Sunday, September 30, 2007

SEAHAWKS AT 49ERS, 9.30.07 

peeled from a Seahawks.com wallpaper

Seattle SEAHAWKS at San Francisco 49ERS, 1p (Fox)

The 2-1 Seahawks that should be 3-0 have their biggest game of the year to date today -- a divisional game on the road. They need this win. If the Seahawks know what's good for them, they'll jump ahead early and make the 49ers put the game into Alex Smith's hands. Then again, when was the last time the Seahawks ever made it easy? They had the game in Arizona on Josh Brown's foot and were well within his field-goal range when the botched handoff happened.

Basically, the closer the Seahawks get to playing a full game of football, the better. Also, 3-1 looks a lot better than 2-2, especially if the two losses were within the division.

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