Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, thanks to last Thursday's game that we'd all like to forget (some folks had a windstorm do that work for them), this gave the Seahawk fans a Sunday without having to hang on every play and hope the team can patch something together that results in a win.

So, with no Seahawk football to track, what did I do with the Sunday?

-- woke up fairly early and ate a non-glamorous but filling Denny's breakfast (Savory Sausage Scramble)

-- didn't watch a lick of NFL football

-- napped at length

-- got waaaaay too caught up in a Bollywood flick

-- picked up some edibles for the next few days' lunch

-- caught this season's holiday episode of MythBusters that I didn't catch last Wednesday

-- packaged up Christmas gifts for relatives that hopefully get there in time after I mail them Monday

-- never got around to a bunch of Canuck posts for which I have the bare framework but haven't gone through and seen all of the goal video yet

After all that non-NFL stuff I did, I still came back at the end of the day and still took a gander at the standings.

Teams and remaining schedules in the order of if-the-season-ended-today seedings...

Chicago Bears (12-2), NFC #1 seed, homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, and North division all clinched
24 Dec: at Detroit
31 Dec: vs. Green Bay

New Orleans Saints (9-5), NFC South division clinched
24 Dec: at New York Giants
31 Dec: vs. Carolina

Dallas Cowboys (9-5), NFC playoff berth clinched, leading NFC East
25 Dec (Mon): vs. Philadelphia
31 Dec: vs. Detroit

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (8-6), leading NFC West
24 Dec: vs. San Diego
31 Dec: at Tampa Bay

Philadelphia Eagles (8-6), second in NFC East
25 Dec (Mon): at Dallas
31 Dec: vs. Atlanta

New York Giants (7-7), third in NFC East
24 Dec: vs. New Orleans
30 Dec (Sat): at Washington

Atlanta Falcons (7-7), second in NFC South
24 Dec: vs. Carolina
31 Dec: at Philadelphia

That's mostly for informational purposes for you as well as me, but I guess the most shocking thing is this...

...a situation STILL EXISTS, however highly unlikely and incredibly improbable it may be, wherein the Seahawks could obtain the #2 seed and get a first-round bye. That's how pathetic the NFC is right now. Yes, the Seahawks, they of the 3-3 record against the NFC West (ugh), could still get the #2 seed. Big thanks to the Redskins for beating the Saints and making possible such a scenario.

The Seahawks need the following to happen to get the #2 seed since they've blown a bunch of tiebreakers...
-- run the table themselves (obviously) to finish 10-6
-- have New Orleans and Dallas lose out, leaving both teams at 9-7
-- have Philadelphia lose at home to Atlanta on New Year's Eve one week after beating Dallas, leaving the Eagles at 9-7

You know what's another scary thing? If the Seahawks lose the San Diego game and beat Tampa Bay, and if Dallas loses out, the Seahawks would still hold the conference record tiebreaker over Dallas. Yuck.

Do I think the Seahawks will run the table? No. Then again, I'm not sure what I expect from this team anymore.

I'm just absolutely shocked that the Seahawks aren't eliminated from a number two seed right now. That's just not right. The NFC is terrible.

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