, Sojo to second]; Jeter was called out on strikes; 6 R, 6 H, 0 E, 3 LOB. Mariners 4, Yankees 9.
I'll add for the record that Raul Ibanez started in right field in that game and went 0-for-4, striking out once.

The Mariners haven't been that close since, y'all, and we all know that shouldn't be the case.

Later, watch as I try to use game logs to dissect Roger Clemens' nonsharpitude tonight.

[Edit ~9:14p -- Just being militant with my tense in the setup paragraph, and stressing that the doubles were in fact RBI doubles.]

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