Sunday, June 06, 2004


I feel I have to mention this not only because it is one of the more stupefying events of my childhood, but because it is for a good cause.

I was piddling around in Lind Hall a couple weeks ago and saw a little flyer for one of those long bike races, which isn't unusual because there's a good load of avid cyclists and outdoorsy people on campus. The race is the Dam2Dam 2004.

What's special about the race? Maybe I should give you the full title as it reads on the flyer: Dam2Dam/Thumbs Up Bike Tour/To benefit the Mike Utley Foundation/2004.

Before I go further, I'll give you a paragraph from the page
    Mike Utley was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1989 and became their starting right guard in his rookie season. He was injured in the Los Angeles Rams game on November 17, 1991 when he fractured his 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. Mikes' courageous "Thumbs Up" gesture as he was carried from the field has come to symbolize his fighting spirit.
I can't begin to tell you how sad/stunning/grisly this all was when I saw it with my own eyes way back when. I'm just happy to know that he now has some movement in his lower legs and feet.

So if you're an avid cyclist and can get up to Lincoln Rock State Park in East Wenatchee on September 25th, feel free to go support a good cause. There are prizes involved too, in case you needed any more incentive. To those wondering, from what I've read, the course is a U-turn and its length depends on whether you want to go 25, 50, or 100 miles.

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