Friday, June 04, 2004


Short tidbits at lunchtime here...

-- Mark Prior apparently ditched an autograph session back in Illinois, leaving kids crying in the parking lot and people screaming for refunds. Jay Mariotti chronicles, and is the same guy that asked some pointed questions to some White Sox honchos at their version of FanFest.

-- A hearty shout-out to former Seattle Thunderbird Oleg Saprykin, who scored the biggest goal of his life last night to get the Calgary Flames within one win of the Stanley Cup. Since I'm more than likely moving some of my stuff from my apartment over to the bunker in Bremerton, I may have a chance to see the Flames win a Stanley Cup on CBC. Canadian team, Canadian station, Canadian Stanley Cup...it'd be absolutely bonkers. Of course, the Edmonton Oiler fans would probably hate it.

-- After the hockey game last night, my natural instinct was to search for a Mariner game, even though there wasn't one. What ended up on the tube? Phoenix Mercury vs. Seattle Storm. Yes, the WNBA was on my television. Perish the thought. Phoenix had a one-point lead at the half, but the Storm went absolutely nuts (they scored more than 50 points in the second half...that's more than the Pistons most of the time) and Lauren Jackson found her shooting touch. I'd never seen her play at length before but damn, she is reeeeeaaaallly good. She's got some moves, no doubt about it. Of course, the telecast was worth it just to hear Connecticut women's coach Geno Auriemma say that Diana Taurasi (who helped win a national title for him just three months ago) was "not a good one-on-one player." Hilarious.

Last note about women's basketball: I didn't watch a ton of women's basketball during the tournament, but I did see UC Santa Barbara almost take down Connecticut in the Elite Eight. April McDivitt was the gal that almost singlehandedly took down the mighty Huskies, but alas, it was not to be. Dammit. And I think she was cut by the New York Liberty, for what it's worth.

-- Sighting today. As I was getting lunch here at Central Washington University, I walked past former Bremerton Knight quarterback Tim Olsen (1998 class) and alongside him was former Knight point guard (1999 class) and two-and-a-half months departed Pacific point guard Miah Davis, who took his team to the Sweet 16. I, as an introvert, managed to not say anything. I could have asked if he was playing ball anywhere next year (though that might have been a little intrusive, given he was just out and about), or I at least could have congratulated him on a bitchin' season. But alas, I have no social skills to speak of.

-- The Canucks season has long been over, and that means that season reviews have started to pop up. Lucas at CanucksWorld has had his season review up for about a month, whereas recapper extraordinaire Kevin Kinghorn posted part 1 (regular season) of his season review to the official site yesterday. Yes, now you can live through the happenings of most of my Canuck posts in one sitting.

Got some schoolwork to finish off here in the next three hours. I better git. Thar be a Mariner game tonight, oh yes.

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