Monday, June 07, 2004


I just heard on KJR radio (I listen online from Ellensburg) that the Mariners have drafted Matt Tuiasosopo with the 93rd overall pick in the draft.

I know absolutely nothing about this particular Tuiasosopo's skill set and everything, but with the Mariners drafting some local kid, a shortstop out of high school...I just don't know about this...

This kid could well bolt and go play Husky football if he knows what's good for him. The payoff is probably more immediate. Husky glory within four years, or Mariner glory from a 93rd pick within God-knows-how-many years.

None of this should reek to me, but for some reason it does. I'm sure others will cover the draft much more intensively than I as the days progress...

[Edit ~1:13p --

Post part 2
Matt Tuiasosopo is apparently only choosing either baseball or football, and therefore will not try to play minor-league ball in the summer and Husky football in the spring.

Matt was on KJR saying that he should know within the next couple days which sport he picks.

This brings up something...if the Mariners didn't go into this knowing that Matt can use "I could go leave and play football" as leverage, there's going to be hell to pay. While I don't think the Mariner front office are complete idiots to realize this, they're going to catch some major heat if they don't sign this guy.

Hence, the Mariners are probably screwed either way. They're going to have to overpay Matt to even get him into the system (or to not play football), and if they don't he walks. They could overpay him and have him stink it up in the minors. Or they could let him walk.

But I think the Mariners player development people may have realized one thing...

Michael Garciaparra sucks.]

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