Wednesday, November 22, 2006


In the near future, I'll tell you about the whole Hawaii Winter Baseball experience. The entire season ends today, which is ironic because winter doesn't start until mid-December, but the league's season ends on November 22.

I arrived quite early before Monday's game between Waikiki BeachBoys the Honolulu Sharks, and I had a lot of time before the ticket window opened. I took a walk around Les Murakami Stadium, one of two home stadiums for HWB, and also the home of University of Hawaii baseball. Somewhere behind the outer fence in rightcenter (between the inner and outer fence, equipment is stored), I found a stray baseball, possibly a homer ball.

Fast-forward a day later, and basically I have to thank a certain third overall pick in the 2005 draft for this...

Big thanks to Jeff Clement. Some might ask why I didn't buy a pearl of a ball and try to get it signed, but hey, this one's got a story.

More pictures coming soon.

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