Sunday, November 12, 2006


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Saint Louis RAMS at Seattle SEAHAWKS, 1:15p (Fox)

The mission here is simple. Win and get a two-game division lead on the Rams plus the head-to-head tiebreaker (i.e., basically a three-game lead).

One big difference between this game and the game in Saint Louis, though, is the absence of Matt Hasselbeck.

Of course, another big difference is the Seattle home crowd. We can only hope the Seahawks don't crap the bed like they did against Minnesota. No crowd could rescue the Seahawks from that performance.

So, we're hoping for the banged-up Seahawks missing three key components of their offense to beat the Rams, who are nearly completely healthy. At least Seattle has the crowd.

I think we all want 6-3 very badly, especially considering the adversity and the injuries. It'd be great.

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