Saturday, June 05, 2004


Too bad, so sad.

Smarty Jones was the darling of Arkansas. He had won the Arkansas Derby at Oaklawn Park before winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness. So, when Birdstone passed Smarty Jones down the stretch at the Belmont Stakes today, there was sadness in Arkansas. Well, not from me...THE SMARTY PARTY IS OVER!

KATV, ABC affiliate in Little Rock

Hot Springs, AR - Arkansans let out a sigh of disappointment today at Oaklawn Park. More than twelve-thousand racing fans gathered at the park to watch the race via satellite TV.


As Smarty Jones soared to the front. Fans threw their arms up in glee, but as the Colt fell behind, smiles disappeared.

(Margaret Galloway, fan) "I am mad, that guy should have never won."

Margaret vents her frustration, standing next to Damien Jones- he bet on a different horse.

(Damien Jones, fan) "Birdstone won- I knew smarty would be second or third but I knew Birdstone would put it in for me."

While the chance of losing for Smarty Jones has become a reality- many fans like Margaret still say the smallest horse on the track- deserved to victoriously glide across the finish line.

(Galloway) "It has never happened, in 23 years, it has never happened."

Folks, this was high comedy at its best. It's too bad KATV didn't post a video of this report on their website. In the report (shown on the news after the Stanley Cup Finals), Jones was next to Galloway. Jones had bet on Birdstone to win. He was hyped up about it.

And when Galloway talked about the Triple Crown (it's been 26 years BTW), Jones just put his thumb in the air, just mocking the poor woman. Classic stuff.

The Triple Crown is one of the toughest achievements in all of sports. Move along, nothing to see here, because the Smarty Party is over!

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